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Working Boy With Dressing

I talked to this fool before briefly and whenever a chat started, she ended up getting disconnected so I didn't even save the chat sessions. Watch how I turn this around and have him believing that I am another scammer from Nigeria, working in the United States. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Tue, 10/26/10 10:59 AM ----- (9:10 AM): (9:10 AM): am back. (9:10 AM): are you still there? (9:10 AM): greg!! (9:12 AM): Hello.. (9:12 AM): (9:12 AM): are u there am back..
Greg’s (9:16 AM): what happened? (9:16 AM): my pc was not working fine so i had to reboot it... (9:16 AM): where did u go?
Greg’s (9:17 AM): I was here - I'm at work - getting stuff done (9:17 AM): oh i see so u not so close to the pc.. how is the working .?
Greg’s (9:19 AM): I am stting in front of two computers on my desk
Greg’s (9:20 AM): sitting** (9:20 AM): oh okay. Greg . so am i disturbing?
Greg’s (9:22 AM): What does that mean? After you logged off, I did not have my email window open in front of me - was getting other stuff done... (9:22 AM): am just asking you know you are working and i dont want you to be disturb but if you like to talk am here okay..
Greg’s (9:24 AM): I can talk - but if you log out on me, don’t freak out if I don’t answer quick enough when you eventually log back in - lol (9:25 AM): sorry.. i never intend to do thats ..
Greg’s (9:25 AM): lol - it’s okay... (9:25 AM): okay.. (9:26 AM): i guess this is a better chance to start know each other..some thing u know.
Greg’s (9:27 AM): what do you want to know? (9:28 AM): anything . anything you could share..
Greg’s (9:29 AM): like what?
Greg’s (9:29 AM): what do you do for a living? I don't remember (9:30 AM): your age location ,kinda job you do and status.. (9:30 AM): i own a clothing store..
Greg’s (9:30 AM): I'm 41, I live in Ohio, I am an Accountant (9:31 AM): ok..
Greg’s (9:32 AM): where do you live? (9:33 AM): am from miami fla. (IP Address says Nigeria)
Greg’s (9:33 AM): ok (9:34 AM): so do u live alone?
Greg’s (9:34 AM): yes (9:34 AM): have you been married before?
Greg’s (9:35 AM): no, never (9:36 AM): u dont have any kids ?
Greg’s (9:36 AM): nope (9:37 AM): alright.. (9:37 AM): so what were you looking for on
Greg’s (9:38 AM): Where? (9:39 AM): (9:39 AM): com**
Greg’s (9:41 AM): never heard of it many dating sites are you on? (9:42 AM): 2 but now i only stay on one and which am goingt o close also soon.
Greg’s (9:43 AM): what other one are you on? (9:44 AM):
Greg’s (9:45 AM): so you are on Myspace and and that's all? (9:45 AM): yeah (9:45 AM): u?
Greg’s (9:47 AM): I am not on either of those...
Greg’s (9:47 AM): so I guess you are on a few more as well... (9:48 AM): and where do u site in too..?
Greg’s (9:48 AM): how many more are you on? (9:49 AM): have been on matchcity but it was a long way with no better respond over there.. what are the sites you are on?
Greg’s (9:50 AM): Facebook and Zoosk... (9:50 AM): am not on b oth either,,
Greg’s (9:51 AM): well, you contacted me from so I guess you are on that as well (9:52 AM): yeah but did i spoke with you over there,,,thats site is not working u know..
Greg’s (9:53 AM): yeah, they made it a pay site instead of free so it doesn’t work for you people (9:53 AM): its suck .. so u still on there?
Greg’s (9:55 AM): yes/no - I don’t contact anyone now or respond, but my profile is still there (9:55 AM): lol.. (9:55 AM): okay.. i left mine there also.. (9:55 AM): so what were u looking for on there?
Greg’s (9:57 AM): to meet interesting people (9:57 AM): i see..
Greg’s (10:00 AM): met a few - nothing special (10:02 AM): like wise//
Greg’s (10:05 AM): what kind of clothing do you sell at your store? (10:05 AM): ladies dress and make ups..
Greg’s (10:06 AM): brand name stuff? (10:06 AM): or deffirent design.
