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Dickson On Leave

This army scammer contacts me from Watch how he explains not knowing how the US Army works. Hilarious! My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson: hello am sgt samuel dickson from dating72 how are you doing there?
Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson:
linda.stevens74: hello?
Samuel Dickson: am fine dear what about you?
Samuel Dickson:
linda.stevens74: I am fine
linda.stevens74: where are you from and how old are you
Samuel Dickson: am from amawalk in new york and am 42years old and you
linda.stevens74: I am 46 from akron Ohio
Samuel Dickson: okay good can i know your real name am sgt samuel dickson
linda.stevens74: my name is Linda Stevens
Samuel Dickson: did you have kids
linda.stevens74: yes 2
Samuel Dickson: oh good so can i know the reason why you are dating72?
linda.stevens74: just looking to meet local singles
Samuel Dickson: okay and what
linda.stevens74: ?
Samuel Dickson: i just wanna know. because am on the site to find love. i think you are also there for that
linda.stevens74: I am looking to meet interesting people and to see what happens
Samuel Dickson: okay as i get your profile read i get interest in you
Samuel Dickson: and that is why i added you
linda.stevens74: so you are in new york?
Samuel Dickson: please preaty can i ask you a question
linda.stevens74: what?
Samuel Dickson: do you have anyone in your heart now
linda.stevens74: meaning what?
Samuel Dickson: i mean person you are dating
linda.stevens74: I go on dates from time to time - nothing serious
Samuel Dickson: i will not like to leave you because i really like your smile and the way you talk with respect
linda.stevens74: Leave? I have no idea what you are talking about. Leave where?
Samuel Dickson: you look so serious on dating as i do
Samuel Dickson: but i only found scammer always
linda.stevens74: are you in New York now?
Samuel Dickson: we are afghanistan at peace keeping camp and you?
linda.stevens74: I just said I am in Akron, Ohio
linda.stevens74: when are you coming home
Samuel Dickson: i wish i could take my leave by may of this year
linda.stevens74: you are not coming home until May?
Samuel Dickson: but if you really capture my heart i may plead to commander to let me go
linda.stevens74: what is that supposed to mean? When is your tour up?
Samuel Dickson: and by then commander will like to talk to you to know who you really are
linda.stevens74: what are you talking about? You commander doesnt have the authority to let you leave when you have orders
Samuel Dickson: my tour up is may but it depend on how you do
linda.stevens74: what is that supposed to mean?
Samuel Dickson: its only by pleading and commander will release me if he knows that am going home to meet my love
linda.stevens74: your commander doesn't have the authority to let you leave when you have orders
linda.stevens74: I think that you are confused
Samuel Dickson: confused by what?
linda.stevens74: Do you really think that your commanding officer can tell you to go home when you have orders???
Samuel Dickson: yes my friend sgt baly davis is now in the state and his tour up is march

Sidenote - I was contacting a day later by Sgt Baly Davis from Dating72 - I started laughing at him, calling him a stupid Nigerian beggar, etc. He was furious and asked, "How did you know am Nigerian?"

linda.stevens74: you dont know very much about the US army do you?
Samuel Dickson: he and his wife talk to commander
Samuel Dickson: what a hell are you telling me
linda.stevens74: that you are not in the US army - the army doesn't work that way
Samuel Dickson: that did i know much about my coup
Samuel Dickson: dont you know that before that i will have to obtain the leave form
linda.stevens74: I know how the army works - my father and brother were both in the army
Samuel Dickson: and commander is going to let me go
linda.stevens74: you may want to learn how the army works
Samuel Dickson: you think am lying to you?
linda.stevens74: I know you are
linda.stevens74: commanders don't have the authority to shorten a tour and let you go home
Samuel Dickson: okay but when the time come you will know that am not
linda.stevens74: the only way you get out of the army is a dishonorable or honorable discharge
Samuel Dickson: hmmm but i told you that i have to obtain the leave form before that
linda.stevens74: go away liar
linda.stevens74: you are obviously lying and know nothing about the US Army
Samuel Dickson: okay if you dont believe me i heard you
linda.stevens74: ok bye - don't contact me again
Samuel Dickson: wait
linda.stevens74: what?
Samuel Dickson: what is the name of present commander in afghan now tell me if you know it
linda.stevens74: no i don't - but my father was a career officer and my brother served two tours in Desert Storm - I know how the US Army works
Samuel Dickson: okay but let me tell you i have been here for 2 years
Samuel Dickson: do you think am lying to you
linda.stevens74: go away
linda.stevens74: I know you are lying if you think that "pleading" with your commander you can end your tour before its time is up
Samuel Dickson: you never believe me becuase you just know me
linda.stevens74: I know you are lying, thats why I dont believe you
linda.stevens74: do you really think the US Army works that way???
linda.stevens74: when you sign up, you sign up with the US Government for a specific time and the only way to leave is by dishonorable/honorable discharge
Samuel Dickson: yeah realy i know now that you are not a scammer because you really know how we work
linda.stevens74: what???
linda.stevens74: I am not a scammer, but I suspect that you are one because you don't even know how the US Army works
Samuel Dickson: i use this to cofuse my ladies who come accros my way on dating72 to know maybe they are real
linda.stevens74: what are you talking about?
Samuel Dickson: now am really sure that you are real

