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A Father’s Love

This Chat Bait was getting funny – at least to me – notice in baits of your own how much sarcasm and how many snide comments you can get away with. The West Africans don’t understand this so you can sometimes say some pretty funny stuff. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Fri, 9/24/10 11:52 AM -----

Greg’s (11:30 AM): H
Greg’s (11:30 AM): Hello
mboldon77 (11:31 AM): Hi
mboldon77 (11:31 AM): How are you
mboldon77 (11:32 AM):
Greg’s (11:33 AM): Good - I saw your profile on the dating site - very nice
mboldon77 (11:33 AM): Thanks , So how are you doing
mboldon77 (11:33 AM): I am 33 single female from Ga but presently in nigeria working on my late father properties and you?
Greg’s (11:34 AM): I live in Ohio I'm 41 years old
mboldon77 (11:34 AM): Ok good
mboldon77 (11:34 AM): You got kids? ?
Greg’s (11:34 AM): nope
Greg’s (11:34 AM): you?
Greg’s (11:34 AM): Your father had property in Africa? Why?
mboldon77 (11:35 AM): Yes he is an international business man
mboldon77 (11:35 AM): I dont have any kid
mboldon77 (11:35 AM): What do you do for work
Greg’s (11:35 AM): wow, nice...
Greg’s (11:35 AM): you must be very rich...
Greg’s (11:36 AM): I'm an Accountant
mboldon77 (11:37 AM): Ok that is nice, for what compnay or bank? ?
Greg’s (11:37 AM): it’s a Computer Services company in Akron, Ohio - let me know if you need any computers - LOL
mboldon77 (11:38 AM): Lol that is so nice of you
mboldon77 (11:38 AM): so what happened to you ex relationship
Greg’s (11:39 AM): my ex relationship? What does that mean?
mboldon77 (11:39 AM): You ex girl friend why did you seperate
Greg’s (11:40 AM): which ex? My last one? We just broke up - things happen. She wouldn’t do as she’s told…I hate that
mboldon77 (11:40 AM): Alright
mboldon77 (11:40 AM): Yes
mboldon77 (11:41 AM): Mine broke my heart
mboldon77 (11:41 AM): and i need a serious and real man
Greg’s (11:41 AM): it happens - nothing is forever...
mboldon77 (11:42 AM): So do you live alone? ?
Greg’s (11:43 AM): yes, just bought a new house too
mboldon77 (11:43 AM): alright, So are you at work now or home? ?
Greg’s (11:43 AM): at work and it's almost lunchtime
mboldon77 (11:45 AM): alright
mboldon77 (11:45 AM): So how is your work and i hope you like it?
Greg’s (11:46 AM): love it
mboldon77 (11:46 AM): Ok good, so what are you looking for in a woman? ?
Greg’s (11:47 AM): Intelligent, good looking, independent, hard-working, career-driven
mboldon77 (11:49 AM): Well let me tell you all about my self … I am 5'8, I am looking for a very nice man for a nice relationship that will lead to marriage in life.....I was born in GA in the city of Lincolnton some years back ......I'm such a curious, ambitious, honest, trustworthy, kind, shy, nice, full of humor, express feelings like to joke, like romancing and am a little bit sexy, My hobbies in sport are basketball, volley ball, football, hockey, lawn tennis ,base ball ,bicycle race, any all in indoor activities I love to read novels, watch movies, read magazines, play video games, cook clean the house
mboldon77 (11:50 AM): I have this unique personality about life and general relationships. Life as we know is too short not to be able to enjoy the ones around us. I can always turn a frown into a smile. I enjoy meeting new people. I am educated, intelligent, sincere, very polite, sports oriented, charming, honest and most of all a gentlewoman to the men. I have the personality that draws friends and even strangers closer to me. I enjoy being active in all types of indoor and outdoor sports. I especially like the beach, softball, motorcycle riding and fitness training.
Greg’s (11:51 AM): I gotta go now - its lunchtime, okay
mboldon77 (11:52 AM): Ok talk to you later
Greg’s (11:52 AM): bye
mboldon77 (11:52 AM): I wrote more about myself to you

I like in their likes and dislikes how they attempt to cover all bases. I will purposely say that I hate something that they enjoy just to watch them squirm. Also, this fools claims to be an American who is just over in Nigeria temporarily – but look at “her” speech and what American calls tennis, lawn tennis? I spoke with a “girl” from California who lived there all her life (all lies, of course) – she said she liked football and basketball, but when I asked her favorite football team she said Barcelona…umm, no – not an American, lol.

