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Begging Fool

This chat scambait is posted already in progress. The reason is that I didn't save the chat transcripts, because this fool would get booted or logged off every few minutes, so I had a ton of intermittent chats with this whore. I figured this was going nowhere and it was frustrating, so I didn't bother saving the chats, but it ended up being pretty funny at the end. I basically tell her that I know that she is only talking to me so she can beg money from me and that I will NEVER send her money. She “proves” her intentions by continuing to chat with me, only to beg for money at the end. How stupid do you have to be to continue the scam when I tell “her” I will never give her money? This transcript starts after I get pissed because she keeps getting logged off so I just call her a bunch of names, a liar, and a scammer. This is her response… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Tue, 9/28/10 4:56 PM -----

Amaka Jen (4:08 PM): i didn't lie to you. I'm a woman. I mean it
Greg’s (4:08 PM): go away
Greg’s (4:09 PM): if it wasn’t for all the lies I would have helped
Amaka Jen (4:11 PM): i didn't lie to you. I'm a woman. I mean it
Greg’s (4:12 PM): fine - now go away
Amaka Jen (4:16 PM): please my dear, i'm not a lier, i'm a woman, reading pharmacy
Greg’s (4:18 PM): you said you were a pharmacist and that you had plenty of money right?
Amaka Jen (4:20 PM): i need this money for my school fees
Greg’s (4:20 PM): you told me that you were a pharmacist and had plenty of money
Greg’s (4:20 PM): remember?
Amaka Jen (4:26 PM): please i'm sorry for what i said. By next year april, i will be a pharmacist
Greg’s (4:28 PM): and that you had plenty of money too - you said this - that you did not need my money because you had plenty because you were a pharmacist - remember saying this?
Amaka Jen (4:29 PM): yeah i said that, i never wanted to approach you like this, i wanted us to be good friends before i wil tel you about my life
Greg’s (4:30 PM): so you did lie, correct?
Amaka Jen (4:35 PM): please don't turn your back on me now i need you most. You are the first person am talking to, on internet. I don't wanna let you go. I want to be your friend
Greg’s (4:35 PM): so you did lie, correct?
Amaka Jen (4:37 PM): please i'm so sorry
Greg’s (4:37 PM): answer the question
Amaka Jen (4:40 PM): i lied because i don't know how you wil feel if i tel you that i'm stil a student. We are humans, we are not perfect but am telling you the whole truth now
Amaka Jen (4:42 PM): yeah sometimes. I'm not perfect. I ask God to forgive me and you too.
Greg’s (4:42 PM): God doesn’t need to forgive me because I am not a lying fool like you. well, if you would have been honest and asked for help, I would have helped you, but since you lied that makes you a thief - I could handle you being a beggar, but not a thief - so, go fuck yourself - I will not give you one cent you pathetic liar and thief...
Amaka Jen (4:45 PM): i'm sorry but am not a thief. Is not everyone that wil tel you the truth. I'm sorry pls give me the last chance
Greg’s (4:47 PM): lying to someone to beg money from them makes you a thief you whore - now go fuck yourself - I just wanted to hear you admit you were a liar...
Amaka Jen (4:47 PM): you are making me to cry
Greg’s (4:47 PM): good
Greg’s (4:47 PM): learn a lesson from it
Greg’s (4:48 PM): quit lying to beg money
Amaka Jen (4:49 PM): you don't want to help me?
Greg’s (4:50 PM): nope - not now - if you would have asked first, I probably would have, but not now
Amaka Jen (4:55 PM): please am sheding tears. I know one day i wil become a pharmacist, thats why i told you that. Pls have mercy on me. I'm deeply sorry
Greg’s (4:56 PM): lol - I am laughing at you fool - I said go fuck yourself

She logs out. I still see her online and continue to harass her by calling her a liar and beggar. About 10 days later she responds.

