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Canada At Arms

This army scammer makes the mistake of telling me that he is born and bred in Canada, and yet he is in the US Army. This is ongoing, if the fool wants to try again... My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Chrislaw John: hi
linda.stevens74: hi, who are you
Chrislaw John: what is your real name
linda.stevens74: excuse me? I asked who you were...
Chrislaw John: where you from
linda.stevens74: do you understand English? I asked who you were and what do you want?
Chrislaw John: and just wanna know more
linda.stevens74: omg, are you an idiot?

He logs out. Very skittish - lol.

Chrislaw John: hi
Chrislaw John: are you there
linda.stevens74: yes
linda.stevens74: who are you
Chrislaw John: my name is chris?
linda.stevens74: what can I do for you?
Chrislaw John: i just wanna know more
Chrislaw John: you are the that one gave your yahoo id
linda.stevens74: no I didn't
linda.stevens74: I never gave you my ID
Chrislaw John: i just wanna know you more
linda.stevens74: where did you get my contact from?
linda.stevens74: how old and where are you from?
Chrislaw John: am 41year's and canada?
linda.stevens74: where in Canada?
Chrislaw John: lot.... calgary
linda.stevens74: umm, ok - I live in Akron, Ohio
Chrislaw John: hmmmmok?
Chrislaw John: and what is you name
Chrislaw John: are you there
linda.stevens74: yes
Chrislaw John: what is your real name.
linda.stevens74: You can't figure out my name by my profile - Its Linda Stevens, genius
Chrislaw John: nice name?
linda.stevens74: what do you do for a living
Chrislaw John: am libya in now!

"Am Libya in now!" - Love that "Canadian English"!

Chrislaw John: how old are you
linda.stevens74: I am 46 - I asked what you did for a living and what are you doing in Libya
Chrislaw John: am in bese in tripoli in libye for mission
linda.stevens74: what are you talking about?
Chrislaw John: am militry man
linda.stevens74: lol - Canadian army?
Chrislaw John: i was bon in canada? will was 25y out of canada am lieving with my sister in dallas tx in us in taking me shool of army. join militry when i was 31y in us

OMG - could this fool's English fool anyone into thinking he was a real American?

linda.stevens74: you can't be in the US Army if you were not born in America - I guess you didn't know that??
Chrislaw John: but in us army? becuses my sister she was lieve in us when is 5y old?
linda.stevens74: You can't be in the US Army if you were not born in the United States - everyone knows that
linda.stevens74: want to try again?
Chrislaw John: i will back for you am busy now!
Chrislaw John: show you my of my sister and my
Chrislaw John: just 5min ok?
linda.stevens74: lol

Yes, he logs out. He doesn't contact me again for days, I guess he was hoping I would forget.

Chrislaw John: hi
Chrislaw John: hi
linda.stevens74: so, did you figure out what army you are in yet?
Chrislaw John: yep
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: because you know you can't be in the US Army if you were born in Canada - right?
linda.stevens74: so maybe you are in the Canadian Army and didn't know it?
Chrislaw John: becouse am bon in us dallas tx. someone she scamm me on that net and she runingaway. am test u you are real and you known about militry you are real usa woman ok?

Same ol' story - when caught in a lie with something that they can't explain, they pull the "I just said that to test you" routine. Now this fool know I am a real American - lol.

linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: you got scammed by someone? Was it a dirty, stupid Nigerian?
Chrislaw John:
Chrislaw John: i dont known the locating?
linda.stevens74: do you speak English? Try again..
Chrislaw John: yesp?
linda.stevens74: then try saying whatever you just said in proper English
Chrislaw John: are you there
linda.stevens74: yes
Chrislaw John: english low?
linda.stevens74: lol, what???
linda.stevens74: what does English low mean?
linda.stevens74: not answering?
linda.stevens74: maybe you don't understand the question?
Chrislaw John: i busy i will back for ok?
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: ok
linda.stevens74: work on your English - it is really bad and hard to understand
Chrislaw John: i will v back for you ok?
linda.stevens74: ok, work on your English, ok?

I am still waiting to continue this scambait and I see him online, but he may have given up on me. He gets flustered easy and when he gets confused, he just logs out and runs...

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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