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My Confession

In a previous bait with this fool, I finally told him that I knew he was a scammer Ė followed was dozens of chats sessions with insults. I made fun of Africans, Muslims, his mother, etc. I finally got tired of talking to this idiot. Out of the blue, he contacts me again. In the first chat session with me, he tells me he is French and lives in Paris, France. I trace his email (Morocco) and ask him about it and he admits he lied Ė scammer! I continued to talk to him until he begged me for money (immigration) and then I let loose. He finally gave up on me after weeks of insults, until nowÖlol. Glutton for punishment! My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Mon, 6/20/11 11:21 AM -----

sifealborge (9:34 AM): hey you jackass
sifealborge (9:34 AM): where are u
sifealborge (9:34 AM): are u done to fuck ur self
sifealborge (9:35 AM): u bitch
sifealborge (9:35 AM): big hole for my big dick
Debbie (9:35 AM): lol - hi beggar
sifealborge (9:35 AM): i want you to suck my cock
Debbie (9:36 AM): where have you been - digging thru trashcans for food?
sifealborge (9:36 AM): i make you mad because im not responding you
sifealborge (9:36 AM): i let you talk like a fool
Debbie (9:37 AM): lol - you think I get mad because some internet beggar doesnít respond to my insults? ? ?
sifealborge (9:37 AM): yes
sifealborge (9:37 AM): thats the truth
Debbie (9:37 AM): lol - okay, if you say so...
sifealborge (9:37 AM): where have you been
Debbie (9:38 AM): I've been here beggar - just making fun of other beggars like you
sifealborge (9:38 AM): ok
sifealborge (9:38 AM): you have nothing to do juste fun
Debbie (9:39 AM): lol - it's fun to do at work - helps pass time
Debbie (9:40 AM): watching you idiots beg and plead - it's hilarious - my co- workers love it as well
sifealborge (9:40 AM): i dont understand you
sifealborge (9:40 AM): why you treath me like this
Debbie (9:40 AM): what donít you understand, moron?
sifealborge (9:41 AM): why you treath me like this
sifealborge (9:41 AM): what i ve didfor you
Debbie (9:41 AM): what did you do for me?
sifealborge (9:41 AM): yes
Debbie (9:42 AM): I asked what, you idiot. Can you read?
sifealborge (9:42 AM): no bitch
sifealborge (9:42 AM): cant remember that i do something bad to you
Debbie (9:43 AM): you are an internet beggar - isnít that bad enough?
sifealborge (9:43 AM): reminds me
sifealborge (9:43 AM): about something real
sifealborge (9:43 AM): be serious juste for once
Debbie (9:43 AM): I am serious...
sifealborge (9:44 AM): you think i am scammer
Debbie (9:44 AM): I know you are - I have always known since the first day
Debbie (9:44 AM): I kept talking to you and led you on just to make a fool of you
Debbie (9:45 AM): my co- workers laughed their asses off - it was so funny
sifealborge (9:45 AM): thats because i ask ed you to help me for one time
sifealborge (9:45 AM): i ve beeen scammed to on the fucking date site
Debbie (9:46 AM): because in the first email you lied where you were from
sifealborge (9:46 AM): i thaught you are va scammer too
Debbie (9:46 AM): lol - yeah, right fool
sifealborge (9:46 AM): im a human been i can make mistake
Debbie (9:47 AM): you are a fool and a scammer
Debbie (9:47 AM): thanks for entertaining us though
Debbie (9:47 AM): it was funny
sifealborge (9:48 AM): with my pleasure
sifealborge (9:48 AM): you think you pissed me off
sifealborge (9:48 AM): no at all
sifealborge (9:48 AM): never
Debbie (9:48 AM): its funny how african men beg money from women - is that what it is to be a man in Africa - begging from women?
sifealborge (9:48 AM): we are even dont talk
Debbie (9:49 AM): I think it's even funnier that you are a rotten stupid muslim too, right?
