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The Real Thing!

This was one of my shorter Scambaits, lasting only a week or so. I could have drug it out longer or made him go to Western Union to pick up a fake money transfer, but I decided to just end it with a slap in his face. I haven’t heard back from him yet, don’t know if I will…

I left the delivery company emails off this transcript because they are very short and succinct and not germane to the main story line. The only funny part from the delivery company is how I change the Bullion Box Code when I email them which they accept as the “correct” one. I also contacted yahoo and had the delivery company’s email shut down by Yahoo/Abuse.

My emails are in blue, his are in black, my observations in red. Happy reading!

From: Keith Coulter
Sent: Saturday, November 8, 2008 12:23:44 PM
Subject: Clarification on your mail.
Dear Greg,

Your mail was received and clarifying you more on the message which was sent to you earlier, it is important we state that the message was specifically sent to you even if you are not aware of the existence of this payment in your name due to unsolicited mails which you keep receiving hence I clarify you more and as follows:

In a coca cola lottery context held August this year by the use of email addresses of email owners as provided by internet operators, your email address happened to be one of the lucky winners and since you failed to respond to the letter of notification given to you earlier on this matter, the fund seven million five hundred thousand United states dollars which your email address (, won was returned to the ware house in preparation for final revocation before I decided to contact you so that both of us can claim the money instead of allowing it to be revoked as unclaimed.

However, I succeeded in securing the bullion boxes which was neatly packaged in your email address as the owner before contacting you to know if you will be interested for us to claim the consignment which contained the money. May I quickly remind you that the delivery agent and company did not even know that the bullion boxes contained money being that it was registered and deposited to have contained some photographic materials and in case we proceed with the claim, you should not in any way reveal to the delivery agent that the bullion boxes which they will deliver to you contained money.

Again, I will be giving you all the guidelines for the successful conclusion of this delivery immediately you respond and indicate your interest to work with me as one family.

I will be waiting to hear from you but remember to forward your full names and address together with your phone number when responding to this message.

Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter.


(evidently, when someone wins Coca-Colas Lottery, they put the money in boxes in cash)

Ok, I understand the part about the money - what I don't understand is what you say about bullion boxes. Are you telling me that after winning the lottery, the money was put in cash into some boxes at some delivery company ready to be shipped? Please give me the details.



From: Keith Coulter
To: Greg's Mail
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 5:38:37 AM
Subject: Re: Clarification(2)

Dear Greg,

Following your mail reply and question, I clarify you thus:

As I stated earlier, a bullion box is a sort of security vault which bank uses to package money for delivery to inter state or country. On winning the lottery, the Coca cola board conscious of her duties decided to send payment to all the winners via cash delivery services since this method is easier and cheaper considering all the hurdles and requirement associated for the wire transfer of seven million five hundred thousand United states dollars by intra banking wire transfer. The lottery winning amount $7.5Million in your name was packaged cash into these portable bullion boxes for delivery to you, I believe you understood this well? (yeah, sounds like the smart thing to do!)

Now for us to proceed, it is very important you note that the final delivery of this boxes will depend on your readiness to cooperate with the delivery agent whose information the delivery company will be given to you now that the bullion boxes has arrived Canada on transit. And on this note it will be your duty to provide the delivery agent all the necessary funds that he may require to facilitates the clearing of the bullion boxes for onward delivery to your address. Be informed that, the delivery agent did not know that the bullion boxes contained money being that it was registered and deposited to have contained some photographic materials and for this reason, you should not mention to them that the bullion boxes contained money in the course of your discussion with them, it is only myself and now you that knows that the bullion boxes contained money. It will be the duty to the delivery agent to tell you that cost of clearing and delivery the bullion boxes to you from Canada where he is now. (have to pay to play, I guess…)

Having given you the briefs, it is important you contact the delivery company in England and obtained the necessary contact information of the delivery agent now on transit in Canada so that you can as well contact him to know the cost of final clearing and delivery of the bullion boxes to your address, you will be required to send the following information to the delivery company as follows:

Your full names and your address in full. Your telephone number and ID for proper identification on the arrival of the delivery agent, then you must have settled with him. Your Bullion Boxes ID Code which is: ASCL/08/USS SU/008. (I change this code later when I contact the delivery company, it still show me as the owner of the bullion boxes – remarkable!)

See the contact information of the delivery company and contact them as directed above:

Contact person: Manfred Hoffman
Phone: 00447031851667
Coy: Air/Sea Diplomatic Courier Delivery Services.

Contact them now and get back to me remember that you will be feeding me with all your dealings with them until you have the bullion boxes delivered to you.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Keith Coulter

And you think that shipping a box of money is easier than a simple wire transfer or sending a certified check? Even in your explanation you lie to the delivery company (photographic materials). Why do you think this method is cheaper and easier then a wire transfer or check? This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Where in Canada are the bullion boxes now? Can you give me an address of the Security Company?


