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Hometown Honey II

This is a re-re-bait of the idiot Tracy Richards. She has been baited from Greg Wilson, TFL (short), and Thomas Payne. The Greg Wilson bait was the first and the main bait in Hometown Honey. This always brings up the question as to why a Nigerian would try to pose as an American living in the same or close-by city to the victim. Ole’ Tracy just made an ass out of herself is all that happened. Tracy tries to rekindle Romance Baits with previous victims and sends an email to Thomas Payne (below). When I reply, I changed the name in the To: Header to Debbie, and reply as if she received it. This may be why she thinks Debbie is a man. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

From: Richard Tracy []
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 7:35 PM
To: Debbie
Subject: Thanks And Be Honest

I am So Glad to hear from you, I'm so glad to hear such a words from you, well I don't play games and I am looking for a serious relationship with marriage being the ultimate goal! I am caring; compassionate; respectful; and I consider myself a gentle person...I treat men with respect and when I am with someone, I am totally dedicated to that person. Why should I be with you - well, only time will tell if this is our destiny..The last serious relationship that I was in was about 2 years ago! I don't sleep around and right now, I am still single cos i know each one of us have the ability to love. For this is what life is based on, cause without love our lives will end sooner and unexpectedly. I am a single lady,never been married,no kids,I work in a dress shop as a Sales girl,I am very outgoing,communicative,easy going,outspoken,I am also a very Romantic type,love to cuddle,hold hands while walking,I'm trustworthy so far as people tell me maybe I'm just laid back,lol....I also tend to have a good heart with so much of love to give and to recieve.I am a lone child as well,parents are late now though,lost them to an auto accident sometime back,presently I live in a Church since the rent payment was unbearable and I can't get to pay up,I love watching Movies,Television,listening to Music,Singing,Reading,Writing Poems,Swimming,playing Basketball.Now I guess a question will come to your mind(Why is she Single)isn't it...ok ok,I used to have a boyfriend but I broke up with him,I caught him on bed with my best close friend,you know how that is,it's a SHOCK, this led me to break up with him,was I right by that decision???I seek for a complete honest man,who will come home to me,love me,adore me,a strong man with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever,a compassionate man,one with good heart and know how to handle matters,I want a lover not a fighter,lol...Hmmmm I guess enough is being said about me.I am in Nigeria, been to States but back in Nigeria now, and i don't believe in age,distance or race, what i believe is Love, well i am hoping to hear from you.
I Need Love

Hi Tracy! Are you still interested in talking?


Yes sure i am still interested, where have you been? Could you pls email me back and tell m m0ore about yourself, I am worried....


Where have you been? I was the one that was worried – I just started talking to you and then you disappeared.


I am at home thinking about you, I am here now, oh i am sorry for the dissapearance, I would love to know you more better...

What happened to you? Where were you – I was so worried.


Nothing happen to me, I am at home with my lovely Dad, you don't have to be worried, where have you been also, I am willing to relocate for true love, let me know what is on your mind about our meeting each other in person...

If you read her first email, you would know that her parents died in a car accident, but somehow she is living with her “lovely” dad.

After a few emails with this idiot, I see her online on Yahoo. It is 7:00 in the morning. I have come to realize that Tracy doesn’t realize that Debbie is a female name and that I am interested in a Lesbian relationship. This carries over to the second chat session with hilarious results…

