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Abba Dabba Doo

Typical Rich Dying Man Scam – wants to give away his millions to me for charity. I couldn’t find his first email or my reply to it, but basically he gave his M.O. (modus operandi), and I asked why he just didn’t donate his money to the church. Here it begins… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Dearest Thomas,

I do not want you to see the mail i have sent to you as a result of an accident , i have lost every contact i know ever since of course you know my condition , it really took me time before contacting you after praying over it even in my condition .

that is why i have stated in my mail that it will be well appreciated if you can come down to Ivory Coast and i will give you the address of the hospital where i am giving somebody the money means you will recieve it from the security company which i have for long lost the ability to move about or do anything by myself as such i have decided to contact you to assist me fulfil my last promise before i die .

I am not ignorant of the way some people may indulge in the act of betraying one's trust forgetting that God is watching but i am strongly believeing in you that you will not dissappoint me when you have recieved this deposit from the security company

I will therefore be happy when you will reply me furnishing me with all your contact details like your telephone numbers and your addresses and immediately i will send an authourisation letter to the security company to deliver this deposit to you in your country.

Finally always remember me in your prayers as there is no condition greater than abba father.

May God bless you as i await your reply and the contact details.
Always in Christ
Brother James

Did you even read my email? If you did, you totally ignored my questions. I don’t understand what you mean that “you do not want me to see the mail” – what does that mean? Was this email not meant for me? Who is abba father – I have no idea who that is. If you trust abba father, why didn’t you give him the money.


Please see my mail as a mail i putposely sent you tat is what i meant by that and secondly abba father is the most high God in heaven that created you and me.

I want you do as i have stated in my last mail to you.


You are obviously a deeply religious man and I am an Atheist – do you have a problem with this? You still haven’t answered my question as to why you don’t just donate it to a church. Why is this?


Dearest Thomas,

Many thanks for your mail, you being an atheist is not a problem to me because my bible says although we are many we are all one in God we have the same blood runing in our veins so why should i have a problem with that? I am only after doing good that is why i have contacted you all ineed to say is that it took me time before contacting you and that is why i need you to help me it is from the direction of the spirit of God that has made me contacted you , i would want you to assist me by sending me the contact details i have requested so that i will send an authourisation letter to the security company to deliver this deposit to you in your country.

How i wish you will do as i have stated please i do not have much time i may die at any time.

Brother james

I’ll try this one last time – I have faith in Abbey’s father that you can answer one simple question. What is your reasoning behind not donating it to the church? That would seem to be the simplest answer as to what to do with your money and helping people with it.


My Reason is to entrust it in this in somebodys carewhom i trust who will see that my last wish is fulfilled, i came to you with every assurance but the question is are you willing ? just let me no because i do not want to make more that one contact. Mean while you know i am in the hospital.

Brother James

Since you can’t seem to answer the one simple question I have, never mind – find someone else.


Dearest Thomas

Because my heart directs me to you that is the reason why i have conctacted you, but if you feel you cannot help me let me know now so that i can pay again before being directed to some onerlse not with anger but because of i know i will die soon

The only reason I feel I cannot help you is that you still won’t answer one simple question that I have asked you 4 times.

Find someone else; I’m not going through this every time I have one simple question.


thank you find another person do not worry your self


i came to you with every assurance but the question is are you willing ? you have not said anything to me are you helping or not?

Brother James

You have better pray to Abba Dabba or whatever heathen god you worship and ask him to give you an ounce of common sense. You are truly the dumbest person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. Can you read? I told you since you were too stupid to answer a simple question to go away – not to email me back after three days. Obviously, what affliction you have is eating away at your brain as we speak. Soon, you will be a mindless, drooling, mewling thing (more so than you are now) – I would feel sad for you if it wasn’t so damn funny. I’ll bet your friends, if you have any, love bringing you to parties so they can just prop you up somewhere and laugh and laugh…


He just wouldn’t answer one stupid question – what an idiot! It’s not like his made-up answer would have ruined his scam. I guess he was just too stupid to think of a logical answer – lucky for him, I guess, or more of his time would have been wasted.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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