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Chico Is The Man

I have been getting a lot of these scams lately. These are recycled scams…This fool contacted already before and failed to get money from me, or the original scammer sold my email address to another scammer. How I know this is the first email was addressed directly to me, not ‘undisclosed recipients’. If they failed getting money from you the first time, they try again with this format. LOL – the funny thing is, I am sure I called them every name in the book and I was the main reason the first scam failed, but now they want to give me $1.5 million dollars for my attempt at helping them…freaking idiots. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Goodday James Cagney,

How are your doing? I did not forget your past effort to assist me and I am to inform you that I have succeeded in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Brazil. Meanwhile I want you to Contact my Secretary and Ask him to send you the ATM card which I is ($1.5) million dollars and that is for your own compensation okay,

Please contact My Secretary Mr. Chico James. E-mail: OR Tel. +229-9952-4371, and Send your address listed bellow to him for the delivery okay.

1 your full Name..........................
2 your country........................
4 your home delivery address.................
8 your phone number.................

Please let me know once you receive the ATM card okay
My regard to your family
Mr. Don Frank.

Who are you? I have no idea who you are or what you are talking about.


Dear James Cagney

I receive your mail but I expected you to call me because my boss ask me to wait for your call which I did meanwhile hi instructed me before hi traveled to send the atm master card to your giving address which I have confirmed from you meanwhile am going to register the atm master card with one of the delivery company hear like FEDEX COURIER OR DHL COURIER. And I hope you know you are going to pay $95 dollar for there delivery charge hear because I don’t have the money to pay for that okay, please I said this because I don’t want to trouble my self with the delivery company.

From the Secretary Mr. Chico James

Read the email I sent to you, you fool.


You must be a stupid person by calling me a fool do you know me before or because i am trying to deliver your message to you is why you will insult me do you think you are talking to baby boy

You didn't even read my email, you fucking stupid idiot. I said I have no idea who you or your boss is and I have never dealt with him before. Maybe if you would learn to read, you would have $95 dollars in the bank instead of being poor.


You thank i am poor man because am trying to deliver your massage that you have the mind to insult me or do you think am begging you money no okay you can wait until my boss comes back from his trip because i don't want any insult from you,

You are an idiot and you already said that you were a poor man – that you did not have $95. I am telling you I don’t know your boss either. How hard is that to understand?

I don’t know you or your boss so stop begging me for money when I already told you that you have the wrong person.

Do you understand, fool?


If you not interested in paying the said fee 95$ do not insult me or contact me again and you can contact my boss for farther explainon.

I can see that you are poor and stupid, because you are from Nigeria, right? How much money do you make? Like $20 a month? No wonder you are begging me like a dog for $95.00 – that’s like half a year’s salary for you, moron…


I was kind of hard on the little fella, but I really do hate these types of scams…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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