sifealborge (9:50 AM): you are so funny too
sifealborge (9:51 AM): i dont know that american middle aged women think like that
sifealborge (9:51 AM): you are giving me an ideas about that
sifealborge (9:51 AM): i know whats your a problem
sifealborge (9:52 AM): is that you dont trust in men generaly
Debbie (9:52 AM): think like what? that all blacks and muslims are fools?
sifealborge (9:52 AM): evan he is african or zamerican
sifealborge (9:53 AM): you dislike a men because you have been cheated before
sifealborge (9:53 AM): many times
sifealborge (9:53 AM): thats why
Debbie (9:53 AM): lol - you think you know me moron?
sifealborge (9:53 AM): yes
sifealborge (9:53 AM): i know you slut
sifealborge (9:53 AM): you are my bitch
Debbie (9:54 AM): lol - I am sorry you are poor and have to beg from women...
sifealborge (9:54 AM): you are mine
sifealborge (9:54 AM): im not poor
sifealborge (9:54 AM): i live in big house
sifealborge (9:54 AM): and i eat everyday
Debbie (9:54 AM): yes you are - thatís why you beg on the internet
sifealborge (9:54 AM): i wear a new clothes
Debbie (9:54 AM): you beg from
sifealborge (9:54 AM): i even have a glasses
sifealborge (9:55 AM): look at my picture
Debbie (9:55 AM): do you know how many times I hear a scammer say that - big house, lots of cars, lots of money, etc... - it's so funny
Debbie (9:56 AM): just hearing that BS makes this all worth it...
Debbie (9:56 AM): you begged me for money - remember this? ? ? lol
sifealborge (9:57 AM): i can remember
Debbie (9:57 AM): you said you were poor and needed my
Debbie (9:57 AM): very nice on the begging...
sifealborge (9:57 AM): let me remind you
sifealborge (9:57 AM): i beg you to help me to move to usa
sifealborge (9:58 AM): juste to got a better job
sifealborge (9:58 AM): i am hard working man
sifealborge (9:58 AM): thats all
Debbie (9:58 AM): and I told you America didnít want any stupid begging terrorist fools over here
sifealborge (9:59 AM): im not a terrorist
sifealborge (9:59 AM): i got a family there
Debbie (9:59 AM): you are a muslim fool - same thing
sifealborge (9:59 AM): when you feel weakness you said that
Debbie (10:00 AM): lol - is that what you think, beggar?
sifealborge (10:00 AM): yes my old bitch
Debbie (10:00 AM): so you are rich now, huh?
sifealborge (10:00 AM): i even like you
sifealborge (10:01 AM): like your wildness
Debbie (10:01 AM): you have lots of money and a big house, now?
Debbie (10:01 AM): you eat daily (lol) and have new clothes?
sifealborge (10:01 AM): i dont have a lot of money
sifealborge (10:02 AM): i got a job and i can live with that
sifealborge (10:02 AM): and i live in big house i got my own room
Debbie (10:02 AM): begging on the internet is not a job, fool
sifealborge (10:03 AM): im not begging on the internet
sifealborge (10:03 AM): iam a call center agent
sifealborge (10:03 AM): believe me or not is your business
Debbie (10:03 AM): yeah, yeah - I heard that before until you "need help" and start begging
sifealborge (10:04 AM): why do u want me to begg
Debbie (10:04 AM): i donít want you to beg - but I know you do...
Debbie (10:05 AM): I want all of you muslim idiots to suffer and die - you are too stupid and evil to live
sifealborge (10:05 AM): yes yes blablablalablabl abla
Debbie (10:06 AM): thatís why the whole world hates you and your filthy race/religion
sifealborge (10:06 AM): dont talk about that
sifealborge (10:06 AM): you are not christian or jewish or muslim
sifealborge (10:06 AM): you dont have an identity
Debbie (10:07 AM): so you think a person's identity is defined by their religion? Maybe thatís why you are so stupid and have to beg
sifealborge (10:08 AM): why do u live? ? ?
