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Smoke Em’ Peace Pipe

This short scambait in a chat room reinforces my question about why would a West African scammer try to pose as an American when they can’t speak English very well. I have been screwing with the idiots on – I have chatted with a ton of scammers from my fake profile – truly hilarious!!! When filling out a profile, one of your choices to fill in is ethnicity, and the first one by default is Native American. Of course there is also Caucasian, which is the correct choice for the stolen fair-skinned white girl pic in their profile picture – they don’t know that “Native American” means Indian… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Native American Scammer - lol!!!

This is the profile pic of my “Indian Friend”.

----- Our chat on Wed, 10/6/10 10:53 AM -----

jacky_nn2001 (9:51 AM):
jacky_nn2001 (9:55 AM):
jacky_nn2001 (9:56 AM): are you there
Greg’s (9:56 AM): yes - what happened
jacky_nn2001 (9:56 AM): am here
Greg’s (9:56 AM): got logged off?
jacky_nn2001 (9:58 AM): no lost connection
Greg’s (9:59 AM): that’s what logged off means, genius...
jacky_nn2001 (10:01 AM): yes
jacky_nn2001 (10:01 AM): well am Jacky and you are
Greg’s (10:01 AM): Greg - I received your message
jacky_nn2001 (10:02 AM): yes
jacky_nn2001 (10:02 AM): Well am from Pacifica and you
Greg’s (10:02 AM): where’s that? I am from Ohio
jacky_nn2001 (10:03 AM): Ohh okay is on California
jacky_nn2001 (10:03 AM): well am Fashion designer
jacky_nn2001 (10:03 AM): 31 single and never married
jacky_nn2001 (10:04 AM): and you my dear one
Greg’s (10:04 AM): oh, ok - nice
Greg’s (10:04 AM): I am 41, I am an Accountant
jacky_nn2001 (10:04 AM): Okay and are you married with kids
Greg’s (10:05 AM): If I was, why would I be on the dating site, genius???
jacky_nn2001 (10:05 AM): Good same as me
jacky_nn2001 (10:06 AM): Well tell me much about yourself
Greg’s (10:06 AM): like what?
jacky_nn2001 (10:07 AM): everything you do want to tell me
Greg’s (10:07 AM): what nationality are you?
jacky_nn2001 (10:08 AM): Native American
jacky_nn2001 (10:08 AM): You
Greg’s (10:08 AM): Indian? What tribe? (Do you mean American???)
jacky_nn2001 (10:08 AM): Native
jacky_nn2001 (10:09 AM): Well how long have you been on here looking for soul mate
Greg’s (10:09 AM): Native American means Indian - so what tribe are you? LOL
jacky_nn2001 (10:09 AM): Yes '
Greg’s (10:10 AM): ? You have no idea what I am talking about, do you?
jacky_nn2001 (10:11 AM): yes i dont have cos i was born and raise in Germany and have been there for years
jacky_nn2001 (10:11 AM): But my dad is an american so what is your tribe
Greg’s (10:12 AM): lol - I guess you are not Native American then...
jacky_nn2001 (10:13 AM): yes you can say that but since am in the state now i classified my slef as one
Greg’s (10:14 AM): NATIVE AMERICAN MEANS INDIAN - you know, red skin, wears feathers, lives in teepees???
jacky_nn2001 (10:14 AM): yes
Greg’s (10:15 AM): So you think you are an Indian because you live in the United States???
jacky_nn2001 (10:15 AM): YES that is what i do think of
Greg’s (10:15 AM): Do you live in a teepee? Or a wigwam?
jacky_nn2001 (10:16 AM): Teepee (Oh my freaking GOD!)
Greg’s (10:17 AM): LOL - What tribe do you pretend you are from? Cherokee, Shawnee, Sioux, maybe???
jacky_nn2001 (10:18 AM): Hmm Sioux i will say
jacky_nn2001 (10:18 AM): So what is your tribe too
Greg’s (10:19 AM): I am not Native American - I never said that...I am a regular American
jacky_nn2001 (10:21 AM): Ohh okay
jacky_nn2001 (10:21 AM): so tell me have you ever talk with any girl on here or date anyone
Greg’s (10:22 AM): never talked to an Indian before in my life - this is interesting...
jacky_nn2001 (10:23 AM): But have talked with several girls right
Greg’s (10:23 AM): yes, a few - but no Indians
jacky_nn2001 (10:23 AM): And were are they from
Greg’s (10:24 AM): the United States, mostly
Greg’s (10:25 AM): do you live on a reservation?
Greg’s (10:25 AM): smokem’ peace pipe?
jacky_nn2001 (10:25 AM): no
jacky_nn2001 (10:25 AM): do you smoke
jacky_nn2001 (10:25 AM): take in alcohol
jacky_nn2001 (10:27 AM): are you there
Greg’s (10:27 AM): I'm here - no, don’t drink the firewater or smokem peace pipe...just some wine with dinner
jacky_nn2001 (10:28 AM): Ohh i see so how long have you been on here
Greg’s (10:29 AM): many many - just kidding, only about three weeks
jacky_nn2001 (10:30 AM): And still haven get your soul mate ?
Greg’s (10:31 AM): no, not yet - you expect me to find my soul mate in 3 weeks? You must have spirit of the buffalo...
Greg’s (10:31 AM): how about you?
jacky_nn2001 (10:32 AM): Not yet for 2 weeks now
Greg’s (10:33 AM): I am patient - no hurry - don’t want to end up like Custer at the Little Big Horn, right?
jacky_nn2001 (10:34 AM): Good sense of humor ..never ever rush in love
jacky_nn2001 (10:35 AM): and in any love Trust must be the key
Greg’s (10:35 AM): yeah, I agree. Do you like living in a teepee?
jacky_nn2001 (10:36 AM): Yes i do
jacky_nn2001 (10:36 AM): why you ask
Greg’s (10:36 AM): just wondering - I think that would be cool...
Greg’s (10:37 AM): what do you do for a living? Make bead necklaces? Work in a casino? Sell tickets at low prices? Give stuff away and try to take it back?
jacky_nn2001 (10:37 AM): yes i do like there
jacky_nn2001 (10:38 AM): so what are you looking in a woman
Greg’s (10:41 AM): How do I like my squaws? Well, let's see...I would normally say career- driven, intelligent, independent, and good- looking, but I will go with a good drum-player, someone who can skin a deer, and someone with good body to rear healthy papoose, uggg...
Greg’s (10:43 AM): How...
jacky_nn2001 (10:43 AM): good
jacky_nn2001 (10:44 AM): Well i do like someone who is honest caring understanding and will never hurt me
Greg’s (10:44 AM): what else you like in heap good brave?
jacky_nn2001 (10:45 AM): Nothing ..what are you hobbies
Greg’s (10:46 AM): tennis, golf, chess, etc - what about you? knitting blankets? Dancing to make it rain?
jacky_nn2001 (10:47 AM): okay
Greg’s (10:49 AM): How about you, uggg...
Greg’s (10:50 AM): oops, there you go again - the reservation must not have good reception for internet
Greg’s (10:53 AM): me heap angry with internet...

She logs off…Must not have heap good internet signal in the village…ugggg!

This is also a testament of the egos of these fools – they would rather look like a fool and continue the lie and make matters worse (and funnier), than to admit that they said something wrong.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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