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Dead Men Tell No Tales

This could have been a better bait because this moron actually read my emails and was a little feisty. My whole point of this scambait was to first get him to admit that what we were doing was illegal and then to continue under that premise. But this idiot would not even appease me and admit this, therefore I held my ground and told him to go away. Usually at this point, they beg and plead and tell you what you want to hear, but this banana-crammer just gave up. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

I am Mr. Mohammed Atah, Executive Director with a local bank here in Accra.I decided to contact you directly to solicit your assistance and guidelines in making a business investment and transfer of (US$14.5M)to your country through you from my bank.

But at this moment, I am restrain to issue more details about this profitable Business investment until I get your response by mail.Kindly reply me urgently if you are interested, I will give you the full details of the business as soon as I receive a positive reply indicating your interest in participating in this project. Your percentage is secure; to facilitate a rather safer link with you, please forward to me the followings:

1).Full Names and Address:
2).Telephone, Fax and Cell phone number

This project is ready for execution as soon as I hear from you. I look forward to your swift response and will send you the details once i hear from you.Reply through my privateemail(

Best Regards.
Mr Mohammed Atah.
Executive Director.

Without more details, I am not going to give you any personal information about myself. If you want to tell me more, then possible we can continue.


Dear Mr. Thomas,

Am happy for your good response to my good business proposal/ opportunity. Thanks for your response to my Letter, I wish to let you understand that what is needed most in this deal is trust/mutual understanding to enable us achieve the set goal.I would love to see you in person so that we can discuss in details on how to execute this project before we commence, but due to my tight busy schedule, it can not be possible for me to travel to your country now and meet with you, but all the same, we can proceed because we don`t have much time to waste. Let us start this deal with name of God as our middle person because AMERICAN SAYS" UNITED WE STAND DIVISION WE FALL, IN GOD WE TRUST. We have to agree and move forward in executing this deal wherefore each of us will invest time and money in because it requires time, money, secrecy, trust and constant communication that we can have successful result. And anything that i will do, even to join your faith and mine to pursue and finish up this transaction, i will do it to ensure that the total deposit is transfer to you using my position as the executive director. Please I want you to know that this transaction is very legitimate and legal to the best of my knowledge and we have to work it out secretly to maintain our good reputations.

I have labored over the years because of this particular deal and I will do a perfect job here to ensure that the fund transfer is made once we meet the necessary banking obligations according to banking terms. Meanwhile, my dream is after this fund has been successfully transferred into your account, i and my families will come over to your country to share the fund according to the agreed percentages and subsequently invest my share of the fund in your country subject to your supervision where i will live throughout my life. Please your major role is to research on where i will invest my share of the fund, as i am a banker with no knowledge about business enterprises. i want to re-assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free but confidential between you and me alone as it has been covered from any act of inquiry from whatsoever but i once more solicit your confidentiality because i will not like anything that will jeopardizes the progress of this transaction.

Bear in mind that this transaction requires sincere cooperation and honest from both sides, so you should be ready at all time to protect my position and yours by keeping this business very secret to yourself alone no matter your relationship with any body until we successfully actualize our dreams by moving the money to your account. the trust deposed on you is enormous hence i need your committed co-operation, sincerely and transparency, you should also take this transfer as a priority since this transaction will definitely change our positions at the end and we will be more rich forever in the name of God. Remember that success of this deal will also depend on how secrecy it is kept even when the fund has been confirmed in your account. Keep all the documents of this transaction only to your self until the transaction is over which after the sharing of the fund, all the documents has to be destroyed to avoid tracing.


I will set up an application for you which you will use to communicate with my bank as official request of the payment to you. Soon as the application which i will send to you after i receive your further acceptance is approved the bank will then inform you officially, after which the wire transfer of the money will be made. the paying bank will also contact you officially with legal documents of the transfer that will confirm you as the owner of the fund and will equally fax the transfer documents to your receiving bank to put off any doubt on the source of the fund.

My telephone number is (+233) 249 266 087 please try to call me after reading and understanding the above explanation plus the detail, and remember to send me the requested personal information to enable us to proceed. I wait your email and call urgently.

Best regards.

Best Regards,
Mr. Mohammed Atah.
Executive Director.

You didn’t explain whose money this is or where it is coming from. And from your email, you sound like a highly-religious and God-Fearing person, but I am an atheist and all of this talk about God is upsetting and insulting to me. Please stop.


Dear Thomas,

I am writing in respect of your question about the owner of the deposited fund and where it is coming from. The depositor of this money is late Mr. Richard Burson, the escrow account number where the money is deposited into is 1194-255-28004 Mr. Richard Burson perished in Egyptian Air Flight with the whole passengers aboard on 31st Oct 1999 see this news for confirmation ( Since the demise of my bank customer Mr. Richard, I personally has watched with keen interest to see the next of kin but all has proved abortive as no one has come to claim his funds of USD$14.5 Million Dollars which has been with my branch for a very long time. On this note, I decided to seek for a foreign partner who i will use his name as the next of kin to the late person since no one has come up as his relative.

