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Defend Thy Father

This was a really short bait where I say one of my normal insults in one of my opening emails, and this moron took offense to it and basically ended the bait. I have said this many times, where the parents, father, mother, etc. is a moron, or something of that nature and the bait would continue. This may have been someone I baited before. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Hello Dear,

Please excuse me for all the inconveniences my mail could cause you. I have the pleasure to expose to you my predicaments. Please even if we never knew before, I believe firmly that on the basis of the right of humanitarian assistance that a real confidence and love can arise from our communication and also a real partnership between us.

I am Doris Komou, the legitimate daughter of the Director of cocoa export murdered by the rebelís here because of the war and political crisis going on here in my country. My father had deposited a consignment with a security company here containing the sum of 10.700, 000m USD (Ten million seven hundred dollars USD) to allow him to conceive a project of investment at the end of his mandate. Regrettably the fate decided on it otherwise.

Today my major concern is to move out this sum outside here. Given that I am the only child and I have seriously suffered from the ragging and the harassments on behalf of the political opponents of my Father. It is in this prospect that I contact you.

Because of the political war and the hostilities in this country I seriously wish to leave from here and live the rest of my life in a more peaceful and politically more stable and quiet country. I am honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways:

1) To provide a bank account into which this money would be transferred to .
(2) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am under age.
(3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education.

If you can be of an assistance to me I will be pleased to offer to you 20% of the total fund. I would like to count on your human, virtuous and professional qualities to actualise this project. I look forward to receive your urgent respond

Thanks for your care and may God bless you for your kind heart to hear the cry of an orphan.

Yours sincerely

Doris Komou

How did you get my email address and why did you contact me in this? Do you think contacting a random person from the internet was a smart thing to do? Sounds like someone needs a teensy bit more schooling. What exactly do you want me to do?


Hello Thomas,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind response. Let me quickly give you full details of me and my late father.

The Name of my late father is Dr Hilary Dapoya Komou. As you already know he was Director of cocoa export of our country external trade. My mother dead when I was just Three years old and I was all alone with my father. Today I am 16 years of age and still a minor. I leave with a far relative though sometimes I dangle from other relative houses poeple are not so kind to me. I stopped my education last two years due to lack of funds and if I continued I would have being at my first year in the University by now.

I would tell you more as time goes on, but let us get back to how you can help me. My father told me about this money before his death. He introduced me to his lawyer who handles his affairs and with strict instructions to hand over the legal documents to claim his money when I get to 18years or if I approve any body to claim the money on my behalf.I can not wait for more two years again as i do not know what tomorrow holds for me in this wicked country.

I do not trust this lawyer and other people here, because of the way my father was killed. I do not know if they can come after me, that is why I prefer to trust a strange like you. If you can just prove to me that you would not be of any harm to me, I will give you a recommendation letter to contact the lawyer and the security company to start the process of retrieving my fatherís money.

Please you should also know that you will have to come to Burkina Faso to meet me and take me back with you to your country. You would also come here to the security company once they need you to here to complete the transaction and collect the money.

I need your response to know if I can count on you.

Lots of love


PS;I would need your phone number to call you, since I do not have one.

Can you read? It is polite and common decency to answer a personís questions when they ask you. You totally ignored my first email, or just chose not to answer my questions, which is just as rude. I asked where you got my email address from, because it is not published anywhere in public. I would also question you decision to have a complete stranger do this for you. Was this your fatherís idea? He sounds like he was a complete and utter moron. What kind of person would tell his young daughter to go find a complete stranger to claim this money. Anyways, if you chose to actually read my emails and answer questions that I may, have then there may be something to this, otherwise donít bother emailing me again.


it is your father, mother your generation past and to come that is a moron.

So you think this was a smart thing for your father to do? To put money away where you cannot get it without the help of a complete stranger?


No response for days...Let's see if I can get a response.

If your father wasn't so stupid, maybe you would be a little smarter and you wouldnít have to beg white people for money. I am sorry that you are poor and stupid.

Your life must be horrible. I pity you.




I HAVE HOUSES CARS AND JUST NAME IT,it is just some white goats like you that paid me the money

LOL - that's hilarious. Do you know how many times I have heard the same thing from you low-life scum.

The fact remains that you are a poor, begging fool who is too stupid to get a real job and has to lie and steal.

Do you wonder why the whole world hates you?

Do you wonder why Africa is the poorest continent with the most crime, disease, war, hunger, and suffering?

Do you wonder why half of Africans have AIDS?

It is Godís curse on you for being African and a criminal.

Do your parents cry in shame knowing that their son is a low-life, begging, criminal or are they criminals as wellÖ

You are sad...


Just remember, you were the one begging me for money. That fact will never change. You are just a sad little beggar-boy who is poor and stupid.

Come on, beg for me.

Beg little doggy, beg....

What I know about 419 Scammers...

1) Their spelling and command of the English language is terrible.
2) They always want you to use Western Union or Moneygram - no respectable bank or business uses this except for idiot scammers.
3) They are always stupid, smelly, monkeys from that cesspool of a continent Africa.
4) They pose as lawyers, bankers, and even Directors with the United Nations or FBI.
5) They quote God and religion alot, even know they are going to Hell.
6) They claim to be getting back at the "white man" for injustices done to them, but the truth is that they will steal from anyone of any race, religion, creed, and color, etc.
7) They often have sex with goats, monkeys, and their own parents.
8) They are the lowest form of life on the planet and have the intelligence of a 5-year old retarded child.
9) They strongly resemble gorillas but they smell even worse.
10) They are all rooted in evil - everything bad in this world comes from Africa - AIDS, crime, war, disease, killer bees, poverty, hunger, stupidity - all from Africa. True, we in the USA have our share of these problems too, but they all come from the monkeys that our forefathers unfortunately brought to this great nation.

This one is history. I like how he took offense about his father being a complete and utter moron. Usually I can get away with saying that, and still continuing the bait for a while longer, but this one was over when I said that. I also love how they profess to have many houses, cars, etc Ė that shows the egos of these fools. Depending on where you are in West Africa, a "house" may be what we consider a tool shed here. The fact is, that unless they are involved in an organized network of scammers, they probably only make a couple hundred dollars a year from this.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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This is America, not West Africa, and if you don't like it, too bad!

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