sifealborge (10:08 AM): ask me
Debbie (10:08 AM): lol - I'm sure this will be funny - philosophy from an internet scammer
sifealborge (10:09 AM): one day i will meet you personaly
Debbie (10:09 AM): you are too poor and stupid to come to America
Debbie (10:11 AM): are you going to kill me? Remember how you threatened me before? lol - very funny
sifealborge (10:11 AM): blablablablabal abblablabla
Debbie (10:12 AM): you were wishing that Osama Bin Laden would attack us - then we put a bullet in his brain - lol
sifealborge (10:12 AM): i dont give a shit
sifealborge (10:12 AM): i dont care about politics
sifealborge (10:12 AM): who cares
Debbie (10:12 AM): I know - you just care about begging
sifealborge (10:13 AM): yes
sifealborge (10:13 AM): you are right
Debbie (10:13 AM): you like to beg?
sifealborge (10:14 AM): very much
sifealborge (10:14 AM): but i will stop one day
sifealborge (10:14 AM): till meet the right woman
Debbie (10:14 AM): lol - wow, the first honest thing you have told me...
Debbie (10:14 AM): I am impressed
Debbie (10:15 AM): after all of your silly lies, you are finally being honest
sifealborge (10:16 AM): and after
sifealborge (10:16 AM): are u happy now
Debbie (10:17 AM): I have always been happy and I have always known that you were an internet beggar
sifealborge (10:17 AM): ok
sifealborge (10:17 AM): ant you know now
sifealborge (10:17 AM): what you will do
Debbie (10:17 AM): what do you mean?
sifealborge (10:18 AM): will you judge me now? ? ? ?
Debbie (10:18 AM): of course I will - but I have always known that you were a beggar
Debbie (10:19 AM): nothing is different for me...
sifealborge (10:19 AM): ok
sifealborge (10:19 AM): after you know that you will forgive me
Debbie (10:20 AM): I judged you before, and I did judge you correctly
sifealborge (10:20 AM): you will forgive me
Debbie (10:20 AM): forgive you? Lol - why, so you can beg me again?
sifealborge (10:21 AM): no i will not
sifealborge (10:21 AM): i m honest with you
sifealborge (10:21 AM): be honest with me
Debbie (10:21 AM): yes you will beg me again - that's what you do...
Debbie (10:21 AM): you are a begging fool...
Debbie (10:22 AM): and you just confirmed it
Debbie (10:22 AM): but I knew the whole time
sifealborge (10:22 AM): ii promess i will not
sifealborge (10:22 AM): i promess
Debbie (10:22 AM): I donít care if you do or if you donít - it doesnít matter to me - I will never give you money anyways
sifealborge (10:23 AM): who will ask you for money
Debbie (10:23 AM): you and your filthy race - thatís all africans's really pathetic
sifealborge (10:24 AM): come one.......
sifealborge (10:24 AM): i will not i promess
Debbie (10:24 AM): I said I donít care if you do or not - I would never give money to a filthy african beggar
Debbie (10:26 AM): when I put my profile on, I must have been contacted by at least 30 fools like you from Africa who begged me for money - it's pretty funny
sifealborge (10:26 AM): juste lets turn the page
sifealborge (10:26 AM): have a new beginning
sifealborge (10:26 AM): online friendship
Debbie (10:27 AM): lol - I will never give you money - doesnít matter to me what silly lie you tell me
sifealborge (10:27 AM): i dont wanna you r money
sifealborge (10:28 AM): dont you understand
Debbie (10:28 AM): mother sick in the hospital, Visa documents, rent payments, etc. - I have heard them all
sifealborge (10:28 AM): noi
sifealborge (10:28 AM): juste lets talk
sifealborge (10:28 AM): thats enoughj
Debbie (10:28 AM): Its funny how you idiots make up anything just to try to beg
sifealborge (10:29 AM): you are so sever
Debbie (10:30 AM): I had one moron tell me that his sister was in a car wreck and needed an operation and if I didnít give him the money, then I was the one killing her - that was hilarious
sifealborge (10:31 AM): why are you so sever of me
Debbie (10:32 AM): because you are a begging fool who lies to women on the internet
Debbie (10:32 AM): remember saying this Ė ďhey you jackassĒ ďwhere are uĒ ďare u done to fuck ur selfĒ ďu bitchĒ big hole for my big dickĒ
sifealborge (10:32 AM): and i ve had enough
Debbie (10:33 AM): remember saying all of that in this chat session
sifealborge (10:33 AM): what are you saying to me ? ? ?
sifealborge (10:33 AM): the same? ? ?