He tries to play it off like he knew all the time and he did this on purpose to weed out scammers...Very clever how he tried to hide his stupidity.

linda.stevens74: I asked what you are talking about - answer liar
Samuel Dickson: am happy that at last i found the real person
linda.stevens74: what are you talking about, you idiot - answer the question
Samuel Dickson: never call me liar am only using that to know maybe you are real
linda.stevens74: omg, will you answer the freaking question - what the hell are you talking about, liar
Samuel Dickson: i know that i can only come home during my tour but i just wanna know the kind of person you are
linda.stevens74: go away
linda.stevens74: I don't talk to liars
Samuel Dickson: okay bye
linda.stevens74: fool
Samuel Dickson: okay thanks
linda.stevens74: you should learn more about the army before you pretend you are a soldier, idiot
Samuel Dickson: okay wait what is your fathers rank
Samuel Dickson: linda come over here i have a question for you
Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson: hello just come here do you really know who i am?
Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson: you just bang me off do u realy know what i have for u
Samuel Dickson:
linda.stevens74: stupid nigerian boy - do you like begging from white people, stupid little black beggar
Samuel Dickson: wait let me tell u the truth
linda.stevens74: tell me the truth...
Samuel Dickson: am a nigerian but condition turn me to this
linda.stevens74: so you try to steal from honest americans - you are pathetic
Samuel Dickson: if you know that u can help me i wil be happy i am an enginear
linda.stevens74: you lie to me and try to steal from me, and you think I would help you?
Samuel Dickson: i dont wish to do this but i am sorry
linda.stevens74: it is nice knowing that you will burn in hell
Samuel Dickson: i am an enginear but i dont have job
Samuel Dickson: i have been looking for job more than 3years
linda.stevens74: you should learn how to spell engineer
Samuel Dickson: i knew it but just bcos of my accuracy
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: are you ashamed to be black?
Samuel Dickson: i can show u my pics and my video
Samuel Dickson: no but just bcos i dont find job that is why am doing this
Samuel Dickson: am an excavator engineer
linda.stevens74: so why do you pretend to be white?
Samuel Dickson: wait just becausse i need who can help me with money
Samuel Dickson: so that i can establish a little work to do
linda.stevens74: you could have pretended you were a black US soldier - why did you chose to pretend to be a white soldier
Samuel Dickson: madam look let forget this i said am sorry
Samuel Dickson: all i need is your help
linda.stevens74: I think you are ashamed to be black
Samuel Dickson: i tell u all the truth about my life wich i never tell anybody
Samuel Dickson: i try to find excavator work in nigeria since 3years up to now and i did not find job
Samuel Dickson: if u can help me madam i am going to make u proud of me i swear to God
Samuel Dickson: am not ashame to be black am only ashame to be a nigerian
Samuel Dickson: please madam i need your help
Samuel Dickson:
linda.stevens74: no, goodbye
Samuel Dickson: givers never lack
Samuel Dickson: if i dont need ur help i wont tell u the truth of me madam
Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson: madam talk to me pls
Samuel Dickson: i promise to change madam
Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson: madam talk tn me please
Samuel Dickson: i just wanna come to the state to work please help me madam
Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson: please madam talk to me
Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson: (3 KB)

He sends me a picture of a young black man.

Samuel Dickson: that is me madam
Samuel Dickson: hi madam hnw are u doing pls talk to me
Samuel Dickson:
Samuel Dickson: am ready explain everything to you madam
Samuel Dickson:
linda.stevens74: I know you are ashamed to be black - that's why you pretend to be white

That was the last I heard of him. His "partner", Sgt Baly Davis contacts me the next day and tries again.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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