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Change Of Place

This scammer contacts me from Dating72 and tells me he is from India. What would a single girl from Ohio want with someone from India? Well, he has no problem contacting me again a few days later and changing where he is from. This fool talks like a West African, but he may really be from India. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

alexschweiz: Hello
alexschweiz: How are u
linda.stevens74: who are you
alexschweiz: We meet in dating 72
linda.stevens74: I dont remember - where are you from and how old
alexschweiz: Am from India and I am 47 years old
linda.stevens74: not interested - goodbye
alexschweiz: Why what happened
linda.stevens74: I am on there looking for local singles
alexschweiz: But I can talk with u and see things are good for us
linda.stevens74: no, goodbye

Okay, I don't like guys from India, so he will try again.

alexschweiz: hello
alexschweiz: how are u
linda.stevens74: hi
linda.stevens74: who are you?
alexschweiz: my name is alex and u
linda.stevens74: I am Linda - where did you get my contact from and what can I do for you?
alexschweiz: me meet in dating 72.
alexschweiz: i like ur profile there
linda.stevens74: oh, ok
linda.stevens74: where are you from and how old are you?
alexschweiz: i am from canada
alexschweiz: i am 45
alexschweiz: and u
linda.stevens74: where in Canada? I live in Ohio and I am 46
alexschweiz: its in newfoundland
alexschweiz: did u heard
alexschweiz: very peaceful place.
linda.stevens74: yes, I know where it is
alexschweiz: labrador.eastern seaboard of canada
linda.stevens74: what do you do for a living
alexschweiz: am doing some construction works and u
linda.stevens74: I am Office Manager for Westfield Insurance
alexschweiz: great. nice to meet u linda
alexschweiz: my pleasure
linda.stevens74: you too
linda.stevens74: do you plan on moving to Ohio?
alexschweiz: just knowing you. I will be if our destiny lead us
linda.stevens74: why does it say "missing u" in your yahoo profile? Who are you missing???
alexschweiz: missing loveones cos am lonely
alexschweiz: dont have anyone to talked with
alexschweiz: how about u
linda.stevens74: how about me what? What is your question?
alexschweiz: i mean how u are doing there. do u have family
linda.stevens74: yes, I have two daughters, three sisters, parents, servants, slaves...
alexschweiz: wow. great. good to know that
alexschweiz: its so good to be inside the family
linda.stevens74: yeah...
alexschweiz: how old are them
linda.stevens74: 19 and 21 - nice English from a Canadian by the way...
alexschweiz: great.
alexschweiz: so what u are looking online
linda.stevens74: just to meet interesting people
alexschweiz: good to know that
alexschweiz: we meet different kinds of people everytime and evryone is different from one another
linda.stevens74: you have an amazing grasp of the obvious
alexschweiz: thanks
alexschweiz: i like to discuss on any topic
alexschweiz: what are u doing
alexschweiz: are u with me
linda.stevens74: yes, I am work now - was busy for a minute
alexschweiz: alright sorry
linda.stevens74: you are not at work? What time is it there?
alexschweiz: am going work after sometime
alexschweiz: 11.15 am
linda.stevens74: you work construction and you don't start until after 11:00AM? that's strange...
alexschweiz: am supervisor there and I have to look for 2-3 property
alexschweiz: just going after 15 mins
alexschweiz: i have to cook food for myself
linda.stevens74: umm, ok...nice recovery
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: need to go now for work. can we talk after sometime
linda.stevens74: ok bye

Pretty funny chat from a Canadian, huh?