Debbie (10:34 AM): you contacted me today and started saying that crap...
Debbie (10:34 AM): right?
sifealborge (10:34 AM): yes
sifealborge (10:34 AM): im honest
sifealborge (10:34 AM): juste to make you chat with me
Debbie (10:34 AM): lol - youíre honest?
Debbie (10:34 AM): thatís funny...
sifealborge (10:34 AM): ok say what you wanna say im reading
sifealborge (10:35 AM): i do everything to make you believe me
sifealborge (10:35 AM): i m lying its true
sifealborge (10:36 AM): but i ask you forgiveness
Debbie (10:36 AM): what do you want me to say?
sifealborge (10:36 AM): dont you know a word forgiveness
sifealborge (10:36 AM): have you never lie? ? ?
sifealborge (10:36 AM): to someone? ? ?
Debbie (10:36 AM): lol - for lying, begging fools?
sifealborge (10:36 AM): ok i am done
Debbie (10:37 AM): whatís wrong?
sifealborge (10:37 AM): whats wrong with you
sifealborge (10:37 AM): i m trying to start a new friendship with you
Debbie (10:37 AM): why?
sifealborge (10:38 AM): to fix all i ve done to you
Debbie (10:38 AM): You havenít done anything to me that you have to fix - I thought it was funny and I knew the whole time
sifealborge (10:39 AM): i got tell you what happen to me
sifealborge (10:39 AM): are you rteady to read
Debbie (10:40 AM): yes
sifealborge (10:42 AM): i was sign up in and i have chat with many girls they tell me the same stories they are from usa and they are in nigeria or ghana and when i tell them to come to my place they ask me to send them monezy for the flight and time after time i knew they are lying to me or i want is a serious relationship lead to marriage
sifealborge (10:43 AM): i was a serious guy looking for sezrious woman to marry with
sifealborge (10:43 AM): but all i found scammers
Debbie (10:43 AM): yep, just what I said - all africans are beggars and thieves
sifealborge (10:44 AM): but i want you to know that im not one of them
Debbie (10:44 AM): you already admitted you were
sifealborge (10:44 AM): i swear
sifealborge (10:44 AM): but you dont wanna believe me
Debbie (10:44 AM): and thatís why you lied in your first conversation we had about where you were from
sifealborge (10:45 AM): thats why? ? ?
sifealborge (10:45 AM): they use a porn girl photos
Debbie (10:45 AM): yep, I know you beggars do
sifealborge (10:45 AM): to make people believe how much beautifulkl they are
Debbie (10:45 AM): you are not telling me anything I didnít already know
Debbie (10:46 AM): I know how scammers work
sifealborge (10:46 AM): they use a porn girl photos
sifealborge (10:46 AM): to make people believe how much beautifull they are
sifealborge (10:46 AM): i ve been scammed a lot
Debbie (10:47 AM): you try to become friends or make them fall in love and then the begging come in
sifealborge (10:47 AM): juste like you
Debbie (10:47 AM): I have never been
sifealborge (10:47 AM): i mean i was been in the same situation a lot
sifealborge (10:48 AM): because i m looking for woman to trust
Debbie (10:48 AM): Only a fool would be scammed by an internet beggar - their stories are so silly and obvious, and they are extremely stupid
sifealborge (10:48 AM): i agree with you
sifealborge (10:49 AM): till now i was looking for the right woman for me
sifealborge (10:49 AM): but useless
Debbie (10:49 AM): you agree, but you have been scammed many times?
sifealborge (10:49 AM): juste tries
sifealborge (10:50 AM): i ve never send money to girl before meet her
Debbie (10:51 AM): so what does this have to do with the fact that you already admitted that you do the same thing?
sifealborge (10:52 AM): thats why i was angry and bored and the first lady i ve chat is you and i decided to lie to me
sifealborge (10:52 AM): to lie to you
sifealborge (10:52 AM): but its the first and the last time
Debbie (10:52 AM): lol
sifealborge (10:53 AM): meanning.? ? ? ?