From: Keith Coulter
To: Greg's Mail
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 1:14:51 PM
Subject: More Guide.

Dear Greg,

In the first place let me quickly clarify you that, I did not tell any lies being that, the coca cola company who approved and packaged these funds labeled it to contained Photographic Materials, if you are a business man you will know that for a bullion boxes of this nature and with physical cash intact, you cannot afford to label it to have contained money, I do not want you to see me as a lie as I do not have anything to lie for here, I am only trying to be specific with you and nothing more.

In case you forgot, I only contacted you so that both of us can proceed and have this bullion boxes jointly claimed and do this, we must be honest to one another as well as follow the transaction without digression. If there is any risk involved, I will not participate talk - less of contacting you in the first place. (what does “participate talk” mean?)

I believe that you are not a stranger in what is going on today in the world where some people take people's bank account and use it for their selfish interest, so if Coca cola decided to release and make payment to their owners through cash delivery services, you should see reason with them instead of thinking negatively. (he’s telling me to shut up and do as I’m told…)

We all are aware that it is not easy to deliver cash to America and its environs based on the terrorist and drug laws, here you should have asked a question rather than taking decision. The delivery company was known for their safe delivery of bullion boxes and consignments to their owners without any hindrance, yours will not be an exceptional, they knows how to manipulate all the government agency and make delivery directly to you, so the issue of going to their office to take delivery of the bullion boxes, you can see that as a non expert in this business, all you need to do is to give them what they required and wait at any address of your choice for them to make the delivery to you without any single problem, I do not involve myself with failure so understand my position and all the sacrifice I have made in this transaction and follow suit by completing the remaining aspect of this transaction and believe me, you will be the one to thank me at the end of the transaction. (Yeah, I’ll thank him…)

Finally, I gave you the contact information of the delivery company in England so that they can direct and advise you whether the delivery is on transit in Canada or USA, note here that, the delivery company has their mobile outlet since they deal on delivery of personal valuables and other important things only, they are not letter delivery company and being that they always have a lot of valuables in their kitty, they always take their time in whatever they are doing to avoid theft knowing what is obtainable today in the world.

Kindly contact the delivery company outlet in England and get back to me, please avoid asking unnecessary question to them, ask me whatever question you wish and I will answer you better, it is up to you now to decide on what to do, but let us work together to achieve this and this will create room for us to know ourselves better and have other good business in life after this one.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Keith Coulter

I wasn't calling you a liar or insulting you - I was just wondering of the practice of Coca-Cola packing millions in cash to a shipping company, and lying to them about what's it the boxes - doing all this when you could send a certified check. It just doesn't make sense. I will contact the delivery company and any question that I have with them won't be unnecessary. (take that!)


From: Keith Coulter
To: Greg's Mail
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 6:17:26 AM
Subject: All you should know.

Dear Greg,

It is with great sincerity of responsibility and my sincere intention in this transaction, may I quickly bring to your notice that, irrespective that a lottery draw was held and your email address happened to be one of the lucky winners, the lottery committee are very conscious of the financial laws and all the protocols to be observed more over to clear a check or draft worth seven million five hundred thousand united states dollars, here a lot of paper work will be involved, let us not allow our own intelligent and imagination to deceive us in this process.

It happened that we have not seen not meet before but believe what I have told you and the issue of labeling the bullion boxes contrary to its original content is not in error, may be you are not conversant with the business techniques but the issue of labeling in disguise is not to mean any harm but the idea of giving a safe delivery of payment to their owners.

My good friend, may I bring to your notice that among the 22 lucky winners, about 19 has claimed and received their bullion boxes intact with their fund without undergoing any bureaucracy, I am very happy the way you are taking caution in this matter I will do the same if I were in your shoe but let give ourselves privilege of doubts in this regard and proceed towards the conclusion of this delivery and you will not regret anything. (if 19 people already collected, then it must be true…)

Without taking any of our time, I want you to proceed as I directed you earlier and make contact with the delivery company so that we can have this transaction concluded without further delay.

I will be waiting to hear from you immediately you contact the delivery company in England for instructions on how you can contact the agent either in USA or in Canada.

Waiting to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

Keith Coulter

I did contact the delivery company - I copied my last email to you, to them - they haven't responded yet. My last email was not meant to be insulting, I just think the way Coca-Cola is running this contest is highly irregular. For instance - why is this contest being run from England instead of from the corporate Offices in Atlanta? And the whole putting cash into boxes, that's just the silliest thing I have ever heard. Maybe if I contact their offices in Atlanta, we will not have to go through all of this red tape? What do you think? Makes alot more sense to issue me a check from Atlanta to Ohio, then shipping cash in boxes from England to Canada, etc. I'll let you know when the delivery company finally contacts me. Thanks,

Greg Wilson (I threaten him with contacting Coca-Cola…)

From: Keith Coulter
To: Greg's Mail
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 5:01:23 PM
Subject: Re: All you should know.