alexschweiz: how are u linda
linda.stevens74: fine - how are you
alexschweiz: am fine
alexschweiz: how was ur day
linda.stevens74: its still morning - it just started
alexschweiz: i mean yesterday
linda.stevens74: yesterday was fine
alexschweiz: and how is ur daughters
linda.stevens74: fine - they live on campus
alexschweiz: good. they should have good time thr
linda.stevens74: yes
alexschweiz: sorry i was busy that is why i dont able to come online
linda.stevens74: when?
alexschweiz: yesterday
linda.stevens74: i wasn't online anyways
alexschweiz: ok me too.
alexschweiz: just came to see hi to u
linda.stevens74: ?
linda.stevens74: you mean "say hi"?
alexschweiz: yes hi to u
linda.stevens74: umm, ok...
alexschweiz: wishing u happy weekend
linda.stevens74: ok, you too
linda.stevens74: how's the weather there
alexschweiz: cold
linda.stevens74: it's warm here today
alexschweiz: guess ohio is hot city
linda.stevens74: ohio is a state, not a city
alexschweiz: oh sorry.
linda.stevens74: you are from Canada and you never heard of Ohio?
alexschweiz: i heard
alexschweiz: but i miss type
alexschweiz: i was cook food
linda.stevens74: ok
alexschweiz: do u like to cook
linda.stevens74: sometimes...
linda.stevens74: I dine out a lot
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: like fine dining or authentic
linda.stevens74: what do you mean authentic? I mean trying different restaurants with friends...
alexschweiz: like specific cuisine
linda.stevens74: no, just different types and places
alexschweiz: good
alexschweiz: your husband also have food outside
linda.stevens74: what is that supposed to mean???
alexschweiz: i mean your husband
linda.stevens74: what are you talking about??? I have been divorced for 12 years. Why are you asking about my husband???
alexschweiz: i am sorry. i didnt know that.
linda.stevens74: why would I be on a dating site if I was married???
alexschweiz: u said to meet new people
linda.stevens74: to meet new people for dating possibly - I am not on there to make any pen pals
alexschweiz: okay.
alexschweiz: but u are happy with ur family
linda.stevens74: of course
alexschweiz: i had a family too but i had lost them
linda.stevens74: lost them how
alexschweiz: in a car accident. my whole family finished
linda.stevens74: oh, thats rough
linda.stevens74: sorry to hear that
alexschweiz: just accept everything and trying to move. not easy.
linda.stevens74: yes, i agree
alexschweiz: sometimes i was loose hope but friends around me always motivate me
linda.stevens74: how long ago?
alexschweiz: 10 months
linda.stevens74: oh, ok
alexschweiz: be right back
linda.stevens74: ok
alexschweiz: sorry i was on call
linda.stevens74: ok
alexschweiz: i have to go to meet clients.
alexschweiz: sorry
linda.stevens74: thats ok, I have to go shopping anyways
alexschweiz: good. enjoy shopping with friends. will talk with u later
alexschweiz: be safe
linda.stevens74: bye
alexschweiz: bye

He's putting in the leg work - I love wasting their time like this.