Debbie (10:54 AM): so you contact me after a month of not talking and say this to me "hey you jackass" and "i want you to suck my cock"
sifealborge (10:54 AM): now i ve tell you my story
sifealborge (10:54 AM): its up to you
sifealborge (10:55 AM): i ve say that but i was angry
sifealborge (10:56 AM): without thinking about it
sifealborge (10:56 AM): i didnt mean it
Debbie (10:56 AM): lol
Debbie (10:56 AM): so what do you want to hear from me?
sifealborge (10:57 AM): your real feeling about me
sifealborge (10:57 AM): even its hars for me
sifealborge (10:57 AM): hard for me
Debbie (10:57 AM): I told you my real feelings already
sifealborge (10:57 AM): you still hates me? ? ?
sifealborge (10:58 AM): i realy want ta start a new page with you
Debbie (10:58 AM): lol - do you want to hear the truth?
sifealborge (10:59 AM): even i expect its gonna be bad
Debbie (10:59 AM): I donít think you can handle the truth
sifealborge (10:59 AM): you gonna say the same thing before
Debbie (10:59 AM): no - but I will tell you the truth if you think you can handle it
sifealborge (11:00 AM): i can handle
sifealborge (11:00 AM): juste tell
sifealborge (11:00 AM): even it worst
Debbie (11:00 AM): are you sure you want to hear this?
sifealborge (11:01 AM): juste say it
Debbie (11:01 AM): lol, okay...
Debbie (11:04 AM): I am a man. I created the fake profile of Debbie just so I would be contacted by internet scammers like you - that way I could make fun of them and waste their time like I did to you. I always knew you were a scammer. I am a scambaiter, and I have a website devoted to making fun of internet scammers where I publish all emails and all chat sessions I have with you fools. All of the chats me and you have had are already on the website. Donít you feel like a fool now?

Bam!!! He logs He contacts me almost 3 weeks laterÖ

----- Our chat on Wed, 7/6/11 2:15 PM -----

sifealborge (11:48 AM): yo man
Debbie (11:48 AM): hi asshole
Debbie (11:48 AM): how are you?
sifealborge (11:48 AM): whats up
Debbie (11:48 AM): nothing - just making fun of scammers while I'm here at work
sifealborge (11:48 AM): relax
sifealborge (11:48 AM): baby
sifealborge (11:49 AM): take it easy
Debbie (11:49 AM): whats new with you?
sifealborge (11:49 AM): nothing
sifealborge (11:49 AM): juste working and going to beach
sifealborge (11:49 AM): its summer time
sifealborge (11:49 AM): u know
Debbie (11:49 AM): yep
sifealborge (11:49 AM): what about you
Debbie (11:50 AM): just work mostly
sifealborge (11:50 AM): u dont take a break
sifealborge (11:50 AM): 15 days
Debbie (11:50 AM): weekends
sifealborge (11:50 AM): or month
sifealborge (11:50 AM): i mean long break
Debbie (11:51 AM): no
sifealborge (11:51 AM): what kind of activities did u do in break
Debbie (11:51 AM): i play tennis and golf
Debbie (11:51 AM): work around the house
sifealborge (11:52 AM): k
sifealborge (11:52 AM): u still live aone
Debbie (11:52 AM): yep
sifealborge (11:53 AM): what else did u do
sifealborge (11:53 AM): juste tennis and golf
sifealborge (11:53 AM): what about shopping country club and night clubs......
Debbie (11:54 AM): hang out with friends, work around the house - I dont go to night clubs
sifealborge (11:54 AM): why....
sifealborge (11:55 AM): u there
sifealborge (11:56 AM): hello
sifealborge (11:57 AM):
Debbie (11:58 AM): sorry - gotta go to lunch
sifealborge (11:58 AM): now
sifealborge (11:58 AM): ? ? ? ?