Remember my country law here does not allow such money to stay more than 10 years, for the money will be recalled to the government treasury as unclaimed after the end of this September. Upon the receipt of your response with the requested data, I will send to you the application, bank's contact and the next step to follow. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is hitch free and that you should not entertain any fear as all modalities for fund transfer can be finalized within 10 banking days or less, after you apply to the bank as a relation to the deceased. Immediately you receive this letter, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your decision, Including your private Tel and Fax numbers for quick communication. I will be very happy if you can treat this business with the utmost secrecy as it demands because of my position in this bank. Hoping for a very successful business relationship with you.

This fund is my hope and the hope of my children after so many years in in civil service in the Government. This is the reason why i need to be strong in faith having you as a good and truthful person who take heed on every of his word. This kind of transaction mainly exist in part of Africa here where looting is the order of the day hence Government officials in high positions uses this means to divert monies abroad by foreigners like you for their future investment if they retire or been fired from office since our stay in office does not last long due to changes in government which always allow re-shuffling of offices. I want you and I to benefit from this opportunity which i believe my contact to you among every person in the whole world is Divine Before contacting you, I had series of prayers and fasting for divine direction to an honest and trustworthy person who will not betray me once the fund is in his custody.

Bear in mind that I,m not a religious person, though I fear God and holding my word as my bond all the time and in every of my efforts if you had chooses not to make it open, I wouldn't have known what the problem is or even have the opportunity to defend myself, even if at the end we can not continue. I know you are a very honest and open person and with that quality you will always appreciate truth when they are told. yes, I agree with all the emphasis on the mail you sent to me. I am not the first person to carry out this kind of business and I am very sure I will not be the last if I decide not to siphoned out this funds some other person will still do it and benefit and continue to rule over people like me who want to remain honest. In case if you don't know, it is not peculiar to my bank alone nor African countries either but all over the world.

Thomas, No body want to remain poor once you have any opportunity to change your life standard and I believe that I have served and contributed my own good measure to my bank and Ghana government before this business and I can not see anything wrong if I should retire as a fulfilled person. I don't know any other way to explain this whole thing to you in other to make sense, but one thing I would tell you is that you should not allow sentiment to affect your sense of reasoning, try and be matured in reasoning so that we can both benefit this great opportunity that I have extended to you. It is important we talk on phone if you would give me your direct mobile phone number.

I want to hear from you soonest

Best Regards,
Mr. Atah.

The strangest thing about this whole email that you sent is how you quote and reference God and go into detail about how you are a good and honest man, and yet you are trying to steal this money, and you want me to commit this crime with you. You can justify it anyway you want, but if we do this, then we are criminals – do you understand this?

It sounds like you have a good position at the bank and you are making good money and you want to jeopardize your freedom by stealing this money? Are you prepared to become a criminal in this matter?


Dear Mr. Thomas,

Please I do not deaserve this sort of insult because i knew myself. One thing you got to know is that this money belongs to a dead person and no one has come to claim it. Remember the deads are dead and final they shall be no more. This is not a steal or criminal activity because the owner of the money is dead and deads do not use money hence i want to move the money out. So please do not see it as a crime because it is not a crime.

Mr. Atah.

I was not insulting you, but it is a crime. Taking something that does not belong to you is called stealing. The money does not belong to the dead man, it belongs to his estate. If he left no beneficiaries to his estate, then yes, it belongs to the government. Either way, the money does not belong to you or me, and if we take it then it is called stealing and we could go to jail for it. So don’t tell me it is not a crime.

Now, we must decide if we want to do this and risk getting caught and of being criminals. What are you plans or how do you propose we steal this money. I want to hear your entire plan before I commit to anything.

My last email was not meant to be an insult; but looking at this at face value for what it is.


Dear Mr. Thomas,

I know you are a very wealthy person dealing on crane leasing and rental in medina Ohio. Please I can never agree with you that the money left by a dead person in my possession is stealing because the Government will likely to steal the money because does not belong to them neither you nor me. But for the fact that late depositor has no written will or beneficiary for his deposited fund. I think I have the right to lay a claim on the fund and move it out. Please no more prolonging of his matter because there is no time for us to waste.

Mr. Atah.

Since you want to rationalize this entire matter and want to insist that we are not stealing this money, you need to find someone else to help you. I don’t want to work with someone who can’t be honest with their supposed partner – how am I supposed to trust you? You seem to think you are entitled to this money? Why? Because you figured out a way to steal it without getting caught? That doesn’t make the money yours or give you a legal claim to it. Yes, I know, the big evil government is going to take it and you won’t get anything so therefore you think it is yours – this does not give the right of ownership – it makes you a thief, and a pretty incompetent one if you can’t even level with your own partner.

Please find someone else.


That was it – no more responses. I am a little surprised – usually they beg and plead and tell you whatever you want to hear before they will give up. I admire this dirtball a little – he stood by his principles – the principle that it is okay to steal from the government…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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