----- Our chat on Thu, 10/7/10 3:58 PM -----

Amaka Jen (2:03 PM): May God have mercy on you.
Amaka Jen (2:05 PM): What have i done to you to deserve this? Do you really have a heart?
Greg’s (2:07 PM): Not for liars
Greg’s (2:09 PM): You started this by lying to me...
Greg’s (2:12 PM): You don’t think you deserve this?
Amaka Jen (2:13 PM): Just stop all this, i hate it. I'm trully sorry. Just stop
Greg’s (2:13 PM): stop what, whore?
Amaka Jen (2:15 PM): How are you? It's been a long time
Greg’s (2:16 PM): I'm fine whore, how are you?
Amaka Jen (2:16 PM): Ok. Continue calling me all sorts of name, don't stop
Greg’s (2:17 PM): okay, cool bitch
Greg’s (2:18 PM): that is great, slut
Amaka Jen (2:18 PM): I'm fine. Don't just know how i will apologise to you for you to accept that i'm really sorry. I'm not what you thing i am
Greg’s (2:18 PM): what are you then, tramp?
Greg’s (2:20 PM): still there, idiot?
Amaka Jen (2:21 PM): A promising young girl, studying pharmacy and her final yr
Greg’s (2:22 PM): that is just terrific, whore, I am proud of you...
Amaka Jen (2:22 PM): How is your family?
Greg’s (2:23 PM): Family is good, fuckface - how is your stupid ugly family?
Amaka Jen (2:25 PM): I only have a lovely family and they are ok
Greg’s (2:25 PM): I'm glad to hear your shitty family is okay, penishead...
Greg’s (2:29 PM): how is your crappy school, butt-muncher?
Amaka Jen (2:29 PM): I have to go now, have a nice time. I want you to remove my name in your friends list since i don't make you happy. I upset you so much that makes you to call me all sorts of name
Greg’s (2:30 PM): okay, dildobrain - I will talk to you later, dick face
Amaka Jen (2:31 PM): Fine. School is fine. I will graduate by november this year
Greg’s (2:31 PM): sure you will, cunt licker
Greg’s (2:32 PM): I'm sure you aren’t lying about that as well, pussy-face
Amaka Jen (2:33 PM): Thats true.
Greg’s (2:36 PM): yes, sure you aren’t, goatfucker
Greg’s (2:40 PM): lol - this is fun
Amaka Jen (2:41 PM): Thanks alot for the nasty names you call me
Greg’s (2:41 PM): your very welcome, slutbag
Greg’s (2:42 PM): do you like it, sperm drinker?
Amaka Jen (2:43 PM): What is it by your time over there
Greg’s (2:43 PM): it is 2:43PM cowfucker
Greg’s (2:46 PM): do you like the names I call you?
Amaka Jen (2:47 PM): I'm trying to control myself. Stop this. Why are you insulting me like this. I have never drink any sperm before cus am still a virgin
Greg’s (2:48 PM): But you told me to call you names, cocksucker
Greg’s (2:52 PM): why don’t you like it dicklicker?
Amaka Jen (2:54 PM): The words i said the other time, i was trying to make you feel better. I don't know what else to do. Forgive me and stop all this. If you don't want to be my friend, then leave me alone
Greg’s (2:55 PM): don’t be mad, buttkisser
Greg’s (2:57 PM): The fact that you put up with me calling you all of these names tells me one thing...
Amaka Jen (2:58 PM): what?
Greg’s (2:58 PM): That you want money...that is all you care about
Amaka Jen (3:01 PM): I don't want any money. I swear
Greg’s (3:02 PM): lol - I will never ever send you money - I promise you that - we'll see how long you talk to me now...
Amaka Jen (3:04 PM): I don't want your money, i wil rather suffer.
Greg’s (3:05 PM): okay then - I will stop calling you names, but I promise you that I will never send you any money
Greg’s (3:06 PM): we'll see how much you like chatting with me if you know that you will never get any money from me...
Amaka Jen (3:06 PM): Like i said before, i wil never ask you for help.
Greg’s (3:07 PM): okay, remember that because I will never give you any...
Amaka Jen (3:09 PM): Okay
Greg’s (3:12 PM): lol - this should be fun...
Amaka Jen (3:13 PM): Are you married?
Greg’s (3:14 PM): no
Amaka Jen (3:14 PM): Why?
Greg’s (3:15 PM): Haven’t found the right person and have been concentrating on my career
Amaka Jen (3:17 PM): Ok thats good.
Amaka Jen (3:18 PM): I will come to your wedding
Amaka Jen (3:19 PM): Is there anything you want to know about me?
Greg’s (3:20 PM): yeah, lol - why are you even bothering?
Amaka Jen (3:22 PM): Nothing. I just want to be your friend
Greg’s (3:23 PM): even though I called you all of those names and accused you of begging money you want to be my friend
Amaka Jen (3:27 PM): Yes. I want you to be my friend. Someone i can talk to and seek some advise. Hope you won't say no. I won't border you i promise
Greg’s (3:30 PM): lol - sure thing - remember, don’t bother asking me for money...
Amaka Jen (3:31 PM): I won't
Greg’s (3:32 PM): okay - we are friends and I will never give you money
Amaka Jen (3:33 PM): So what do you do now?
Amaka Jen (3:45 PM): Are you there, Greg?
Amaka Jen (3:48 PM): I guess you are no more there. Take care of yourself. Bye
Amaka Jen (3:49 PM): Till next time we meet, my friend
Greg’s (3:52 PM): I'm here - but I have to get back to work...
Amaka Jen (3:55 PM): Ok, take care of yourself
Greg’s (3:58 PM): bye friend, buddy, pal, amigo…