----- Our chat on Mon, 10/4/10 3:09 PM -----

Greg’s (12:59 PM): sorry - I’m here - was on the phone
mboldon77 (12:59 PM): ok
Greg’s (1:00 PM): what’s up?
mboldon77 (1:00 PM): am good and u?
mboldon77 (1:00 PM): how are you doing today?
Greg’s (1:01 PM): doing good - just working
mboldon77 (1:01 PM): ok and how is work going?
Greg’s (1:03 PM): good - staying busy a lot of stuff to do
mboldon77 (1:04 PM): ok
Greg’s (1:05 PM): what are you doing?
mboldon77 (1:06 PM): am on here talking to you and listening to music
Greg’s (1:08 PM): oh, okay - did you work today?
mboldon77 (1:08 PM): i told you am not working...i dont have a job for now
mboldon77 (1:09 PM): i came to Nigeria to take over my late father's properties and sell it off after i get them
Greg’s (1:09 PM): oh yeah, sorry...
Greg’s (1:09 PM): when is all that going to happen?
mboldon77 (1:09 PM): I start a new life with my hubby...Properties worth of $32million dollars
mboldon77 (1:10 PM): father lawyer is letting me to know that she can help me out with all this without know my fiance
mboldon77 (1:11 PM): So i need to get married before she can do at that for ....
mboldon77 (1:12 PM): She need a man that is trust worth that she can hand over all the properties to cos i may be mislead by the money...In order for me not to misuse the money..I need to get a hubby to take care of all this
Greg’s (1:12 PM): Okay, well good luck with that...
mboldon77 (1:13 PM): So that why am looking for a serious relationship but not games
mboldon77 (1:13 PM): I need to get back to state soon
Greg’s (1:14 PM): so how can a relationship get serious online?
mboldon77 (1:15 PM): yes we have to get to know each other well before i can commit to anything
Greg’s (1:16 PM): well, good luck - I think I better move on
mboldon77 (1:16 PM): why? are you not ready for one?
Greg’s (1:17 PM): one what?
Greg’s (1:21 PM): Hello?
mboldon77 (1:37 PM): sorry i was booted
mboldon77 (1:38 PM): are you still there?
mboldon77 (1:46 PM): hmmmmmmmmm?
Greg’s (1:54 PM): I’m here
mboldon77 (1:54 PM): ok ..i think u re busy doing somethings else
Greg’s (1:55 PM): yes, I am working as well as chatting
mboldon77 (1:55 PM): ok
Greg’s (1:55 PM): I didn’t understand what you meant - ready for one what?
mboldon77 (1:55 PM): I mean are you not ready for a serious relationship now?
mboldon77 (1:56 PM): We are both matured enough to know what good and what not
Greg’s (1:57 PM): I didn’t say that - but what you just said is that you have to be married before you can come back to the states?
mboldon77 (1:59 PM): nope not that..if u are serious on dating me and i can let you contact my father's lawyer about the properties and money in escrow account so they she can release them for us
mboldon77 (1:59 PM): If she know that u re the man of my life...she ready to help us about this
Greg’s (2:01 PM): what does that have to do with any of this? I don’t know you well enough, and it is not called "dating" when you are 3000 miles away
mboldon77 (2:01 PM): all the properties worth $32m and they can release them for me cos i may misuse the money so they need to know that am serious and have a man to get married to
mboldon77 (2:02 PM): i know but i will be back to state soon as we can both settle down and start a new life after a cleared all the stuffs here
Greg’s (2:03 PM): Well, I think that I will wait until you get back to the states and then we will see what happens, okay?
mboldon77 (2:04 PM): ok but can u just tell my father's lawyer that you are my fiance so she can release the properties for me and i can sell them off
mboldon77 (2:04 PM): And get my ass back to the state so we can both start a new life?
Greg’s (2:05 PM): no thanks, I don’t want to get involved in this and lie to some lawyer
mboldon77 (2:05 PM): not lies
mboldon77 (2:05 PM): are you need ready for something serious?
Greg’s (2:06 PM): not before I even know a person
mboldon77 (2:06 PM): ok
mboldon77 (2:06 PM): what more will you like to know about me?
Greg’s (2:07 PM): I know enough...
mboldon77 (2:07 PM): so what more again?
Greg’s (2:08 PM): I think it would be better if you found someone else...
mboldon77 (2:08 PM): why?
mboldon77 (2:08 PM): brb
mboldon77 (2:09 PM): nature calls
Greg’s (2:11 PM): ok
mboldon77 (2:25 PM): am back
mboldon77 (2:25 PM):
Greg’s (2:28 PM): ok
Greg’s (2:30 PM): so explain what you meant by telling your fathers lawyers whatever so she will release the properties - that doesn’t make any sense
mboldon77 (2:30 PM): ok
mboldon77 (2:30 PM): np
mboldon77 (2:35 PM): dont let us talk about this again.ok
Greg’s (2:36 PM): what’s that supposed to mean?
Greg’s (2:40 PM): hello?
Greg’s (2:42 PM): u there?
mboldon77 (2:42 PM): yep
Greg’s (2:42 PM): no answer?
mboldon77 (2:42 PM): am here
mboldon77 (2:42 PM): i said dont let us talk about that again
mboldon77 (2:42 PM): ok?
Greg’s (2:42 PM): not going to answer my question?
mboldon77 (2:43 PM): i answered
Greg’s (2:43 PM): go away
mboldon77 (2:43 PM): why?
mboldon77 (2:43 PM): brb....preparing some lobsters
Greg’s (3:05 PM): still with us?
Greg’s (3:09 PM): hello?