Debbie (11:59 AM): yes - its 12:00 the group is leaving
sifealborge (11:59 AM): ok
sifealborge (11:59 AM): after i got a lot of talk i got to say
Debbie (12:00 PM): okay - i will be back in about 40 minutes
Debbie (1:07 PM): I am back
sifealborge (1:40 PM): hi
sifealborge (1:40 PM): sorry
sifealborge (1:40 PM): im late
Debbie (1:41 PM): thats okay - what did you want to say?
sifealborge (1:41 PM): juste whats your real name
Debbie (1:41 PM): I am not telling you that
sifealborge (1:42 PM): why
Debbie (1:42 PM): so you can send a bomb in the mail? I prefer to remamin anonymous
Debbie (1:42 PM): just call me debbie
sifealborge (1:43 PM): ok even im not gonna do this
Debbie (1:43 PM): what?
sifealborge (1:43 PM): and i can,t do it any way
sifealborge (1:43 PM): you thaught that i can send u a bomb
Debbie (1:44 PM): I could have given you a fake name - so whats the difference? Just call me Debbie
sifealborge (1:44 PM): ok
sifealborge (1:44 PM): i will
sifealborge (1:45 PM): juste last time u telling me that you r a man
sifealborge (1:45 PM): and before you send me a pic of woman
Debbie (1:45 PM): yes, that's right
sifealborge (1:45 PM): so are u a man
Debbie (1:45 PM): yes
sifealborge (1:46 PM): what about the pics
Debbie (1:46 PM): I did tell you that last time
Debbie (1:46 PM): they were pics I got from the internet
sifealborge (1:46 PM): i still have it
Debbie (1:46 PM): thats fine
Debbie (1:46 PM): I dont know who it is
sifealborge (1:46 PM): even i cant believe this
Debbie (1:47 PM): why?
Debbie (1:47 PM): You lied to me first, if you remember correctly
sifealborge (1:47 PM): yes i remember that
sifealborge (1:47 PM): and i asked u to forgive me
Debbie (1:48 PM): ok, so?
sifealborge (1:48 PM): i dont know
sifealborge (1:50 PM): becse the first time you ve been honest with me and u send me the pics before knowing thaht i lie to you
sifealborge (1:50 PM): thats why i m still thinking that you r a woman
Debbie (1:51 PM): does it matter who lied first? I traced your first email to me when you said you were French and lived in France so I knew you were lying - but does it really matter?
sifealborge (1:53 PM): what im trying to say that you send me ur pic before you know tthat im lyer
sifealborge (1:53 PM): thats why i think you are a woman not a man
sifealborge (1:53 PM): you think im honest and you send me your real pics
sifealborge (1:54 PM): im still thinking you are debbie
Debbie (1:54 PM): no, I am a man - Debbie is a fake
sifealborge (1:54 PM): dont be a fraid im not gonna use ur pics
sifealborge (1:55 PM): im not the kind of person
sifealborge (1:55 PM): who did the dirty thins
Debbie (1:56 PM): you can use them for whatever you want - I found them on the internet
sifealborge (1:56 PM): ok can u give a prouve you r a man
Debbie (1:57 PM): lol - do you want to suck my dick? That would be proof
sifealborge (1:57 PM): i got one
sifealborge (1:57 PM): if i want to i will suck mine
Debbie (1:57 PM): lol
Debbie (1:57 PM): I'll bet you like that too, dont ya...