Dear Greg,

I received your mail and since you said that you contacted the delivery company of which I did not even receive the said copy, I believe they will contact you but before then, I want you to re-send the mail to them while you note as follows:

Coca cola a world no one soft drink company decided to held their draw in England which is another highest consumer of their product so if they choose to held it anywhere, we should not question them, again there is no way they can issue only you a check being that you are not the only one who won this draw and I wonder why we are debating on this for so long, they has done their thing the way they wanted it and of course do not owe anybody any explanation, so for you to making suggestion of them sending you a check is not their routine payment. I want you to know that, the bullion boxes has been shipped as I was told by the company to Canada and fronm their to Ohaio is not a big thing, I know that why you are making all these suggestion is for the fact that the bullion boxes may be required to be cleared and deliver finally to your address, but if you will recondition your mind and make any expenses for the clearing, you will come to believe and accept this form of payment then even check which will require a lot of protocols and paper work before it can be clear, I want you to understand this very aspect and believe that they are not sily as you said. Whatever be the case, re-send the message since the delivery company said you have not reached them, you have their email address and I repeat: (he’s getting mad…)

Manfred Hoffman

I will be waiting to hear from you when you re-send the mail to them.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. keith Coulter

I did resend the email to them again. May I ask what nationality you are? Once again, no insult intended, but your emails are really hard to understand. I see that you have an English name and are emailing from England, but it is obvious that English is not your first language. I don't mean to be dragging this on so long, but issuing a check from their corporate headquarters doesn't require any special protocols or paperwork and doesn't have to clear customs or Homeland Security. But, as you say, it's their contest and their choice, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I'll wait for the delivery company to contact me, but I still am tempted to call the corporate headquarters and do this the easy way. (another threat by me…)

Don't mind me; I just like to complain - LOL,


From: Keith Coulter
To: Greg's Mail
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 8:28:50 AM
Subject: Reply

Dear Greg,

I received your mail and answering your question I state as follows:

I am from Dublin Ireland in Europe, I don't understand where you finds my English explanation difficult to understand or are you not the one who is contradicting the whole process of this transaction by asking unnecessary question? and suggestions which others who won this same lottery along side your email address did not asked.

As I stated earlier, you do not have any need calling the office of Coca cola company to know why they held their lottery draw in Europe since as a corporate organization, they have the right to held their company's promotion lottery draw in any country of their choice like wise making payment with any mode of payment which they considered acceptable by majority of those who won the lottery. I don't understand why we are making all these argument when we should have concluded with this delivery?

I believe that before now all the necessary guidelines has been given to you and the earlier you follow and comply with all the directive given to you in this delivery the better it will be for the conclusion of the delivery. I understand that, clearing of the bullion boxes will require some financial commitment yet it is not enough to compare of the profit when you have the total lottery fund delivered to you.

In your mail you stated that there is no protocols involved in the issuing and clearing of checks, if you are a businessman who deals on cash movement, you will understand that it is not easy to cash a check that worth $500,000.00 and above since you will be required to tender one form of documentation or another to authenticate the source of the fund and where-by you do not have all the necessary funds to get these documents in order, the check cannot be cleared by any bank. Let us put this aspect behind and face the reality which is the clearing and delivery of the bullion boxes to you.

Finally, I will be waiting to hear from you immediately you concludes with the delivery company in England.



(He lectures me on business and banking procedures? No way will I let him get away with that!)

Well, if you knew business you would know that you can't deposit any amount over $10,000.00 in CASH without having to fill out the proper forms at the banking institution. Checks from a domestic company have no such restrictions. The reason is that you know the source of the funds on a check because it is written on the check (payor) and on record at the bank where the check is drawn from. I could deposit a check from Coca-Cola and in 3 days (after clearing), with no hassles, have access to the money. Whoever told you that you had to fill out "one documentation or another to authenticate the source of the fund" is totally 100% wrong. Companies write huge checks to other companies and individuals on a daily basis - do you think they have to fill out "one documentation or another to authenticate the source of the fund" every day? I will speak to the delivery company, but I will contact Coca-Cola and see if I can be issued a check if the delivery company is going to be a hassle. I do not want to travel to Canada and try to cross the border with a box of money. You know, I wouldn't be asking so many questions if all of this made sense.

I highlighted in RED the grammatical mistakes in your last email below, so either you don't speak and write English as your first language, or you are uneducated and should have someone proofread your emails.

