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Gift Horse

I am still amazed by the number of random scammers who contact Debbie to offer her a loan. This all goes back to Frank Ewere and “Bomb The Maga”, I think. Here is another short one, with such a silly, ridiculous name. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Tue, 7/5/11 9:21 AM -----

Gift Diamond (8:33 AM):
Gift Diamond (8:33 AM): hello debbie
Gift Diamond (8:41 AM):
Debbie (8:45 AM): who are you?
Gift Diamond (8:46 AM): hello good morning
Debbie (8:47 AM): hello
Gift Diamond (8:49 AM): am gift diamond
Debbie (8:49 AM): excuse me? What does that mean? ? ?
Gift Diamond (8:50 AM): that my name Mrs Gify Diamond
Gift Diamond (8:50 AM): that my name Mrs Gift Diamond
Gift Diamond (8:50 AM): A legitmate loan lender
Debbie (8:51 AM): lol - your name is Gift Diamond - what nationality are you?
Gift Diamond (8:52 AM): I am from Spain and you?
Debbie (8:52 AM): Gift Diamond is not a Spanish name
Debbie (8:53 AM): is this a joke? I don’t take kindly to jokers.
Gift Diamond (8:55 AM): That is the Name of my Company
Gift Diamond (8:55 AM): I am from Malaysia but i leave and work in spain
Debbie (8:55 AM): you just said it was your name not your company name – did you forget?
Gift Diamond (8:57 AM): yea is the name of my company
Gift Diamond (8:57 AM): and also my name
Gift Diamond (8:57 AM): i was born and brought up in malaysia
Gift Diamond (8:57 AM): and wat your name and where are you from?
Debbie (8:58 AM): you already know my name - you typed it in already
Gift Diamond (8:59 AM): say it
Debbie (9:00 AM): it's Debbie Dawson - you typed it in your message to me - you are not very smart are you?
Gift Diamond (9:01 AM): I am
Gift Diamond (9:01 AM): i just wanted you to say it with your mouth
Debbie (9:02 AM): lol - okay
Gift Diamond (9:04 AM): so would you mind getting a loan from my company?
Debbie (9:04 AM): Well, I must say that you have the silliest name I have ever heard
Debbie (9:10 AM): are you there? Is that really your name?
Gift Diamond (9:11 AM): yes that my name am here
Gift Diamond (9:11 AM): do you need a loan?
Debbie (9:12 AM): why are your messages coming from Lagos, Nigeria if you are in Spain?
Gift Diamond (9:13 AM): yea i was once in Nigeria for a business transaction
Debbie (9:14 AM): well, you are in Nigeria now, not once upon a time ago
Gift Diamond (9:14 AM): Yea for a business transaction
Debbie (9:14 AM): lol, okay
Debbie (9:14 AM): so your name is Gift Diamond and you are in Nigeria - lol
Gift Diamond (9:15 AM): why are u lol ing?
Debbie (9:15 AM): because this is hilarious
Debbie (9:16 AM): first you say you are Spanish, then Malaysian and you think that "GIFT DIAMOND" is a real name?
Gift Diamond (9:17 AM): yes you ask alot of questions too much
Debbie (9:18 AM): thank you
Debbie (9:18 AM): do you think that "GIFT DIAMOND" is a real name? Is that what you think?
Gift Diamond (9:18 AM): yes is a name
Debbie (9:18 AM): lol, okay
Debbie (9:19 AM): yeah, I heard a lot of Malaysians name their children "GIFT DIAMOND" - lol
Debbie (9:19 AM): you are an idiot
Debbie (9:19 AM): poor little Nigerian Scammer- boy
Debbie (9:20 AM): I am sorry you are poor and stupid and have to beg white people for money
Debbie (9:21 AM): why do all black people steal? Is it in your blood?
Debbie (9:21 AM): stupid fool

Most of the last insults were after “she” logged out. She logged out immediately at 9:18 when I laughed again. I am still looking for that happy medium in the chat scambaits – I either get the really short hilarious ones or the really long boring ones. I admit, this could have went a lot better if I didn't mention Nigeria and laughed at his name, but you’ll have that sometimes and there will be more where this moron came from.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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