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Window Shopper

This chat session is funny because as we are chatting, she mistakenly says something that could be construed as being insulting. Of course, I take it that way and overreact. She, in the meantime, really doesn’t know what she said wrong… My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Tue, 10/5/10 3:03 PM -----

gina_steve053 (1:40 PM): hello
Greg’s (1:40 PM): hi
gina_steve053 (1:41 PM): how are you?
Greg’s (1:41 PM): good - how are you?
gina_steve053 (1:42 PM): not bad thanks
gina_steve053 (1:42 PM): what you been upto?
Greg’s (1:43 PM): just work...
gina_steve053 (1:43 PM): what do you do for work?
gina_steve053 (1:43 PM): do you have children?
Greg’s (1:44 PM): I'm an accountant
Greg’s (1:44 PM): no kids
gina_steve053 (1:44 PM): how old are you?
Greg’s (1:45 PM): 41
gina_steve053 (1:45 PM): cool
gina_steve053 (1:45 PM): have you ever been married?
Greg’s (1:45 PM): no
gina_steve053 (1:46 PM): wow!
gina_steve053 (1:46 PM): any reasons for that?
Greg’s (1:46 PM): concentrating on my career...why?
gina_steve053 (1:47 PM): nothing.. just havent met anyone that told me that..
Greg’s (1:48 PM): You don’t know anyone that’s 41 and not married?
gina_steve053 (1:49 PM): not really, they might have been and maybe something happened
Greg’s (1:50 PM): where are you from?
gina_steve053 (1:50 PM): i am originally from sweden, but live in boca raton florida
gina_steve053 (1:50 PM): you?
Greg’s (1:51 PM): ohio - you don’t know any single 41 year olds? really?
gina_steve053 (1:52 PM): nope
Greg’s (1:52 PM): do you have any friends?
gina_steve053 (1:53 PM): yea
Greg’s (1:57 PM): okay, didn’t sound like it. In the office I work at, half the people here are not married...
gina_steve053 (1:57 PM): oh really
gina_steve053 (1:57 PM): well doesnt sound nice to me
Greg’s (2:00 PM): what doesn’t?
gina_steve053 (2:00 PM): being single at that age
Greg’s (2:03 PM): I guess that is your opinion
gina_steve053 (2:05 PM): matbe
Greg’s (2:07 PM): thanks for belittling me, though - that was nice
gina_steve053 (2:10 PM): i didnt
Greg’s (2:11 PM): okay - just sounds like you did...
gina_steve053 (2:12 PM): well i didnt mean to
Greg’s (2:14 PM): I apologize if that wasn’t what you meant
gina_steve053 (2:15 PM): its ok
Greg’s (2:15 PM): ok, enough said about it...
gina_steve053 (2:16 PM): k
Greg’s (2:21 PM): what do you do for a living?
gina_steve053 (2:22 PM): i design companies and sell art works
Greg’s (2:23 PM): You design companies? What does that mean? Like an Architect?
gina_steve053 (2:24 PM): not really like an architect. i design the interior of a company
Greg’s (2:25 PM): an interior decorator?
gina_steve053 (2:25 PM): yea
Greg’s (2:26 PM): wow - that’s great...
gina_steve053 (2:27 PM): yea.. pays the bilss
gina_steve053 (2:27 PM):
Greg’s (2:28 PM): lol - yeah, I would say. You must be extremely rich.
gina_steve053 (2:28 PM): Hahahaahaha
gina_steve053 (2:28 PM): and you too
Greg’s (2:31 PM): yeah, I'm okay but not as good as you, I'm sure...
gina_steve053 (2:32 PM): How do you know Greg?
Greg’s (2:33 PM): LOL - I know a few interior decorators and they are really rich...
gina_steve053 (2:33 PM): well i am not really the main director.. I get contracts
Greg’s (2:34 PM): especially if you do corporate clients
gina_steve053 (2:34 PM): I am really not rich, but soon will be.. just started a few months ago
Greg’s (2:38 PM): nice... you definitely has one mark in your favor!!!
gina_steve053 (2:39 PM): thanks
gina_steve053 (2:40 PM): so Tell me Greg, do you have someone in your heart that you thinking to start a life with?
Greg’s (2:41 PM): Not yet, still window shopping...
gina_steve053 (2:41 PM): aha..
gina_steve053 (2:41 PM): what are you really looking for?
Greg’s (2:42 PM): an attractive, career- driven, intelligent independent woman who is not
gina_steve053 (2:43 PM): Insane?
gina_steve053 (2:43 PM): what you mean by that?
Greg’s (2:44 PM): there are alot a crazy or neurotic women out there...
Greg’s (2:44 PM): it's hard to find one that does not have some emotional issues...
gina_steve053 (2:45 PM): Like?
Greg’s (2:46 PM): women that are too needy, women that are obsessed, etc - I don’t know, it’s just hard to find a normal one...
gina_steve053 (2:46 PM): oh i see (I don’t think she meant this next comment to be an insult)
gina_steve053 (2:46 PM): is that why you havent gotten married?
gina_steve053 (2:47 PM): You cant Take care of a womans need?
Greg’s (2:48 PM): WHAT? How dare you say that to me - go fuck yourself, you whore...
gina_steve053 (2:48 PM): what?
gina_steve053 (2:49 PM): Why would you call me that?
Greg’s (2:49 PM): I can’t believe you would say that to me, you bitch
gina_steve053 (2:49 PM): comon gred, that was only a question
gina_steve053 (2:50 PM): okay.. didnt mean to hurt you.. Sorry Man
Greg’s (2:50 PM): i have never been so insulted in my life - you are a stupid bitch
gina_steve053 (2:51 PM): I said sorry If i insulted you.. never meant it that way, why you always take things the wrong way?
Greg’s (2:52 PM): fuck off slut, how else could I take that? You asked if I am not married because I could not satisfy a woman’s needs? How else could I take it, you whore?
gina_steve053 (2:53 PM): is that why you calling me names?
Greg’s (2:53 PM): yes, you bitch - because you insulted me
Greg’s (2:54 PM): I don’t need to take that shit from someone I never met before - that is ridiculous
gina_steve053 (2:55 PM): I have said i am sorry, what more do you want me to say?
gina_steve053 (3:03 PM): Greg?