Hilarious – I figure I will never hear from her again seeing that I stated 5 times that I will never give her money. I was wrong…I accidently deleted the first part of the next chat – it was short because she got logged off, but as you can see by the next session when she logs back in, she asks me for money. It seems she develops a medical condition a desperately needs money and has no one to ask but me…

----- Our chat on Mon, 10/18/10 1:54 PM -----

Amaka Jen (1:43 PM): Pls my dear
Greg’s (1:44 PM): That is so funny - I knew it was
Amaka Jen (1:45 PM): You are my friend, if you can t help me, who else will? I don t have a boy friend and i.m stil a virgin
Greg’s (1:46 PM): LOL - do you even remember talking to me before?
Amaka Jen (1:47 PM): Please be my friend in need and indeed. I will always love you and cherish especially if you help me now am sick
Greg’s (1:47 PM): answer the question...
Amaka Jen (1:48 PM): Will you help me pls?
Greg’s (1:48 PM): answer the question, whore
Amaka Jen (1:50 PM): Yes, i ve talked to you before i never wanted to tell you that i have diabetes. I wanted to use the money to go to hospital. Let it touch your heart
Greg’s (1:52 PM): Do you remember me saying that all you wanted from me was money and that I would never give you money because that’s what I knew you wanted?
Greg’s (1:54 PM): I knew you would eventually ask for

Back to the logging off problems…

----- Our chat on Mon, 10/18/10 2:01 PM -----

Amaka Jen (1:39 PM): Please my dear, help me
Greg’s (1:40 PM): LOL - don’t you remember me telling you this?
Amaka Jen (1:54 PM): Ok now you know i wanted the money. Thats why am pleading wit you
Greg’s (1:55 PM): You always wanted money - that the only reason you talked with me
Amaka Jen (1:59 PM): I like you as a friend. I have tried to hide this sickness but it is not helping matters. I want to be with you. I want to be your friend forever. I won't ask you for money again if you help me
Greg’s (2:01 PM): You are so funny...

This is what it was like in the beginning – 3 minutes of chatting, then logging out only to return hours later. That’s why I didn't save the chat logs from the start. It was frustrating.