Debbie (1:58 PM): seriously though, I am a man
sifealborge (1:58 PM): are u gay
Debbie (1:58 PM): no
sifealborge (1:58 PM): i think
sifealborge (1:58 PM): what i know men looking for women on dating site
sifealborge (1:59 PM): not for man like me
Debbie (1:59 PM): well, we both know that thinking is not your strong point - I told you why I do what I do
sifealborge (2:00 PM): if not you r a shemale
sifealborge (2:00 PM): ladyboy
Debbie (2:00 PM): lol - believe what you want
sifealborge (2:01 PM): i realy wish meet you som day
sifealborge (2:01 PM): juste knowsy to know who chat with me
Debbie (2:02 PM): Well I can't say that the feeling is mutual
sifealborge (2:03 PM): u want to see me toio
sifealborge (2:03 PM): i know
Debbie (2:03 PM): no I
sifealborge (2:03 PM): are u gonna stay alone
sifealborge (2:03 PM): in yoyr hole life
sifealborge (2:03 PM): its very bad for you
sifealborge (2:05 PM): can u help me
sifealborge (2:06 PM): come on
sifealborge (2:07 PM):
sifealborge (2:07 PM): u there
Debbie (2:09 PM): hold on - be right back
sifealborge (2:09 PM): i wiil be too see u later
Debbie (2:15 PM): lol

I got busy at work and had to do something Ė he logged out before I got back - notice the last part about "Can you help me?" He just can't stop, can he?

----- Our chat on Wed, 7/6/11 4:17 PM -----

sifealborge (3:20 PM): u here
Debbie (3:22 PM): yep
sifealborge (3:22 PM): helleo
sifealborge (3:22 PM): can u show me some dating site when i cant found scammers
Debbie (3:23 PM): donít know any
sifealborge (3:23 PM): come on
sifealborge (3:23 PM): try to help me
sifealborge (3:24 PM): you know any woman want to marry me
Debbie (3:26 PM): one sec
Debbie (3:29 PM): ok, Iím back
Debbie (3:30 PM): no I donít know anyone who would marry you. No one I know wants to marry a black beggar.
Debbie (3:37 PM): still there?
sifealborge (3:38 PM): yes
Debbie (3:38 PM): you werenít answering...
sifealborge (3:38 PM): i dont know what to say
Debbie (3:39 PM): I thought you said you had a lot to say to
sifealborge (3:39 PM): cose i thauht u r a woman
sifealborge (3:39 PM): what i got say to man
Debbie (3:40 PM): you already said you like sucking your own dick...
sifealborge (3:40 PM): and............ .............
Debbie (3:41 PM): oh, just thought you were a big deal
Debbie (3:43 PM): but I donít know any white American girls that would want to marry a poor black african
sifealborge (3:43 PM): ami black? ? ?
sifealborge (3:44 PM): you know you are wrong
sifealborge (3:44 PM): in everything about me
Debbie (3:44 PM): black/brown/muslim whatever
sifealborge (3:44 PM): im white
sifealborge (3:45 PM): im not poor
Debbie (3:45 PM): you told me you were poor
sifealborge (3:45 PM): i got my own job
Debbie (3:45 PM): well, you told debbie
sifealborge (3:45 PM): im hard working man
sifealborge (3:45 PM): im not poor
sifealborge (3:46 PM): i m good looking guy lets see that
sifealborge (3:46 PM): why not an american woman like me
sifealborge (3:46 PM): what do u say
Debbie (3:47 PM): I donít know or care what you look like...
sifealborge (3:47 PM): no u care
sifealborge (3:47 PM): when u told me im black u care
Debbie (3:47 PM): you told debbie you worked at a call center and didnít make that much money
sifealborge (3:47 PM): much money to get married
sifealborge (3:48 PM): thats all
sifealborge (3:48 PM): u care about every thing i ,said
Debbie (3:48 PM): lol - do you really think so?
sifealborge (3:48 PM): when you see im right u tell mýe u dont care
sifealborge (3:49 PM): u care about every thing i ,said when you see im right u tell me u dont care
Debbie (3:50 PM): in point - all africans are pretty stupid
sifealborge (3:51 PM): dont forget that in america there is a lot of african american
sifealborge (3:51 PM): even the president is from africa
sifealborge (3:51 PM): hahahahahahahha hahahahahha
sifealborge (3:51 PM): that mean your president is stupid
sifealborge (3:51 PM): hahhhhahahahaha hahahahahahahha
sifealborge (3:52 PM): :d
Debbie (3:52 PM): yeah - did you know that Africans are 13% of the population in the USA and they commit 75% of the crime
sifealborge (3:52 PM): dont forget malcome x
sifealborge (3:52 PM): mohammed ali
sifealborge (3:52 PM): the biggest boxer ever
Debbie (3:52 PM): and yes, the president is a fucking idiot
sifealborge (3:52 PM): martin luther
sifealborge (3:53 PM): elijah mohammed
sifealborge (3:53 PM): tysion
sifealborge (3:53 PM): jordan
Debbie (3:53 PM): why are you naming all of these black idiots?