alexschweiz: hello linda
alexschweiz: how ru
alexschweiz: hello linda
alexschweiz: how ru
linda.stevens74: fine
linda.stevens74: how are you
alexschweiz: am okay. just not well
linda.stevens74: oh, ok
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: how have u been
linda.stevens74: what's new? How is work?
linda.stevens74: I have been fine
alexschweiz: work is fine and urs
linda.stevens74: work is good - just got back from Texas on Thursday
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: how is kids
linda.stevens74: they are good
alexschweiz: thts nice
alexschweiz: how u are going to spend weekend
linda.stevens74: going out to dinner tonight with friends - going shopping tomorrow
alexschweiz: good
alexschweiz: u like shopping
linda.stevens74: of course
alexschweiz: ok
linda.stevens74: what are you doing this weekend
alexschweiz: going for prayer and after that meet friends
linda.stevens74: ?
linda.stevens74: prayer?
linda.stevens74: on a saturday?
alexschweiz: no sunday
alexschweiz: today i will be going for client meeting
alexschweiz: i will do rest today
alexschweiz: which is urs fav food
linda.stevens74: I have a lot of favorites
linda.stevens74: steak is probably my all-time fav
alexschweiz: i like steaks as well
alexschweiz: i have cook steaks sometimes
linda.stevens74: lol
alexschweiz: u like semi done or full
linda.stevens74: medium well
alexschweiz: alright and which is ur fav sauce on it
linda.stevens74: bernaise
alexschweiz: wow yummy
alexschweiz: u have got nice taste
linda.stevens74: do you know what bernaise sauce is?
alexschweiz: i know how to make
linda.stevens74: ok, because most people dont
alexschweiz: i like to cook food and i try many other dishes like mexican and italian
linda.stevens74: I hate mexican
alexschweiz: why. u dont like cos of sauces
linda.stevens74: because it is nasty, disgusting
alexschweiz: what dish did u try
linda.stevens74: I dont try any it is all nasty
alexschweiz: how do u say so
linda.stevens74: Mexicans are foul disgusting people - I would never eat their food
alexschweiz: u hate only mexican people but not food
linda.stevens74: no, I hate the people and their food
alexschweiz: ok and italian food
linda.stevens74: italian is ok
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: and hamburger
linda.stevens74: yes, i like hamburgers
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: what other things do u like
linda.stevens74: i play tennis, I love football, I love shopping, I love reading, I love shows, I love old movies
alexschweiz: like western classics
linda.stevens74: like which ones?
alexschweiz: east clintwood
alexschweiz: merilyn monroe
linda.stevens74: lol
linda.stevens74: it is Clint Eastwood...
alexschweiz: grand canyon
linda.stevens74: guess you dont like him that much if you cant get his name right...
linda.stevens74: lol
alexschweiz: i have forget his name but not his movies
linda.stevens74: lol, ok
alexschweiz: and guess john wayne movies
linda.stevens74: yeah, me too
alexschweiz: and horror movies but comedy like evil dead
linda.stevens74: ok
alexschweiz: do u like horror movies
linda.stevens74: no
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: but its kind of fun and comedy
linda.stevens74: no, dont like them
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: movies are just try to entertain people
linda.stevens74: you have an amazing greasp of the obvious
alexschweiz: its grasp
alexschweiz: u told me before
linda.stevens74: yes, typo
alexschweiz: now a days people like to see voilence movies
linda.stevens74: i dont
alexschweiz: not u but young people
alexschweiz: what is ur next plans to do
linda.stevens74: I have to run some errands, then start getting ready to go out
alexschweiz: for shopping
linda.stevens74: no, get ready to go out to dinner
alexschweiz: so what u are going to wear today for dinner
linda.stevens74: clothes
alexschweiz: definately. i mean any spl
linda.stevens74: no, just pants and a blouse
alexschweiz: ok.
alexschweiz: enjoy ur food
linda.stevens74: ok, bye
alexschweiz: are u ready to leave
linda.stevens74: yes
alexschweiz: am i bothering u
linda.stevens74: no, i said i have to run some errands
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: what u are going to have today
linda.stevens74: i dont know - i dont have a menu in front of me
alexschweiz: but u have some particular taste bud
linda.stevens74: ?
alexschweiz: its like your tougue indicates ur mind that what kind of particular dish u like to have it for dinner
linda.stevens74: i said I dont know until I see a menu
alexschweiz: are u going to different restaurant today
linda.stevens74: I said I have to go now...bye
alexschweiz: takecare and be safe
linda.stevens74: bye
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: takecare

Make him work for it, make him work. If you are wondering sometimes weeks pass before he contacts me.

alexschweiz: hello linda
alexschweiz: how ru
linda.stevens74: hi
linda.stevens74: I am fine
linda.stevens74: how are you
alexschweiz: am good
alexschweiz: how is going on
linda.stevens74: its fine...
alexschweiz: and daughters
linda.stevens74: they are fine
alexschweiz: good to know tht
linda.stevens74: whats new with you
alexschweiz: nothing much.
alexschweiz: just talking to u
alexschweiz: how is ur work
linda.stevens74: work is fine
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: what u are going to do today
linda.stevens74: well, I have to renew my driver's license, going to my mother's house, and going to dinner tonight with my sister and my nieces
alexschweiz: good.
alexschweiz: i dont have much friends to share time with them
linda.stevens74: why?
alexschweiz: have told u before i lost my family
linda.stevens74: what does that have to do with having no friends?
alexschweiz: friends are busy with their family
linda.stevens74: whatever that means - I see my friends all the time...
alexschweiz: i have seen them also
linda.stevens74: you just said you don't have friends to share time with - did you forget what you just said????
alexschweiz: i said much friends
alexschweiz: check
linda.stevens74: lol, ok said you don't have "much" friends to share time with then you say you have seen them also - I guess I don't get your point
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: need to go now
linda.stevens74: ok, you arent talking anyways...
alexschweiz: sorry i was cooking
linda.stevens74: ok, bye
alexschweiz: takecare of urself

Ho hum. Another day.