What a dipshit. She told me to never mind, because I wasn’t biting on the fiancé angle so she will try something else.

----- Our chat on Mon, 10/4/10 4:20 PM -----

mboldon77 (3:17 PM):
mboldon77 (3:17 PM): m back
Greg’s (3:17 PM): ok
mboldon77 (3:18 PM): so what are you doing right now?
Greg’s (3:18 PM): at work...
mboldon77 (3:18 PM): ok..hope its aint stressful?
Greg’s (3:18 PM): nope...
mboldon77 (3:19 PM): good
mboldon77 (3:19 PM): tell me more about your parent
Greg’s (3:20 PM): they died in a ghastly car accident
mboldon77 (3:21 PM): omg
mboldon77 (3:21 PM): am very sorry to hear that]
Greg’s (3:26 PM): that’s okay - it was a while ago - unfortunately, they didn’t have millions of fictitious dollars to leave to me so I had to fend for myself and get a real job
mboldon77 (3:27 PM): oh ok but money is not everything...I think you know that
Greg’s (3:27 PM): i you?
mboldon77 (3:27 PM): good
Greg’s (3:32 PM): what state are you from, again?
mboldon77 (3:32 PM): GA
Greg’s (3:33 PM): are you missing it?
mboldon77 (3:37 PM): Yep
mboldon77 (3:37 PM): I need to get my fucking ass of here real soon
mboldon77 (3:37 PM): Am really missing hime
mboldon77 (3:37 PM): home
Greg’s (3:38 PM): do you have manners? How dare you curse in front of me?
mboldon77 (3:39 PM): curse?
mboldon77 (3:39 PM): how do you mean?
Greg’s (3:41 PM): what don’t you understand?
mboldon77 (3:41 PM): am not cursing...ok?
Greg’s (3:42 PM): I need to get my fucking ass of here real soon - you wrote this right?
mboldon77 (3:42 PM): yep
mboldon77 (3:42 PM): am referring to myself..ok
Greg’s (3:45 PM): I would appreciate you not cursing in front of me - I don't curse...
mboldon77 (3:45 PM): ok i will not sir
Greg’s (3:46 PM): thank you - I guess you're not a church - going lady, huh?
mboldon77 (3:47 PM): i do go to church but not practising
Greg’s (3:47 PM): yeah, I see that...
mboldon77 (3:47 PM): what about you?
Greg’s (3:48 PM): I don’t go, but I don’t curse...
mboldon77 (3:48 PM): ok
Greg’s (3:48 PM): or lie, or steal, etc...
mboldon77 (3:48 PM): Good
Greg’s (3:48 PM): I'm a good person - just not religious...
mboldon77 (3:48 PM): I dont also
mboldon77 (3:48 PM): ok
Greg’s (3:49 PM): except about the whole $32 million right?
mboldon77 (3:49 PM): I dont lie to you about it
Greg’s (3:50 PM): So you can’t sell your fathers properties unless you are married or engaged?
mboldon77 (3:50 PM): yes
mboldon77 (3:51 PM): The lawyer wont release the properties for me cos i may misuse the money and be mis- leaded
Greg’s (3:51 PM): lol - that is the silliest thing I have ever heard...
mboldon77 (3:51 PM): I dont know also
Greg’s (3:52 PM): you don’t know what? Anything? I agree.
