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Faster Than The Speed Of Love

This was one of three scammers I was playing with at the same time. I was a little hard on him and one of the others and I let them go a bit early, but I know that it’s not the end. This has happened to me time and time again where if I say “…you’re too old…” or “…I am looking for someone without children…”, the scammers will give up only to contact me with a new profile where they are my age or without children… lol. This moron will know not to tell someone he loves them within the first 20 minutes… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

jamesbill0703: Hello how are you doing
debbiedawson0404: hi
debbiedawson0404: are you there
jamesbill0703: yes am with you
jamesbill0703: hello
debbiedawson0404: I got your message on Dating72
jamesbill0703: yes how are you doing am james
jamesbill0703: by name
debbiedawson0404: I am Debbie - where are you from?
jamesbill0703: am from u s a
jamesbill0703: and u
debbiedawson0404: Ohio
jamesbill0703: what do u do for a living
debbiedawson0404: I am an Accountant
jamesbill0703: what bank baby
debbiedawson0404: bank? What do you mean?
jamesbill0703: ok sorru
debbiedawson0404: I work for a computer company
jamesbill0703: What is your relationship status?
jamesbill0703: ok
debbiedawson0404: single
debbiedawson0404: why would I be on a dating site if I wasn’t single?
jamesbill0703: hello
jamesbill0703: u there
jamesbill0703: sorry
jamesbill0703: ok
debbiedawson0404: I'm here
jamesbill0703: it wes the network
jamesbill0703: ok
debbiedawson0404: um, ok...
debbiedawson0404: where are you now?
jamesbill0703: am single
jamesbill0703: u there
debbiedawson0404: yes - I asked you a question
jamesbill0703: what kind of man are you looking for
jamesbill0703: what
debbiedawson0404: I asked where you are right now?
jamesbill0703: am in new york
jamesbill0703: and u
debbiedawson0404: I just told you Ohio...
jamesbill0703: ok sweetheart
debbiedawson0404: do you live in New York?
jamesbill0703: yes
debbiedawson0404: cool
debbiedawson0404: I am just looking to meet interesting people - thats why I am on the website
jamesbill0703: I'm a building contractor I was introduced to this site by a friend who has met his soul mate and I believed I will get mine here as well. I am a kind and sincere man, open minded and honest, affectionate. I am also a simple, easy going and caring person. I am equally happy watching the rays of dawn seek out a waking world or enjoying a nice brandy like traveling share ideas with friends. I love to joke and put smile to the face of people around me. I'm Looking for good and kind woman, loyal, caring, thoughtful, creative, compassionate, imaginative, serious, sensual and passionate......But dislike women who lie, cheat, dishonest, Disrespectful, and who just play tricks.thanks love to hear from you soon
jamesbill0703: ok that nice
debbiedawson0404: nice copy and pasting...
jamesbill0703: what do you mean by that
debbiedawson0404: you just copied and pasted that whole spiel...was the written in your profile or what?
jamesbill0703: u know i love you so muvh
debbiedawson0404: what?
debbiedawson0404: what did you just say?
jamesbill0703: i love you so much
debbiedawson0404: you talk to someone for 20 minutes and you say you love them so much?
jamesbill0703: yes
jamesbill0703: u have cam
debbiedawson0404: you are a fucking idiot
jamesbill0703: why
debbiedawson0404: you tell someone that you love them after 20 minutes???
debbiedawson0404: you are a stupid idiot
jamesbill0703: bye
debbiedawson0404: fucking stupid asshole
jamesbill0703: thanks why all this
debbiedawson0404: you are a idiot - go fuck yourself, fool
jamesbill0703: How are you doing baby am so so sorry ok about that word ok
jamesbill0703: Are you there?
debbiedawson0404: what?
jamesbill0703: Am sorry ok
debbiedawson0404: sorry for what? for being an idiot?
jamesbill0703: You there
debbiedawson0404: sorry for what? for being an idiot?
jamesbill0703: Idiot what do you mean by that
debbiedawson0404: mean by what?
jamesbill0703: By idiot
debbiedawson0404: I said you are an idiot - do you know what that means?
jamesbill0703: Am not how old are you
debbiedawson0404: anyone that says that "they love someone so much" after 20 minutes on the internet is an idiot
jamesbill0703: Ok yes am just joking with you ok just playing
debbiedawson0404: go away moron
jamesbill0703: Why sorry ok
jamesbill0703: Ok am so so sorry
debbiedawson0404: you are the dumbest person on Earth - go away fool
jamesbill0703: Stop calling me fool
debbiedawson0404: you are a fool
debbiedawson0404: you tell someone on the internet that you love them after 20 minutes and then say "just kidding" after I tell you to go away? How stupid are you?
jamesbill0703: Stop that ok pls
debbiedawson0404: go away fool
jamesbill0703: Am sorry
debbiedawson0404: whatever - go away now idiot
jamesbill0703: Sorry ok
jamesbill0703: Ok thanks
debbiedawson0404: GO AWAY STUPID FOOL
jamesbill0703: Thanks bye
debbiedawson0404: good riddance fool
jamesbill0703: Ok
debbiedawson0404: lol - bye stupid idiot
jamesbill0703: Thank
debbiedawson0404: lol...idiot
jamesbill0703: Ok
jamesbill0703: Thank you
debbiedawson0404: fool
debbiedawson0404: idiot

I am still waiting for this idiot to contact me with a new profile (or maybe he has already…). Off the subject real quick, I picked up this scammer from where 75% of the profiles are fake / scammers – I have 3 or 4 other people helping me in that dating site tagging scammers profiles. If someone comments on your profile, you can’t delete it, so me and my group tag all of the scammers we meet in there as “SCAMMERS” in their Comments Section.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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