Don't assume that I don't know about banking procedures or that I'm not "a businessman who deals with cash movement" - because I am. I am the Director of Sales at my company and we issue and send checks to suppliers and receive checks from our customers all the time (some higher than $500,00.00). That's why I know whoever told you that is 100% wrong and obviously a moron.

I apologized in my last email for my conduct, and you replied in an insolent manner. I am dedicated to completing this business but I will not be talked down to as such.

Greg Wilson

From: Keith Coulter
To: Greg's Mail
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 12:13:06 PM
Subject: Re: Reply

Dear Greg,

Your mail was received and I don't want us to continue to digress more on this transaction, you do not have any point stressing yourself to travel to Canada, what you need to do is to liaise with the delivery company/agent and they will clear the boxes and take the risk and deliver to your address, it is up to you to know whether you have any need to take the money to make deposit into your account, when the cash gets to you, what you will do is to start investing it into any business of your choice by so doing, you will not have any need making huge deposit in the bank. I am aware of all you said but yet the cash delivery payment is better than going through all the stuff like draft or check, whatever that happened, always keep me up dated. Have a nice day until I hear from you. (He’s starting to be nice…)


I talked to them at the delivery company. Are you familiar with this company? Have you been there or seen their business? They are in London, right?

Greg (I ask this because I traced their IP Address to Nigeria…)

From: Keith Coulter
To: Greg's Mail
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 4:41:05 AM
Subject: Re: Reply

Dear Greg,

I received your mail and answering your question it is important you know that the delivery company, Air/Sea Diplomatic Courier Services is a reliable company who has been in business for over two decades and as such their credibility is not in contention and for this reason, you should try your best to comply with any instruction they may pass to you and they will deliver those bullion boxes to your address without fail. Their corporate office is in London-UK.

I will be expecting to hear from you immediately you are through with them meanwhile, I am alright at this end believing that you are ok over there. All for now until I hear from you.

Keith Coulter

The reason I asked about the company is because the emails are coming from Nigeria. I have Yahoo Mail Plus and one of it's features is that it tracks IP Addresses from other email accounts on the Yahoo network and it says that the messages from Manfred Hoffman

are coming from Nigeria. I think this delivery company is phony and they are trying to steal my lottery winnings. What should we do? Should we call the police? They want me to call them, but I don't trust them now - I'm going to get their phone number from the London Phone Directory and inquire to the authenticity of this Manfred Hoffman character. Get back with me with your advice. We should contact Coca-Cola and let them know that there are imposters posing as delivery agents trying to steal money in their name, I'm sure they will be interested.

Greg Wilson (I included the IP Tracer is this email – not shown here)

From: Keith Coulter
To: Greg's Mail
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 11:29:54 AM
Subject: This will be my last advise.

Dear Greg,

Thanks for your mail, I want you to know that most of the internet used in England is the same ones used in Africa since them Britain colonized Nigeria, so your findings are not out of order but they are not an imposters. Please get it straight that it is not mandatory for you to claim this bullion boxes where you have doubts, I am aware that that, the delivery agent have their offices both in England and Africa countries so the issue of the IP address where their message was sent to you is very irrelevant at this point. Again you should understand that networks fluctuate these days so the issue of contacting police is out your own discretion, as your personal imagination is not enough to condemn people who are working for us. Kindly forget about contacting the delivery company where you have doubt in you, I am no longer happy the way you are going about this transaction.

Yours faithfully,

Keith (sounds perfectly plausible, right?)

First you explain to me business and banking which you obviously know nothing about and now you try to explain networks and ISP's which you also know nothing about. The internet used in England is not the same as in Nigeria - there is no signal that strong and you are a moron for even suggesting it. And then you contradict yourself by saying that they have offices in Nigeria and that's why the IP is coming from there? So which is it? The same networks or it actually did come Nigeria? I wonder why a London-based company with their Delivery Agent who is currently in Canada is sending emails from Nigeria? I guess Canada is on the same Network too.

I must say, of all my scambaits this was one of my better ones. Just listening to you make your nonsensical excuses made my friends and I laugh our asses off! Like Coca-Cola is going to shove cash into boxes to send to Lottery Winners... You are an idiot for even dreaming up this stupid scam. And yes, I knew from the beginning because you never emailed me I got your letter off a scambaiting website and emailed your first, you freaking idiot.

I must say, I do pity you and your filthy disgusting race. I am so sorry you are that way. I am so sorry you are too stupid to get a real job and earn an honest living. Or is it because you smell so bad? Either way, I really do pity you...

Greg Wilson (Coca-Cola Lottery Winner)

FYI - Don't pose as an Englishman, because your bad grammar and lack of intelligence gives it away...Pose as Spaniard or Italian where at least you could say it was the language barrier (me, giving free advice to low-life internet scammers? I guess I feel sorry for you being so stupid...)

If you want a pdf Version of this scambait, Click Here

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