----- Our chat on Sun, 10/18/09 8:10 AM -----

Debbie (7:11 AM): hi
Tracy (7:11 AM):
Tracy (7:11 AM): Hello
Debbie (7:11 AM): it was nice to hear from you again
Tracy (7:11 AM): it's my pleasure chatting with you as well
Debbie (7:12 AM): how come you disappeared for so long
Tracy (7:12 AM): I am here honey
Debbie (7:12 AM): yeah but i haven’t talked to you in months
Tracy (7:13 AM): can we talk now
Debbie (7:13 AM): yes of course
Debbie (7:13 AM): i was just wondering why you stop talking to me
Tracy (7:14 AM): I am here
Tracy (7:15 AM): we have been missing eah other online
Debbie (7:15 AM): i tried emailing you a bunch of times - you never answered me
Tracy (7:16 AM): I do answer you
Debbie (7:16 AM): so what is new with you?
Tracy (7:17 AM): Nothing much
Tracy (7:17 AM): just at home chilling
Tracy (7:17 AM): and you
Debbie (7:17 AM): same - got up early and was bored so i got online
Tracy (7:17 AM): thats nie
Tracy (7:17 AM): nice
Debbie (7:18 AM): what time is it there?
Tracy (7:19 AM): 12:15pm and there?
Debbie (7:19 AM): its 7:15am here
Tracy (7:20 AM): thats cool
Tracy (7:20 AM): what will you like to talk about
Debbie (7:21 AM): do you have any recent pictures of yourself?
Tracy (7:23 AM): Nope
Debbie (7:23 AM): awww, how come?
Tracy (7:24 AM): I havn't aken any pics
Debbie (7:25 AM): you dont have any? ? ?
Debbie (7:25 AM): i'm sorry, but I kind of forget what you look like
Debbie (7:25 AM): i remember you were very sexy though!
Tracy (7:26 AM): Thanks
Debbie (7:26 AM): can you send me an old pic?
Tracy (7:27 AM): Let me see if i can
Tracy (7:27 AM): send yours first
Debbie (7:27 AM): okay
Tracy (7:27 AM): I will reply back
Debbie (7:29 AM): i sent you two (sent two pictures of a girl)
Tracy (7:30 AM): to wish address?
Tracy (7:30 AM): email?
Debbie (7:31 AM): the only one i have from you -
Debbie (7:31 AM): is that the right one?
Tracy (7:31 AM): Yeah
Tracy (7:31 AM): I havn't recieve it
Debbie (7:32 AM): it'll be there - just be patient sweetie!!!
Debbie (7:32 AM): lol
Tracy (7:33 AM): alright
Debbie (7:33 AM): get it yet?
Tracy (7:33 AM): Hold on let me check
Tracy (7:34 AM): you a male or female? (She realizes she’s talking to a female, so now she changes to a man)
Debbie (7:35 AM): I am girl
Tracy (7:35 AM): how old are you?
Debbie (7:35 AM): i thought you knew that?
Tracy (7:35 AM): do you have a webcam?
Tracy (7:35 AM): Nope
Debbie (7:35 AM): no, no webcam
Tracy (7:35 AM): alright
Tracy (7:35 AM): how old are you?
Debbie (7:36 AM): you didn’t know I was a girl???
Debbie (7:36 AM): I’m 25
Tracy (7:36 AM): oh ok
Tracy (7:36 AM): can i av ur # ?
Debbie (7:37 AM): send me your pic please
Tracy (7:38 AM): can i av ur phone number?
Tracy (7:38 AM): I wanna hear your voice
Debbie (7:38 AM): sure
Tracy (7:39 AM): let me have your phone number
Debbie (7:40 AM): 330- 854- 2140 - are you going to call now? I don't want to wake everyone up
Tracy (7:40 AM): I will give you a miss call
Tracy (7:40 AM): and you will call me back
Debbie (7:41 AM): what does that mean- a miss call?
Tracy (7:42 AM): can you hear me
Tracy (7:42 AM): where you the one that pick my calls
Debbie (7:42 AM): I’m not in the same room as the phone
Debbie (7:43 AM): did you call - i didn’t hear the phone ring???
Tracy (7:43 AM): I called and somebody else pick my call
Debbie (7:44 AM): oh crap
Tracy (7:44 AM): why did you give me wrong number?
Debbie (7:44 AM): were they mad?
Tracy (7:44 AM): what do you mean?
Tracy (7:44 AM): were
Debbie (7:44 AM): was it my mom?
Debbie (7:44 AM): hold on - let me see
Tracy (7:44 AM): I don't know who picked my calls
Tracy (7:45 AM): go and check
Debbie (7:45 AM): brb
Tracy (7:45 AM): ok
Debbie (7:46 AM): no one is up here - i think you dialed it wrong
Tracy (7:46 AM): alright
Tracy (7:46 AM): can you call me on my own?
Debbie (7:46 AM): what’s your number?
Tracy (7:46 AM): +2347063334134
Debbie (7:47 AM): isn’t that too many numbers??? (I play dumb)
Tracy (7:47 AM): dial it the ay i gave you
Tracy (7:47 AM): +234 it's the code
Debbie (7:48 AM): oh, okay - I never called another country before
Tracy (7:48 AM): dial it now and we can talk on phone
Tracy (7:48 AM): where do you live?
Debbie (7:48 AM): united states
Tracy (7:48 AM): I know