----- Our chat on Mon, 10/18/10 3:32 PM -----

Amaka Jen (2:03 PM): Pls don't let me suffer again because of this sickness. Pls be my angel, my helper and my friend
Greg’s (2:04 PM): I want to hear you beg like a dog, first...
Amaka Jen (2:05 PM): A beggar has no choice
Greg’s (2:06 PM): and that’s what you are - I knew it from the first moment I met you
Amaka Jen (2:09 PM): I want to assure you that if you help me, i won't never disturb you again.
Greg’s (2:10 PM): Do you know how foolish you are...I knew all along that you would beg for money and I told you first I would never give you any...
Greg’s (2:11 PM): I was just waiting for you to make up some silly excuse to ask for money - diabetes, that’s a good one..
Amaka Jen (2:12 PM): Baby pls am sorry, don't you want me to be okay?
Greg’s (2:12 PM): with your pretend disease?
Amaka Jen (2:13 PM): I'm diabetic. I never wanted to tell you. It has been eating me up thats why i had to tell you
Amaka Jen (2:14 PM): I'm not pretending. I mean it
Greg’s (2:15 PM): you are
Amaka Jen (2:16 PM): Baby pls
Amaka Jen (2:17 PM): Yes i know am stupid but pls help your friend (BINGO!)
Greg’s (2:17 PM): Do you understand me? I knew you just wanted money and that you will lie to get it you fool...
Amaka Jen (2:19 PM): Please
Greg’s (2:20 PM): Tell me the truth and maybe I give you something
Amaka Jen (2:22 PM): You have a heart to treat me like this. I will leave you alone. I also delete your name from my friends. Bye
Greg’s (2:22 PM): I'll give you $50 if you tell me the truth - otherwise, go away
Amaka Jen (2:24 PM): I'm telling you the truth and it hurts me when you say am lyin. I am diabetic and needs your help
Greg’s (2:24 PM): go away fool...I gave you a chance for $50.00 and you blew it
Amaka Jen (2:28 PM): 50 dollar won't be enough to see a doctor here in nigeria pls am sorry make it 100 dollar let me see if someone will help me complete for me
Greg’s (2:28 PM): go away - I told you $50.00 to hear the truth
Greg’s (2:29 PM): if you don’t accept then go away...
Amaka Jen (2:30 PM): Ok pls i accept. Thank you very much. When will i collect it
Greg’s (2:31 PM): You have to tell me the truth first - I am not stupid, you know - and give up that diabetes crap - we both know that is a lie
Amaka Jen (2:33 PM): Thank you honey, i'm so happy now that you want to help me. I will never disturb you again. I love you dearly
Greg’s (2:33 PM): Now tell the truth...
Greg’s (2:33 PM): tell me the real story...
Amaka Jen (2:35 PM): Is true, i'm diabetic. That is why i need some to go to the hospital cus it is getting late. That is why i started begging for money in the first time.
Greg’s (2:36 PM): go away - I am not giving you a cent because you are a liar
Greg’s (2:38 PM): look at that - I gave you a chance and you still insist on lying...
Amaka Jen (2:40 PM): It started last two month, i was going to take my bath in the morning when i fell down and had wound in my toe. Since that time the wound has not healed rather it going worse then i had to go the the hospital. After doing a test, i was found out that i am diabetic that is why the wound has not healed not mindin the medications
Greg’s (2:41 PM): go away fool...I gave you a chance of earning $50.00 by being honest and you can't even do that...
Amaka Jen (2:43 PM): I'm not lying to you. I swear
Greg’s (2:44 PM): go away fool
Amaka Jen (2:48 PM): Pls i will accept anything pls
Greg’s (2:49 PM): I will only accept the truth, you idiot
Amaka Jen (2:50 PM): Baby please
Greg’s (2:51 PM): I am not stupid, you fool - tell the truth...
Amaka Jen (2:52 PM): I will never lie to you again. If you don't accept that i'm telling you the truth, then leave it.
Amaka Jen (2:53 PM): Thats the truth.
Greg’s (2:53 PM): I don't - so go away and no $50.00 for you idiot
Greg’s (2:53 PM): good riddance liar...
Amaka Jen (2:56 PM): Okay, i will go away. Thanks for everything
Greg’s (2:56 PM): go to hell beggar, liar, and
Greg’s (3:00 PM): you’re so funny...and predictable
Amaka Jen (3:00 PM): You are heartless
Amaka Jen (3:02 PM): Bye forever.
Greg’s (3:06 PM): you are a fool
Greg’s (3:06 PM): lol
Amaka Jen (3:11 PM): Thank you for all the insult you gave me. I'm a young lady, i tolorate and very good person. I don't insult people. I forgive you for all the insults you gave me. Bye and take care of yourself
Greg’s (3:20 PM): You are a fool and an internet scammer - I knew all along and even told you that I knew and you still tried to beg - you are so stupid
Greg’s (3:28 PM): I am sorry that you are black, poor, and stupid - your life must be horrible
Greg’s (3:32 PM): Do you like begging white people for money - that is so funny

That was awesome, but I still wanted to hear her fess up. Now comes the harassment. I send her tons of messages that she doesn't respond to when I see her online. Then she finally responds.