Greg’s (3:52 PM): how silly that is?
mboldon77 (3:53 PM): Yep and i also read it in my father's will also..that if am not engaged...the lawyer shouldnt release the properties for me
Greg’s (3:54 PM): I guess you’re father didn’t trust you? But he does trust a complete stranger? Sounds like your father was an idiot...
mboldon77 (3:54 PM): What insulting my Father...I hate that
Greg’s (3:56 PM): you don’t agree? You should be the one that is mad at him. He doesn’t trust you with money, but he will trust someone else who he doesn’t know over you? Doesn’t that make you mad? He must think you are a moron.
mboldon77 (3:56 PM): nope
mboldon77 (3:56 PM): u just talk the real sense
Greg’s (3:56 PM): what does that mean?
Greg’s (3:58 PM): Hello?
mboldon77 (3:58 PM): yes am here
Greg’s (3:59 PM): u just talk the real sense - What does this mean?
mboldon77 (3:59 PM): what you said about me and my dad
Greg’s (4:00 PM): okay, so you do agree...
mboldon77 (4:00 PM): yes
Greg’s (4:01 PM): wow, that has got to be rough...growing up with your own dad thinking you are an idiot. I can’t say that I disagree though…
Greg’s (4:04 PM): so, where in Georgia do you live?
mboldon77 (4:05 PM): Lincolnton
Greg’s (4:06 PM): is that a small town?
mboldon77 (4:06 PM): yes
Greg’s (4:06 PM): nice - I grew up in a small town too - that rocks
mboldon77 (4:07 PM): ok
Greg’s (4:08 PM): do you own a home there?
mboldon77 (4:08 PM): nope
Greg’s (4:09 PM): why not?
mboldon77 (4:10 PM): am no longer living in my father's house
Greg’s (4:11 PM): Okay, but you did have a house there? What happened to it? Did you sell it?
mboldon77 (4:11 PM): yes we do
mboldon77 (4:11 PM): and still there
Greg’s (4:11 PM): oh, okay...
Greg’s (4:12 PM): are you planning to move back there? It sounds nice...
mboldon77 (4:13 PM): am willing to relocate with my man
Greg’s (4:13 PM): okay, well I wish you luck in that...
mboldon77 (4:14 PM): why are you scared to be the man?
Greg’s (4:15 PM): I'm not scared - I am just not insane...
mboldon77 (4:15 PM): so who is insane?
Greg’s (4:16 PM): anyone who commits to a life- long relationship over the internet without even meeting the person in real life...
mboldon77 (4:16 PM): shhhhhhhhhshhhh hhh
Greg’s (4:17 PM): ? ? ?
Greg’s (4:17 PM): what is that?
mboldon77 (4:18 PM): nothing
Greg’s (4:18 PM): what is wrong?
mboldon77 (4:19 PM): am off to bed talk to you later
Greg’s (4:19 PM): okay, bye
Greg’s (4:20 PM): it was a nice try though - good night

As funny as this scambait was getting, that is where it ends because her email was shut down by someone other than me.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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