Tracy (7:48 AM): where in the states
Debbie (7:49 AM): the why did you ask
Debbie (7:49 AM): oh, okay
Debbie (7:49 AM): lol
Tracy (7:49 AM): Just wanna now
Tracy (7:49 AM): know
Debbie (7:49 AM): in Ohio
Tracy (7:49 AM): thats nice
Debbie (7:49 AM): do you know where that is?
Tracy (7:49 AM): Yes sure
Debbie (7:49 AM): okay
Tracy (7:49 AM): do you know where i am?
Debbie (7:50 AM): was it England?
Tracy (7:50 AM): Nigeria
Debbie (7:50 AM): really?
Tracy (7:50 AM): Yeah
Debbie (7:51 AM): that’s where you live?
Tracy (7:51 AM): so are you calling now
Tracy (7:51 AM): Yeah
Debbie (7:51 AM): the phone is in the other room
Tracy (7:51 AM): go and pick it and call me now
Debbie (7:51 AM): I can’t call and talk on the computer
Tracy (7:51 AM): I wanna hear ur voice\
Debbie (7:51 AM): hold on
Tracy (7:52 AM): I am here waiting for you
Tracy (7:54 AM): are you calling now?
Debbie (7:54 AM): something is wrong with the number - it doesn’t ring it just beeps
Tracy (7:54 AM): it expensive to call an international call
Tracy (7:54 AM): with your phone?
Debbie (7:54 AM): when i dial the number
Tracy (7:54 AM): but someone pick my call not queit long
Debbie (7:55 AM): do i dial a 1 first
Tracy (7:55 AM): +2347056743141
Tracy (7:55 AM): or +2347063334134
Debbie (7:55 AM): yeah got that - do I dial a one before that
Tracy (7:55 AM): nope
Tracy (7:56 AM): add the plus sign
Debbie (7:56 AM): okay, i didn't - let me try again
Debbie (7:56 AM): how do you do a plus sign? ? ?
Tracy (7:57 AM): you there?
Debbie (7:57 AM): yeah
Debbie (7:57 AM): how do you dial a plus sign
Tracy (7:57 AM): +
Debbie (7:57 AM): i know what one looks like - how do you dial it
Debbie (7:58 AM): there is no plus sign on my phone
Tracy (7:58 AM): dial 0112347056743141
Tracy (7:58 AM): dial it now
Debbie (7:58 AM): 0 is the plus sign?
Debbie (7:58 AM): okay, hold on
Tracy (7:58 AM): that is another code
Tracy (8:00 AM): you there?
Tracy (8:01 AM): talk to me\
Tracy (8:01 AM): I have to go now
Debbie (8:01 AM): i was dialing
Debbie (8:01 AM): it still just beeps
Tracy (8:01 AM): dial it now
Debbie (8:01 AM): i just did
Debbie (8:01 AM): it doesn’t ring
Tracy (8:01 AM): give me ur own and let me dial it
Debbie (8:02 AM): i gave you mine
Tracy (8:02 AM): give me again
Debbie (8:02 AM): 330- 854- 2140
Tracy (8:02 AM): is ur phone with you now?
Debbie (8:03 AM): in the other room
Tracy (8:03 AM): it seems you are playing with me
Tracy (8:03 AM): I have to go now
Debbie (8:03 AM): what does that mean
Tracy (8:03 AM): someone else is picking my calls
Tracy (8:03 AM): I called again
Debbie (8:03 AM): did you ask for Debbie???
Tracy (8:04 AM): Nope
Tracy (8:04 AM): go and hold the phone
Debbie (8:04 AM): why not
Tracy (8:04 AM): I wanna call again
Debbie (8:04 AM): I can’t be on the computer and the phone at the same time
Debbie (8:04 AM): lol
Debbie (8:04 AM): let me see if my sister is answering the phone
Debbie (8:05 AM): was it a woman who answered?
Debbie (8:05 AM): or a girl?
Tracy (8:05 AM): A guy is picking my call
Debbie (8:05 AM): that’s my dad
Tracy (8:05 AM): oh ok
Debbie (8:05 AM): oh crap - he'll be pissed
Tracy (8:05 AM): call me later
Debbie (8:05 AM): i live with my parents and my sister
Tracy (8:06 AM): oh ok
Tracy (8:06 AM): what do you do for a living?
Tracy (8:06 AM): are you not married
Tracy (8:06 AM): ?
Debbie (8:06 AM): no
Tracy (8:06 AM): I have to go now
Debbie (8:06 AM): i work as an adult film actress - but my parents don’t know that
Tracy (8:07 AM): wel good luck
Debbie (8:07 AM): i thought you were going to send me a picture
Tracy (8:07 AM): I don't have a pictures
Tracy (8:07 AM): I can do that only if you can chat with me through webcam
Debbie (8:08 AM): I don’t have a webcam
Tracy (8:08 AM): have a nice day
Tracy (8:08 AM): talk to you later
Debbie (8:08 AM): you said you would send a pic if i sent one to you
Tracy (8:08 AM): I discover you are not serious
Debbie (8:09 AM): what does that mean?
Tracy (8:09 AM): call me if you are ready
Debbie (8:09 AM): i tried
Debbie (8:09 AM): twice
Tracy (8:09 AM): I have called twice now and somebody else is picking my calls
Tracy (8:09 AM): add the plus sign
Debbie (8:09 AM): I don’t know what I am doing wrong
Tracy (8:10 AM): talk to you later