alexschweiz: hello linda
alexschweiz: how ru
alexschweiz: been long time
alexschweiz: so may be they can visit you
linda.stevens74: I see them all the tiime...
alexschweiz: how
alexschweiz: there hostel is nearby
linda.stevens74: ?
linda.stevens74: hostel?
linda.stevens74: they go to the Univ. of Akron - I live in Akron
alexschweiz: where is that university
linda.stevens74: in Akron, Ohio...duh
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: thats great.
alexschweiz: today i make baked beans on toast. its very tasty today
linda.stevens74: that is disgusting

He logs out after I tell him baked beans on toast is nasty. Does that sound like a Canadian meal?

alexschweiz: hello linda
alexschweiz: how are u
linda.stevens74: hey
linda.stevens74: I am doing good
linda.stevens74: how are you
alexschweiz: am good
alexschweiz: how is your house now
linda.stevens74: good - my patio is done - looks beautiful
alexschweiz: can u show me some pictures
alexschweiz: is that possible
alexschweiz: if u dont like to send then also no problem
linda.stevens74: I can send them - I am at work and don't know if I saved them to me computer here
linda.stevens74: hold on a sec
alexschweiz: oh ok
linda.stevens74: yes, I have them
alexschweiz: ok
linda.stevens74: heres my new patio
alexschweiz: i guess you will get more gifts
linda.stevens74: just flowers and taking her out to brunch
alexschweiz: its lovely and nice house
linda.stevens74: thanks
alexschweiz: when you are going to invite me
linda.stevens74: lol, come on down anytime you want...
linda.stevens74: I am having a huge party on memorial day - you can come then
alexschweiz: when
linda.stevens74: memorial day - it is the end of May - May 30th I think
linda.stevens74: its May 27th
alexschweiz: i guess its special party and u will be busy.
linda.stevens74: I have my daughters and sisters helping me - it wont be too bad
alexschweiz: i need to go for work now. am getting late
linda.stevens74: yeah, I leaving for lunch now
alexschweiz: bye

Let's see -- money angle -- money for a trip?

alexschweiz: Hello Linda
alexschweiz: How R u
linda.stevens74: hello
linda.stevens74: fine, how are you
alexschweiz: Am good.
alexschweiz: Yesterday was my birthday
linda.stevens74: whats new?
linda.stevens74: oh, Happy Birthday - how old are you again?
alexschweiz: 46.
linda.stevens74: cool, did you do anything special?
alexschweiz: Just invite friends and give a treat
linda.stevens74: I thought you said you didn't have any friends???
alexschweiz: Just few my chirldhood friends
linda.stevens74: ok...
alexschweiz: Just few my chirldhood friends
alexschweiz: 3 of them
linda.stevens74: sounds like you had fun - that's good
alexschweiz: Yeah.
linda.stevens74: how is work
alexschweiz: Got a stress. Some of my workers left work.
linda.stevens74: yeah, that happens - need to hire some more I guess - always more where that came from...
alexschweiz: Yeah
alexschweiz: But my work will be getting more
linda.stevens74: well, good to hear you are keeping busy
alexschweiz: It's happen cos boss refuse to pay overtime.
alexschweiz: Thanks Linda
linda.stevens74: some bosses are like that, I guess
linda.stevens74: still there???
alexschweiz: Did they stayed on weekends with u
linda.stevens74: who are you talking about?
alexschweiz: Daughters
linda.stevens74: oh
linda.stevens74: no, they have their own apartments near campus
alexschweiz: Okay.
alexschweiz: Am sorry it's not easy for me to come on Memorial Day
alexschweiz: On 27th may
linda.stevens74: oh well, maybe next time...
alexschweiz: Cos I have more work stress and less staff and I have to see 2 site
linda.stevens74: ok, I understand
alexschweiz: Thanks.
alexschweiz: I have to go now
linda.stevens74: ok, bye
alexschweiz: Takecare of urself
alexschweiz: Bye
linda.stevens74: u2

He's trying to figure out how best to ask for money.