sifealborge (3:53 PM): carl lewis
Debbie (3:53 PM): worthless - most of them
sifealborge (3:53 PM): what about 50 cent
sifealborge (3:54 PM): 2pac
sifealborge (3:54 PM): dr dre
sifealborge (3:54 PM): snoop dog
Debbie (3:54 PM): I'm glad tupac was shot that was great
sifealborge (3:54 PM): whatever
Debbie (3:54 PM): you are naming a bunch of criminals
sifealborge (3:55 PM): u are sick
Debbie (3:55 PM): martin luther king was the only honorable one you named...
sifealborge (3:55 PM): i told u before go and take ur medication
Debbie (3:55 PM): the rest were all criminals or low-lifes
Debbie (3:57 PM): just remember - blacks commit 75% of the crime and are only 13% of the population - that is proof that it is in their blood
sifealborge (3:57 PM): ther is no, difference between black or white or red or yellow
sifealborge (3:58 PM): u must be racist
Debbie (3:58 PM): I believe the facts...
Debbie (4:01 PM): and it is a fact the most all black are beggars and criminals...
sifealborge (4:03 PM): whats the fact you wanna prouve finally
Debbie (4:03 PM): what do you mean?
sifealborge (4:04 PM): i mean im bored
Debbie (4:04 PM): so...
sifealborge (4:04 PM): that chating with u is making me bored
Debbie (4:04 PM): lol - you just donít like the truth, do you africa boy?
sifealborge (4:05 PM): i m glad to be african
sifealborge (4:05 PM): juste talk about something good
Debbie (4:06 PM): lol - yeah so much that you are looking for an American to marry and rescue you from the shitty place
sifealborge (4:06 PM): u are very right
sifealborge (4:07 PM): so............. ................ ...
sifealborge (4:07 PM): yes yes yes yes yes
Debbie (4:08 PM): lol - so proud to be african...
sifealborge (4:08 PM): yes yes yes yes yes
Debbie (4:09 PM): see why I say that all africans are are a perfect example
sifealborge (4:09 PM): and u are a perfect example that the american people are the most stupid people in the world
Debbie (4:10 PM): lol...but we have all the money and power...sounds like you are jealous, african fool
sifealborge (4:11 PM): im your biggest fun i follow you until you love me papapapapaparazz i
Debbie (4:11 PM): I knew you were a faggot
sifealborge (4:11 PM): im not your babe debbie
sifealborge (4:12 PM): and you are ladyboy
sifealborge (4:12 PM): if u are not you wouldnt chat with me till now
Debbie (4:13 PM): I like to chat and make fun of stupid african beggars - it is fun...
sifealborge (4:13 PM): your life is pain and your death is gonna be more pain
sifealborge (4:14 PM): is you are brave you will not say that juste on the internet
sifealborge (4:14 PM): u cant say it face to face
sifealborge (4:14 PM): i will kick ,ur ass
Debbie (4:14 PM): lol - you should see my website where I make fun of you fools
sifealborge (4:14 PM): sun of the bitch
Debbie (4:14 PM): lol
Debbie (4:15 PM): yep, blacks are violent savages
sifealborge (4:15 PM): the game is over
Debbie (4:16 PM): typical african - wants to beg, steal, or hurt someone
Debbie (4:16 PM): donít you see why blacks are cursed?
Debbie (4:17 PM): I knew you would run away crying little boy
Debbie (4:17 PM): lol

That is the end of this chapter Ė I am sure heíll contact me again in a couple months and try to convince me and him that I am a womanÖlol.

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