Yes, Tracy is a fucking moron but you can tell she has been baited before (yeah, by me 3 times…). She is trying to verify if I am real or just fucking with her. Also, she thinks that she made an error and contacted a woman instead of a man for her Romance bait, so she switches her persona to a man, not knowing that Debbie is a Lesbian. When she called the fake phone number I gave her, it was a man who called…

I don’t know why you said such hurtful things to me yesterday. I found out from my dad that we do not have a long-distance carrier on our phone and that is why my phone calls did not go through. My dad asked me if I knew who called at 7:30am in the morning – he said it was a man who called. Are you a man???


You ask me to call you and i called, someone else is picking my calls, well i am a man

I bluffed about the phone call – of course it wasn’t me who received it but I guessed that it would be a man who called. He didn’t understand why I wasn’t picking up my calls and would hang up when “my father” answered. I explained to the moron that I didn’t have a phone in my computer room, but I am not dealing with the smartest person on Earth, as you will soon see.

----- Our chat on Mon, 10/19/09 1:18 PM -----

Debbie (12:46 PM): did you get my email?
Tracy (12:46 PM): Yes
Debbie (12:48 PM): well?
Tracy (12:48 PM): why did you ask?
Tracy (12:48 PM): who do you thing i am?
Debbie (12:48 PM): you told me that you were a woman
Tracy (12:49 PM): when was that?
Debbie (12:49 PM): the picture you sent me a while ago was from a woman
Tracy (12:49 PM): that was my sister (Tracy is an only child and an orphan)
Debbie (12:49 PM): the email you sent last week said you were a woman
Tracy (12:49 PM): we are three in our family
Tracy (12:50 PM): I sent you my younger sister pics
Debbie (12:50 PM): but the email that you sent said you were a woman
Tracy (12:50 PM): this is Richard (then his name would be Richard Richards or Dick Dicks - LOL)
Tracy (12:51 PM): we are two using this email address
Tracy (12:51 PM): my sister had trvelled to Ohio
Debbie (12:51 PM): when?
Tracy (12:51 PM): last weekend
Debbie (12:52 PM): so who was i talking to on Saturday?
Tracy (12:52 PM): me of course
Tracy (12:52 PM): I told your Dad on phone
Tracy (12:53 PM): are you a male or female?
Debbie (12:53 PM): female
Debbie (12:53 PM): my name is Debbie
Tracy (12:53 PM): and you can't remember me? (That’s a bluff – he’s still trying to conduct the Romance and still doesn’t realize that Debbie likes women)
Debbie (12:53 PM): I sent you my pictures
Tracy (12:53 PM): my name is Richard
Debbie (12:54 PM): I never talked to any Richard - I was trying to talk to Tracy who emailed me
Tracy (12:54 PM): I told you she has travelled
Tracy (12:54 PM): it seems u are not believing me
Debbie (12:55 PM): she just sent me an email - why are you answering her emails? ? ?
Tracy (12:55 PM): we use the same email address to talk
Debbie (12:56 PM): do you like deceiving people? ? ? That is dishonest...
Tracy (12:56 PM): I am honest with you
Debbie (12:56 PM): you didn’t tell that you weren’t tray
Debbie (12:56 PM): ***Tracy
Debbie (12:56 PM): I was try to talk to Tracy
Debbie (12:57 PM): trying***
Tracy (12:57 PM): I was trying to tell you when we were chatting yesterday, but you where busy doing another thing
Debbie (12:57 PM): I have never talked to any Richard before - and you didn't tell me
Debbie (12:58 PM): how hard is it to type "I am not Tracy"? ? ?
Tracy (12:58 PM): I was the one talking to you yesterday
Tracy (12:58 PM): I am not Tracy (remember this)
Debbie (12:58 PM): yeah, and you could have told me you weren't Tracy yesterday
Debbie (12:58 PM): why did you even call me then?
Tracy (12:59 PM): oh i forgot
Debbie (12:59 PM): then why did you call?
Tracy (12:59 PM): I called so i can hear ur voice
Debbie (1:00 PM): but you don't know me - I talked to Tracy before, not you
Tracy (1:00 PM): it seems you are not getting my msg
Debbie (1:00 PM): no I am not
Debbie (1:00 PM): i want to know why you were tricking me
Tracy (1:01 PM): I am sorry
