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Lora’s Lost Love

I was contacted by this idiot thru Yahoo Personals. I am getting sick of the same story every time. Grew up in the States, parents in car wreck, moved to Nigeria with Grandma, need help with school or getting home. Blah, blah, blah. I decided to just have some simple fun with this one because I have others on the hook at the same time. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Thu, 6/3/10 10:42 AM -----

Greg’s (10:04 AM): Hi, I got your message
sinlgelora (10:04 AM): hello how are you doing?
Greg’s (10:04 AM): good
Greg’s (10:04 AM): how are you?
sinlgelora (10:05 AM): i am cool
sinlgelora (10:05 AM): I would love to know more about you
Greg’s (10:07 AM): Where are you from?
sinlgelora (10:07 AM): I am originally from Alabama,Adamsville
sinlgelora (10:07 AM): but i am currently living with grand ma here in Nigeria after i lost my both parent
sinlgelora (10:09 AM):
Greg’s (10:10 AM): Your profile said Ohio...did you forget?
sinlgelora (10:11 AM): yes i only wanted to met a man from Ohio
Greg’s (10:13 AM): why is that? Have you been to Ohio? Do you think Ohio is Paradise?
sinlgelora (10:14 AM): Nope
sinlgelora (10:14 AM): i have always dreamt of meeting someone from Ohip
sinlgelora (10:14 AM): Ohio
sinlgelora (10:14 AM): does the distance between us mattes to you?
Greg’s (10:16 AM): yes, of course it does...My penis is long, but not that long.
sinlgelora (10:16 AM): oh ok
sinlgelora (10:16 AM): but i would be moving back to the state as soon as i find the right man
Greg’s (10:17 AM): You have never been to Ohio, but you dream of meeting a man from Ohio? - What kind of nonsense is that???
sinlgelora (10:18 AM): cos i have faith and i believe in destiny
Greg’s (10:18 AM): ummm, okay? are you a witch? Or just a moron?
sinlgelora (10:19 AM): Lol Nope
sinlgelora (10:19 AM): i am religious
Greg’s (10:19 AM): I am atheist
sinlgelora (10:20 AM): really?
Greg’s (10:20 AM): yep - does that bother you?
sinlgelora (10:21 AM): Not at all
sinlgelora (10:21 AM): so tell me when did you start this online dating scene?
Greg’s (10:21 AM): about a year ago...
sinlgelora (10:23 AM): oh i see
sinlgelora (10:23 AM): so have you ever talked to someone from Nigeria?
Greg’s (10:24 AM): once before, that was a real aren't Nigerian are you?
sinlgelora (10:26 AM): Nope but My mum is from Nigeria
Greg’s (10:26 AM): Your mom is Nigerian? You are half black or all black?
sinlgelora (10:27 AM): i am half black
Greg’s (10:28 AM): ewww, never mind - I don't want to talk to you
sinlgelora (10:29 AM): oh ok
Greg’s (10:29 AM): I don't like thieves or beggars
sinlgelora (10:30 AM): how do you mean?
Greg’s (10:32 AM): all Nigerians are thieves and beggars...
sinlgelora (10:33 AM): oh i see
Greg’s (10:35 AM): that's how it is in the States and I heard that Africa is even worse
sinlgelora (10:35 AM): whatever
Greg’s (10:35 AM): of course, you know this already
Greg’s (10:36 AM): I am sorry...
sinlgelora (10:36 AM): take care
sinlgelora (10:36 AM): if that is how you feel
Greg’s (10:37 AM): it's a fact - all Nigerians are stupid, begging, thieving, smelly, filthy, rotten, disease- ridden fools
sinlgelora (10:38 AM): oh i see
sinlgelora (10:38 AM): i have to go cos i am not here for this
Greg’s (10:39 AM): I know - you are here to steal money from innocent people
Greg’s (10:39 AM): right when you said Nigeria, I knew what you were
Greg’s (10:39 AM): 419 scammer
Greg’s (10:42 AM): why do all Nigerians steal?

She abruptly logs out and I abruptly report her to Yahoo Abuse and have her profile deleted.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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