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PO Panda

These ďI have a Check For YouĒ scams are becoming very commonplace. I receive a lot of these every week and they usually donít go very far. I usually just waste their time trying to get them to explain where the money is from and why it is for me. This one is kinda funny because he wonít take no for an answer. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Dear, Friend

In appreciation for your earlier assistance, during the successfully of the transaction. Iam there by rewarding you with this token of $750, 000.00. Which I ordered my secretary to handover the money on the cashier' cheque to you. while I had left for CHINA for my proposed project .Do contact my secretary immediately via his email address:( ).

His name is Peters as I had ordered him ,and so let it be .


What assistance are you talking about and who are you?

Thomas Payne

Dear, Thomas Payne


My Boss keep a check in worth of $750 to give you .can you please advice on how to reach you with the check


Thatís mighty generous of you but I would like to know who is giving me money. I must confess that I donít know you or your boss, so please explain what this is all about.


Dear, Thomas Payne.

The Check in worth of $750,000.00 were relayed here by my boss to give you ,weren't you the Thomas Payne? Please do correct if all this is a mistake ? Because the check bears thomas payne as the beneficiary .

plaese if not Thomas Payne ?

P Opiah

Yes I am Thomas Payne Ė I just donít know who you are or why you are giving me money. And what is the amount? One time you say $750 and now you say $750,000 Ė which is it?


Thomas Payne

I am sorry for the typing mistake of the amount your check is worthing your check worths $750,00.00 ( seven hundred and fifty thousand usd ), the money is given to you by my boss for the rewards for the assistance you rendered to him some time ago may you might forgot but he can not .

So when are you coming here Republic of Benin to take the check ? ,
If your the real Thomas Payne whose name apears on the check as the beneficiary .
Please take no offence ! would you send me the copy of your drivers licence bearring this name ? Thomas Payne .just to clear me from every doubt ,so i may not mistake this gift to a wrong person ...i can not able to pay up this monies if lost for a mistaking iam a pitance salary earner .

looking out to hearing from you

regards of my best
Peters Opiah

Yes, you do have me mixed up with someone else. Itís a good thing I asked all of these questions Ė you may have sent the check to the wrong person. Yes, my name is Thomas Payne, but you are obviously looking for someone else, because I know nothing about this and have never dealt with anyone from Benin in business.

Thank you,


In all verifications and indications there is no other person in mixed up as per the name THOMAS PAYNE whom have indicated an interest about this check except you .and iam afirmingly confirm that the gift is yours .so do whole heartendly indicate when your coming to take this check .


(He is worried about having to pay for this check out of his pocket if he has the wrong person, but yet he is trying to force it on meÖ)

There are many Thomas Payneís in the United States, I am sure of that. The bottom line is that I donít know anyone in Africa so it canít possibly be me.


a confirm that you are the afirmmentioned beneficiary to receive this check. Do not look a gift horse mouth. How do you want to pick up you check?

regards of my best
Peters Opiah

So, basically, what you said a few days ago you donít really care about. You want to just give me this check whether I am the right person or not?


I am telling you that have varified that you are correct reicpient to this money. I was instructed to give this money to you from my boss.if you do not receive this money my boss will not be happy and will loosed my positon with him.

Please understood my positon

regards of my best
Peters Opiah

So now you are telling me that you will be fired if you donít give this check to the wrong person? You must have a really evil (and stupid) boss. I am going to do you a huge favor. I want you to have the check since you are just a pathetic, pittance earner. That way you donít have to work for your moronic boss anymore. What kind of person would fire someone just because they refused to give the money to the wrong person? It must be rough working for a freaking idiot.



I told you, I want you to have it. I will endorse it over to you. If you feel guilty about keeping it all, you can send me $50 as a gratuity. But the rest is all yours.




Po Panda;

At least now I see why you were working for a boss that is that stupid. You are no prize yourself! Donít you realize that I have been trying to tell from the beginning that this check doesnít belong to me? How stupid are you? You should be on your knees thanking me right now for saving you! A dishonest person would have taken advantage of your stupidity. You are extremely lucky that I am honest and not a West African or that money would have been gone and you would have been paying it back from your meager earnings. After all, that is more money than you could possibly earn in a thousand lifetimes.

Youíre welcome


Yes, it is over. I never had to work so hard to not accept $750,000.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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