Debbie (1:01 PM): I will tell Tracy what you did...
Debbie (1:01 PM): I'm sure she won't be happy about it
Tracy (1:02 PM): about what?
Tracy (1:02 PM): well she will be online later
Tracy (1:03 PM): you can talk to her then
Debbie (1:03 PM): yeah? will it be her or you, idiot?
Tracy (1:03 PM): I am just tryingto make friend with you
Tracy (1:04 PM): thats all
Debbie (1:04 PM): I don’t know you and never talked to you before and you tricked me into believing that you were Tracy
Tracy (1:05 PM): I am Richard Tracy elder brother
Debbie (1:05 PM): I don't care who the fuck you are now - I was trying to talk to Tracy
Tracy (1:06 PM): alright
Tracy (1:06 PM): hold on let me tell her to log- in
Tracy (1:06 PM): I will call her on phone
(this should be funny)
Debbie (1:07 PM): Oh, am I supposed to believe that it is her? ? ? Or you trying to trick me again? ? ?
Tracy (1:07 PM): nobody is tricking you and stop talking like this
Debbie (1:08 PM): I just looked at the email that Tracy sent me - she says that she is an only child. She doesn't have any brothers or sisters - who the hell are you? ? ? (Read her first email – this is true…)
Tracy (1:09 PM): I am Tracy (OMG)
Debbie (1:09 PM): you are a fucking liar
Debbie (1:09 PM): why are you doing this to me
Debbie (1:10 PM): who the hell are you? ? ?
Tracy (1:10 PM): I just wanna know how faithful and honest you are
Debbie (1:10 PM): well, I know that you are a filthy liar
Debbie (1:11 PM): Tracy doesn't have any brothers or sisters
Debbie (1:11 PM): you liar
Tracy (1:11 PM): This is Tracy
Debbie (1:11 PM): you are a fucking liar
Debbie (1:11 PM): why?
Tracy (1:12 PM): I am not
Tracy (1:12 PM): just want to be honest with you
Debbie (1:12 PM): you just said this was Richard the brother
Debbie (1:12 PM): that doesn’t exist
Debbie (1:13 PM): liar
Debbie (1:14 PM): I see now that this has been one big joke
Tracy (1:14 PM): I am 100% honest
Debbie (1:14 PM): honest what? That you are Tracy or Richard?
Debbie (1:14 PM): liar
Tracy (1:15 PM): I am Tracy
Tracy (1:15 PM): my Dad name is Richard
Tracy (1:15 PM): just trying to see if you are fr games
Debbie (1:15 PM): then you lied about being Richard and a man?
Debbie (1:16 PM): and having brothers?
Debbie (1:16 PM): and sisters?
Tracy (1:16 PM): I told you i am sorry
Debbie (1:16 PM): how many lies are you going to tell me?
Debbie (1:16 PM): liar
Debbie (1:16 PM): who called my house last night? that was a man
Debbie (1:16 PM): liar
Tracy (1:17 PM): I am not the one
Tracy (1:17 PM): maybe you gave somebody else your number (OMG)
Debbie (1:17 PM): it was you, idiot - you just said 10 minutes ago you did call me you liar
Debbie (1:18 PM): you can't even remember all of your lies

At this point, this moron logs out of chat. I think this is over – at least until I rebait her again. This moron had such a hard time remembering his own lies, but that didn’t stop him from piling more and more on. At the one point in the chat session, he was going to “call” Tracy and have her log into chat to talk to me – I know this fool would not have actually logged out of Yahoo and logged in again to give the impression that it was now Tracy I was talking to (which is impossible in Yahoo to do). But when I mentioned that Tracy had no brothers or sisters, he felt that his only response was to say he was Tracy himself, and that he was testing my honesty and integrity. I have had this happen in scambaits before when I catch them in blatant lies…

At the end of the chat, he/she tries to play off the man calling my house as me giving someone else my number, not him/her. Of course this contradicts what he/she said 10 minutes earlier…

At this point our hero realizes how stupid he/she is and gives up!

I would recommend to anyone who scambaits to get their “victims” into a chat session. These can be so much funnier than emails where they have time to plan their responses or just ignore your questions altogether…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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