----- Our chat on Wed, 10/20/10 3:19 PM -----

Amaka Jen (1:40 PM): You are nothing but a talkative. It doesn't hurt me anymore. Just continue ok cus am enjoying it. Common help to offer me, you can't. Your hand is made of gum. God will send a helper for me. You are not a good person
Greg’s (1:41 PM): You are a fool and an internet scammer - you stupid black monkey
Greg’s (1:42 PM): God hates criminals and black people, so don’t look for help there - lol
Greg’s (1:45 PM): I am enjoying this as well - I loved how you begged like a dog for money and admitted that you were
Amaka Jen (1:52 PM): I forgive you for all the insult you gave me. Why do you hate me so much. Even if am an internet scam, i won't stood so low and recieve your insults
Greg’s (1:53 PM): I know you are a scammer and a liar
Greg’s (1:55 PM): you deserve to be insulted because you are scum, and better off dead
Greg’s (1:57 PM): Everything bad in the world comes from Africa and you are proof of that
Amaka Jen (2:03 PM): God knows that i'm not a scammer. I'm just looking for help. Thats all.
Greg’s (2:03 PM): You are a fool - God hates you and your pathetic race because you are all criminals...
Amaka Jen (2:08 PM): You talk too much. Are you sure you are not the one that killed your parents and siblings
Greg’s (2:11 PM): LOL - you're funny beggar - you sound mad - lol
Amaka Jen (2:14 PM): Lol
Greg’s (2:16 PM): War, poverty, disease, crime, stupidity - all come from your continent and your filthy race...
Greg’s (2:21 PM): Are you mad at the world because you are black, poor, and stupid?
Greg’s (2:26 PM): or because everyone hates black people?
Amaka Jen (2:26 PM): Very soon, i will be okay by God's grace. .g wIll become a pharmacist. I will also earn big money and also send some for you. Because i know you are not rich
Greg’s (2:27 PM): LOL - the little scammer boy is going to send me money? LOL
Amaka Jen (2:30 PM): I have friends in usa, but they are still students reading the same course with me. They are tryin to survive like me
Greg’s (2:30 PM): LOL - you don’t have any friends, little scammer boy - you think I believe any of your lies - you are a fool
Amaka Jen (2:33 PM): I'm a girl not a boy. If am not a girl, let me never find any good thing in life but if am a girl, you will die in accident or you will see any good in your life
Greg’s (2:35 PM): You are a scammer boy you fool - I knew all along. I can’t believe that you are wasting your time trying to convince me of anything when you know I will never give you money because you a, very funny
Amaka Jen (2:40 PM): You are just behaving like an illiterate. Talking like a girl
Greg’s (2:40 PM): feel like a fool yet?
Greg’s (2:40 PM): LOL
Greg’s (2:42 PM): beg and whine some more - that was great when you did that for me...
Greg’s (2:44 PM): I saved that whole Chat Log to post on my website...
Greg’s (2:46 PM): You begged like a dog
Greg’s (2:46 PM): lol
Amaka Jen (2:48 PM): You are poor because a rich man will not have time for all this. Maybe you are a scammer. You know what, i will rather carry my sickness than to go to the hospital with your cursed money
Greg’s (2:50 PM): LOL - you were never going to get money from me - I knew you were a scammer the whole time and just to make you beg so I could post it on my website...
Amaka Jen (2:51 PM): Thats good. So that people will see how stingy and heartless you are
Greg’s (2:51 PM): No, they will laugh at how stupid you are
Amaka Jen (2:55 PM): They don't know me but after seeing all the insults, some people will hate you. You said am a dog but am better than you parrot
Greg’s (2:56 PM): LOL - my readers love the way I make fun of African scammers, you fool - they will laugh their ass off when they see you admit you are stupid and see you beg like a dog...
Amaka Jen (2:59 PM): Try and help people, you will recieve blessings upon blessings. It's good to be good. May God help me. You don't have a human heart at all. I pity you
Greg’s (3:00 PM): LOL - any views on idiots like you who lie and steal and beg from people on the internet?
Greg’s (3:06 PM): Are you sad little black boy?
Amaka Jen (3:08 PM): I know you are the one who killed your parents with your parrot mouth.
Greg’s (3:12 PM): little beggar boy is mad again - lol
Amaka Jen (3:13 PM): Just thank your God because am not feeling fine. I would have shown you the kind of girl i am
Greg’s (3:13 PM): whatever - beggar BOY!
Greg’s (3:13 PM): LOL
Greg’s (3:15 PM): You should check out my website and see all of the little scammers that I make fools out of, just like you...
Greg’s (3:19 PM): idiot

That’s the end of that! This bait started off bad because of her connection problems, but ended up being pretty funny. Sorry for the racial insults, but I did so just to piss "her" off.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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