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The Good Reverend

This is my transcript of emails to a Nigerian scammer that I had on the hook for about 6 weeks. I was becoming bored with him so I started insulting him about how stupid he was (he told me he paid $40,000.00 for the “necessary legal documents” to release the fund ($12.5 Million) to my care, but more money was needed for more documents – hence where I come in). I told he was an idiot for paying $40,000.00 for documents and that he was being scammed… On the Kiss-Off I get a little belligerent and quite racially insensitive - I apologize for this - this was purely to piss him off. I have never seen a reverend with such language... My emails are in blue, his are in black, my observations are in red. Happy reading!

Greg I got your message but i have to tell you not to insult me ok by telling me that someone is taking me for a ride or scamed me. yes i spent such amount for documentations because i know better. I wouldn't want any authority to be a hinderance to me at all and at a larger extent being hooked by the FBI when the money is transferred to a foreigner account. It could not be you because you have shown know interest so far rather asking unnecessary question.Have made a big transaction before? I work with a Bank and know many things you do not know. You are only a customer to a Banking insititution.
However, I am with this Bank and know everything only that it have to go through processes which it has undergone and making effort to see that this opportunity don't quench and i have not asked you to pay US$40,000, I asked you how much you will be willing to pay but right now, i will not say you are not skeptical rather wasting unecessary time and i do not wish to condole that anymore. I am not a poor man , just want to make use of my opportunity ok.
If you don't proceed with me right now do not make any sense to me because i can go ahead rather you are at loose because i have used your I.D Card and information to fill an application which has made the transfer possible and can look for another person that can understand what the transaction mean and can as well have a lesser percentage. So the point right now is that i can still go ahead even if you do not wish to proceed because i have filed the application with your information as a foreigner that has the fund and your I.D, I wouldn't force you to do the transaction. A proverb said that you can force a Cow to the river but can not force it to drink water.


Rev Goodluck Egobia

How dare he say he knows more than me about anything, especially the banking industry. Like I said, I was sick of him so now the gloves come off...

OK moron, enough is enough. This was fun while it lasted but I've grown weary of your stupidity. Of course I knew this was a 419 Scam from the beginning. My friends and I have had a blast stringing you along. You know nothing of the banking industry, all you know is how steal money from innocent people from your little internet cafe aside your smelly, stinking, rotten brethren. Saying "how much would you be willing to pay" - that's my favorite line of this whole scam. Dead giveaway! Of course, besides the obvious... Do you know many of these Next of Kin, OverInvoiced Contracts, Lottery Scams, etc. I see a week??? I see a lot of them and by far, you are the dumbest one I've seen yet. You've spent $40,000.00 so far??? Make me laugh - you won't earn $40,000.00 in your sad, pathetic lifetime. Do you wonder why the whole world hates you and your filthy, disgusting race? You are too stupid to perfect a good scam, too lazy to get a job, disease-ridden, etc., etc. - the world would be a better place without you. Anywho, it's been fun, thanks for keeping me and my friends entertained, we laughed our asses off.


Greg Wilson (or whoever I am...yes, the ID is fake)

He didn’t like the fact that he was being led on for 6 weeks and that we were laughing at him. He told me in the previous email (not listed here) that he thought of me as his brother and that his favorite nephew had the same birth date as me (which I made up…). Anyways, here’s his response – I left all misspelling intact...

Why are Americans so dumb that they fall for the so-called scam and always comitting sucides. even the Arab world hate you guys underminding the fact that use claim to be wise, They will bomb you the more no doubt. Penny wise, pound foolish. Obama is a King in America already and what do you think. Africans know more than you cliam to.

Greedy Americans that can die without visiting another state to know them rather based on crazy news about murder, rapes, fraud and more of that. Looking for African Inheritages, Contracts, I know you are devorce right now and that is more reason you are confused and your friend will soon betray you and will likely to commit sucide like your everyday news and your mum will not cry for you because you are a prodigal son of a bitch. Anyway, your mum is still single i know.

You wanted to ripe where you do not sow, foolish you. Maybe you copy this message to your so called friend. I know your brother is a dwarf , deaf and dumb and you and that is why you don't answer calls niether do you speak and write because i know your friend tells you what to do and dectate for you. Poor you. See you in more pictures and when next i visit the US maybe in February 2009 if you are not dead by then, i will trap you or maybe will tell my colleague there in the US to trap you because we Africans are all over there because you are so lazy to manage your resource. Why are 90% of the Weathy Americans blacks and why are the Sports men blacks ? Lazy kid and why is your family like that? Why not stop that you are doing ? Well, the first person black man you will see in your so-called office on Monday will have something to tell you but he will not because you will seem to him like a fool no matter what you create.

Till your girl friend tell you what you need, then you will not know it because i know someone like you will never settle down and when you try to you will be deceive. Copy it to someone and know more.

Isn’t that funny? It was hard to read, his English suffers when he gets excited, I guess. My brother is a dwarf? Is that politically correct? Remember the reference he said about “first person black man I will see at my so-called office”…

That was the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life! Getting a lecture from a common internet thief is hilarious! It seems that you are quite confused about American life - yes, we have the same problems as you - crime, disease, poverty - all from the Africans/blacks who live here who I wish to God my ancestors would not have taken from your filthy, disgusting continent. It is a fact that Africans make up 13% of the population in USA but commit 80% of the crimes. You are really confused if you think 90% of the richest Americans are blacks - look at the Forbes list - there are like 3 blacks on it out of 500. Yes, it is true that there are many black athletes in America who are rich - it's a common notion here that blacks either become sports stars or criminals, sometimes both. Unfortunately, only a few hundred become sports stars every year or so, so the other million or so turn to a life of crime, like you. Is it in your blood? 90% are wealthy? That's funny, 50% don't even have jobs and are on welfare...

So go ahead and pretend that you are a big important businessman, use my fake ID if you wish, and remember that you are a curse on everything that is decent and good in the world.

By the way, when I go to work Monday I won't see any blacks because my company won't hire them...


This is his last ditch response – his reference to my ID Card is because I sent him a fake driver’s license I made (name of Greg Wilson). Notice he still tries to play like the transaction is for real…

Listen to yourself. You are now the foolish person ever, if this is a scam , then why did you send your I.D card? Because you do not have brain anyway. If it is a scam, do you think the scamer will use your I.D card and it will be all over on the internet? Why if you respond to this trying to have a question to it means you are the moron FBI would like to met. Why are Americans full of shit. Well I am on to transact this, you can't stop me.

Unfortunately, this last email didn’t go through because I had his email shut down – contacted Yahoo Abuse/419 Scammer.

Are you not going to give me any more wisdom about how blacks are going to rule the world even though they are stupid, disgusting, smelly and lazy?

Greg (email rejected – undeliverable)

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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