alexschweiz: Hello Linda
linda.stevens74: hi
alexschweiz: How are u
linda.stevens74: doing good
linda.stevens74: How are you
alexschweiz: Am good
alexschweiz: How is new house
linda.stevens74: ?
linda.stevens74: I dont have a new house...was just having work done on my existing house
alexschweiz: Ur renovated house
alexschweiz: Thts looks like new
linda.stevens74: its fine - just wish it would rain because I planted grass
alexschweiz: Is it synthetic or normal
linda.stevens74: what are you talking about? The grass? Who had synthetic grass???
alexschweiz: There are different types of grass.
linda.stevens74: lol - just plain old kentucky Bluegrass
alexschweiz: Ok. Nice
alexschweiz: Will be very good after rain.
linda.stevens74: lol, um okay
alexschweiz: How is work and mother and daughters
linda.stevens74: fine
alexschweiz: Good.
alexschweiz: God is great
linda.stevens74: if you say so...
alexschweiz: I am glad to see u busy all the time.
linda.stevens74: thats nice
alexschweiz: A perfect woman
linda.stevens74: gee thanks
alexschweiz: Gotta go now Linda.
linda.stevens74: bye

Okay, this is getting annoying. Ask for some money fool.

alexschweiz: hello linda
alexschweiz: how are u
alexschweiz: hello
alexschweiz: how ru
linda.stevens74: hello
alexschweiz: how are u
linda.stevens74: doing great
alexschweiz: good
linda.stevens74: where have you been
alexschweiz: i was overseas for project
linda.stevens74: where at?
alexschweiz: swiss
linda.stevens74: oh, ok
alexschweiz: great country
linda.stevens74: is it?
linda.stevens74: Never been there
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: in luzern
linda.stevens74: what do you do for a living again - I forget
alexschweiz: senior engineer
linda.stevens74: what kind of engineer?
alexschweiz: civil
linda.stevens74: oh, ok
alexschweiz: ok
linda.stevens74: so you are back in Canada now?
alexschweiz: yes
linda.stevens74: cool...
linda.stevens74: nothing to say?

He logs out. Bad connection in Canada I guess.

alexschweiz: hello
alexschweiz: how ru
linda.stevens74: fine
linda.stevens74: how are you
alexschweiz: am good
alexschweiz: how is daughters and mother
linda.stevens74: they are fine
alexschweiz: good
linda.stevens74: whats new with you?
alexschweiz: nothing new
alexschweiz: and urs
linda.stevens74: just work and playing tennis - same old stuff
alexschweiz: good
alexschweiz: stay fit
linda.stevens74: yep
alexschweiz: how is work
linda.stevens74: good, pretty busy
alexschweiz: thts nice

Okay, this is getting monotonous.

alexschweiz: how ru
alexschweiz: hi linda
alexschweiz: how are u
linda.stevens74: fine
alexschweiz: good
alexschweiz: and ur family
linda.stevens74: doing great
linda.stevens74: where have you been
alexschweiz: busy with work
linda.stevens74: oh, thats good
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: how is mother and daughters
linda.stevens74: I said they are doing great
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: whts new with u
linda.stevens74: nothing really, just working
alexschweiz: ok.
alexschweiz: did u fully repair your house
linda.stevens74: yes, done for now
alexschweiz: how is it looks like now
linda.stevens74: the grass all came in, the back patio is done, it looks great
alexschweiz: guess u like greeen effect
linda.stevens74: yes, I like having grass in my yard...
alexschweiz: its look lovely in the morning to walk over grass
linda.stevens74: umm, yeah okay...
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: how is GDP rate of usa
linda.stevens74: lol, what kind of question is that???
alexschweiz: i heard still not easy to found job thr
linda.stevens74: for college educated white people, it's easy - maybe not for blacks and mexicans
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: one of my friend's son is from india and want to come to usa for work. is he able to work there
linda.stevens74: tell him not to come here - we have too many jobless immigrants here already
alexschweiz: ok. what do u suggest him
linda.stevens74: I dont suggest anything - just not to come here
alexschweiz: ok
alexschweiz: now a days its not easy to make future for youngones
linda.stevens74: if you say so - my daughters will be fine, I think
alexschweiz: yes it is.
alexschweiz: what are u doing
linda.stevens74: shopping online
alexschweiz: wow. what are u looking
linda.stevens74: Im on amazon - just looking at stuff
alexschweiz: ok

He mentions India again - this is why I think he might be from India. I see him online from time to time, but he hasn't contacted in a while. Either he doesn't know how to ask for money or he realizes that I am a difficult case. I will update this bait if it goes anywhere, but judging by the last few chat sessions, I don't think it will.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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