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Geisha Girl Calls The FBI

One day after I called Miriam from the Geisha Girl scambait a fool and a beggar, etc. - Calvin gets this first email from the "FBI". I was pretty sure it was Miriam at the time, but when I received the second email, I was sure. I like how "she" qualifies being in Nigeria, because she knows Calvin's email account automatically traces incoming emails. I add her Yahoo ID to Debbie's Messenger and see that she is online, but I wait to contact her. I want to see what she says to Calvin. The funniest thing about this is that I know she is going to play the Romance Angle with Calvin, just as she was with Miriam. The reason I know this is her picture in her FBI Yahoo Messenger profile is Angolina Jolie.

Doris the FBI Agent

Have you ever seen someone so stupid?

My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

I'm happy to send you this mail, my name is 32 yrs, i'm an FBI agent, am from UK but presently in nigeria for some assignment. I was ordered by the FBI management to do some research on those black women that have decided to scamm we white people, we caught a scammer just today, and she was locked up,she as confessed now, and in what she said as something to do with you and your company, we need to treat the issue together.... Pls reply this mail immediatly.

From the FBI management

I really don't understand what you are talking about. For one, I am not the owner of the company, I am the Director of Sales. I will forward your emails to the owner of the company, who will, I'm sure, cooperate to resolve this matter.

Calvin Hobbs
Sales Director
White Haven Computer Services

The lady told us that your name was calvin, she has used your company's name to do many strange things, she used your company's name to scamm about 150,000$ in UK to nigeria, So for now your company is at danger, your company will be orderd to close than very soon, but is better for you not to tell any one or not to tell your staffs, because the more you tell them will be the more you will be implicated, because some of your staffs will be arrested for some reasons, the reasons is that some of your staffs were the one that organise all the trash, they were three but i wont tell you there names for now, we can help you out of been closing your company down, because your company has now been refered to has a scammer company, but all this were organised by some of your staffs, try to mail me back in other to solve this issue.

Do this have anything to do with an internet scammer who uses the name Miriam Sfott? One of my employees brought this idiot to my attention. This scammer was a total idiot though. My employee showed me all of the chat logs with this scammer and I must say that this is the dumbest person on Earth. She said she was in the UK but her email was coming from Nigeria – in fact, she was so stupid that she said she lived in Manchester but not in England – she said something like she would be back in three days, or something like that. I guess she didn't know that Manchester was in England. My employee showed me all of the transcripts from the chat session she had with this person, and it is of my opinion that this scammer wasn’t successful scamming anyone from White Haven because they were really stupid.

As I said, I will forward your email to the company’s owner.

Thank you,

Calvin Hobbs
Sales Director
White Haven Computer Services

She is ready to bring your company down, she did the job with three out of your staffs, and the three staffs were shared out of the money, we re the only one that can help you for now. Still on the investigation........reply this message if you still love your company.

Rose, the scammer arrested

Picture sent with her email.

I don't care who gave you my name or where you think it was “registered”, whatever that means. You said in the first email that the company would be closed down – you don’t think the owner of the company should know about that? This has nothing to do with me – from now on contact the owner of the company.

Thank you,

Calvin Hobbs
Sales Director
White Haven Computer Services

I know that your not the owner of the company but for you been the sales manager, you are now fired, the owner of the company doesnt have any thing to do with this matter since you re the sales manager, your name is registered by that stupid scammer, so if you tell the owner of the company then you will be fired, but i can help you on one condition so that your name called calvin with not turn to a scammers name......

Did you just tell me that I would be fired? I guess you think that the FBI can fire people from a private company? I already forwarded the email that you sent to the owner of the company.

Calvin Hobbs
Sales Director
White Haven Computer Services

Hope you dont tell any of your employees??? Because they dont love you for any thing your name calvin hobbs was registered with the email she gave to us in our management here and you know what that means? I will just try to advise you not to tell any of your employees because they cant be trusted, the owner of the company doesnt have any thing to do with the scammers issue since your name was used, dont be scared, we can solve the issue together, all we need to do now is to jail the stupid scammer so that it wont affect you as the sales manager, may be i will have to tell my boss to help you.........nothing like miriamsfott in our file here the name of the scammer was rose, i will tell my boss to help you.....only if you want

Can you understand English, moron? I said you have to contact the owner of the company and deal with him. This has nothing to do with me.

Calvin Hobbs
Sales Director
White Haven Computer Services

I can now see that you dont want to be fired or involved, if you dont want to be involved then you will have to foward the owners email to me now......right away

His email is you may want to check your information more closely before threatening to fire employees and close down businesses, which you do not have the power to do, you idiot.

Calvin Hobbs
Sales Director
White Haven Computer Services

I dont wait for her to email me - Duke contacts her himself.

My name is Duke Perry and I am the CEO and Founder of White Haven Computer Services. My Sales Director, Calvin Hobbs has informed me that you have contacted him and you bring unfounded allegations against White Haven and its employees? I have read over the correspondence that you sent to Calvin, and find it highly irregular that you tell him he will be fired from White Haven. Who gave you the authority to tell my employees that they will be fired? I think you have overstepped your bounds. As for these allegations for my employees; what proof do you have against anyone in my company? And if this matter is in the hands of the FBI, why are you conversing via email instead of contacting me in person? I expect you to send a local agent to my office if you want to settle this matter.

Thank you
Duke Perry

That means we will have to contact each other physically then, ok this is my yahooID doriseve_bottons2002, send me the request now

What are you saying? I said if you want to discuss this, then send an agent to my office.

Duke Perry

I am waiting for a response.

Duke Perry

I guess by your silence that this means you are just an internet scammer. I guess that explains why the FBI is using a Free Yahoo email address. You people are pathetic.

Duke Perry

My boss sent me over these emails you idiot. It is obvious that you are not an FBI Agent you fool.

Anything so you can beg, right?



She won't respond to my emails anymore so I see her online and contact her in the chat room.

debbiedawson0404: hi fake FBI Agent
debbiedawson0404: see how stupid you are? Anything to beg, right?
debbiedawson0404: lol
debbiedawson0404: You love to beg, don't you maga?
debbiedawson0404: yeah - run away beggar boy
doriseve_bottons2002: Why do you call me fake FBI?
debbiedawson0404: Because you are idiot
doriseve_bottons2002: Answer that quest
debbiedawson0404: I did, you fool
debbiedawson0404: My boss showed me your emails, and I laughed
debbiedawson0404: whose picture is that in your profile?
debbiedawson0404: answer the question
debbiedawson0404: run away little black boy
debbiedawson0404: you are so stupid
debbiedawson0404: I have never met anyone as stupid as you

I know I could have done more here but I have other baits happening and figured I played this one enough...

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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