She actually logs out here/gets disconnected as I am typing my answer. I wait to see if she comes back. She doesn’t come back so I throw in a few insults…Every time I see her online I send her insults. She never responds, but I keep doing it. She finally responds to me a week later.

----- Our chat on Mon, 10/11/10 1:33 PM -----

gina_steve053 (1:07 PM): i am back
Greg’s (1:07 PM): Nice...
Greg’s (1:08 PM): Why did you run away? to cry?
gina_steve053 (1:08 PM): no.. had better things to do
gina_steve053 (1:08 PM): what have you been doing?
gina_steve053 (1:09 PM): making a fool outta your sorry self?
Greg’s (1:09 PM): nothing - at work a chatting...
Greg’s (1:09 PM): lol
Greg’s (1:09 PM): are you mad?
Greg’s (1:10 PM): whore - are you mad at me?
gina_steve053 (1:10 PM): no.. maybe i should ask you.. coz you have been saying crap all day
Greg’s (1:11 PM): lol - I'm not mad - I think it's funny
gina_steve053 (1:11 PM): oh really?
gina_steve053 (1:11 PM): cool, keep it up
Greg’s (1:11 PM): don't you?
gina_steve053 (1:11 PM): you might be lucky
Greg’s (1:12 PM): every time I meet one of you pathetic African beggars I laugh
gina_steve053 (1:12 PM): wow!
gina_steve053 (1:12 PM): sounds real funny
gina_steve053 (1:12 PM): coz you just a blind Gaot
Greg’s (1:13 PM): lol - I am a rich white American - is that why you are mad at me? Because you are a poor, black, beggar?
Greg’s (1:16 PM): no response, beggar? Time to run away again, coward?
Greg’s (1:17 PM): LOL...
Greg’s (1:18 PM): That's what I thought
gina_steve053 (1:17 PM): you are a rich white american?
gina_steve053 (1:18 PM): Well you know something.. Go fuck yourself.. you poor thing
Greg’s (1:18 PM): yes - I didn’t lie in my profile fool...
Greg’s (1:19 PM): do you wonder why the whole world hates Africans?
Greg’s (1:19 PM): Everything bad in this world comes from Africa...
gina_steve053 (1:19 PM): you are a monkey... not even man enough.. look at you.. exchanging words with a woman..
gina_steve053 (1:19 PM): you dont have a job
gina_steve053 (1:19 PM): you are a very poor goat
Greg’s (1:20 PM): Crime, disease, poverty, ugly people, war, etc... - all from Africa...
Greg’s (1:20 PM): I know you are not a woman you fool...
Greg’s (1:21 PM): You are a pathetic internet scammer...
Greg’s (1:21 PM): poor little African boy...
gina_steve053 (1:22 PM): I feel so sorry for you Greg or whatever is your stupid name... Go get a job and maybe you will get some idiots to like you
gina_steve053 (1:22 PM): coz you so ugly
Greg’s (1:23 PM): LOL - little African boy is mad...
Greg’s (1:23 PM): You know why we made you slaves? It was the only way to get Africans to do any work...
gina_steve053 (1:24 PM): ahahahahahahaha haahahahahaha
gina_steve053 (1:24 PM): so funny.. thats why you are so stupid
Greg’s (1:25 PM): all you do is steal - is it in your black african blood?
gina_steve053 (1:25 PM): please try and look for a job, even if it means you cleaning the gutters, will help your stupidity
Greg’s (1:26 PM): I am sorry you are black and stupid - if you killed yourself the pain would go away
gina_steve053 (1:27 PM): you the one thats suppose to do that, coz you hopeless, no one would love a man like you
Greg’s (1:28 PM): lol - little beggar boy is really mad...
Greg’s (1:28 PM): Do you like begging white people for money?
gina_steve053 (1:28 PM): oh yes I DO.. Stupid
Greg’s (1:30 PM): You like it? Really? You aren't very good at it, little black boy...
gina_steve053 (1:31 PM): awww.. could you come and teach me stupid
Greg’s (1:31 PM): sorry, I am white which means I have a job - lol
gina_steve053 (1:32 PM): well stupid, i need to go check on my mom... You continue, will be back to see all of your bulshits
Greg’s (1:33 PM): thats okay - I have another Nigerian I have to make fun of - lol
Greg’s (1:33 PM): fool
Greg’s (1:33 PM): lol

I love goading these fools into these insult sessions.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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