Greg’s (10:07 AM): nice...I'm sure you make lots of money from your store... (10:08 AM): not really .. its a season.. (10:08 AM): n
Greg’s (10:08 AM): do you sell Versace? (This is a test and “she” passes) (10:09 AM): sure u like stmichael?
Greg’s (10:10 AM): Don't know what that is... (10:10 AM): its a design St,michael. (10:10 AM): what about Gucci? (10:11 AM): prada,mc&spence r
Greg’s (10:11 AM): I know Gucci...I just asked about Versace because I know he was from Miami… (10:12 AM): yeah i do have some of the design in my store and i think i took some here too.. maybe i can check my list..
Greg’s (10:13 AM): LOL - I don’t want to buy one - was just curious... (10:13 AM): i understand..
Greg’s (10:15 AM): well, I'm glad to see you doing so well - what is your store's name? (10:16 AM): lol local store..maybe am goingt to call it went2share
Greg’s (10:17 AM): what do you mean? You said you owned a clothing store - you haven't named it yet? That makes it hard looking it up in the phonebook, doesn’t it, Einstein? (10:18 AM): its a local one for the planing to register it on net..
Greg’s (10:19 AM): Okay, lol - what is its local name... (10:20 AM): every one just called misswendy's.i will call it went2share clothing store.
Greg’s (10:21 AM): lol - do you have a sign on the building - a business has to have an actual name, you know (10:22 AM): i told you am about to register online for the store. i started 3 months ago..
Greg’s (10:24 AM): So you are not open yet? (10:24 AM): not really. (10:25 AM): the store was for m y dad he use it for fabrics and texile.
Greg’s (10:26 AM): So you own a dress shop with all of these expensive dresses and you aren’t open for business yet after 3 months? (10:27 AM): yeah . i was figting for my dads money so untill i have it before i can start u know..
Greg’s (10:29 AM): Did you go to college? (10:30 AM): yes.
Greg’s (10:31 AM): Really? That surprises me. What was your major? I can see it wasn't no offense... (10:32 AM): i only go for public admistration..lo l
Greg’s (10:35 AM): what’s that mean? Like politics? (10:37 AM): yeah..
Greg’s (10:38 AM): oh, okay. What school? (10:40 AM): CHIPOLA COLLEGE
Greg’s (10:43 AM): where is that? (10:43 AM): in miami.
Greg’s (10:46 AM): oh, okay - never heard of it. (10:47 AM): oh its in INDIAN CIRCLE
Greg’s (10:49 AM): okay - must be a small school (10:49 AM): not very big.. (10:49 AM): when are you going for lunch? (10:53 AM): i will be living soon..
Greg’s (10:54 AM): 12:00PM (10:55 AM): okay.. (10:55 AM): i need to get some things done will you still be online?
Greg’s (10:56 AM): later after lunch I will... (10:57 AM): okay i will try to get back with you and we talk more better oka.. (10:57 AM): n case you like to know am single and am 29. (10:59 AM): gat to go... (10:59 AM): bye for now

Very nice chat and has some possibilities. I asked the Versace question just to see if “she” knew fashion design and she answered me right back. Very nice…

----- Our chat on Wed, 11/17/10 11:02 AM -----

Greg’s (8:51 AM): hi (8:51 AM): (8:51 AM): hey hi..Greg.. (8:51 AM): how are you ?
Greg’s (8:52 AM): Good - how are you? (8:52 AM): just fine .but not that good.. how is week treating you Greg.
Greg’s (8:53 AM): pretty good
Greg’s (8:53 AM): it’s been a while since we talked (8:53 AM): yeah have been (8:53 AM): what about you?
Greg’s (8:54 AM): what does that mean? (8:55 AM): have been busy runing around for my shipment but still in the trouble.
Greg’s (8:55 AM): I asked what does have been hooked mean? (8:57 AM): dont you know hook?
Greg’s (8:58 AM): no, I am an American - what does that mean? (8:59 AM): hook is when you got some thing hanged on like hook for the fish..
Greg’s (9:00 AM): I know what a hook is, genius. I thought you were American? (9:01 AM): sorry if my english is bad.. just trying to make a point..
Greg’s (9:02 AM): Well, I don’t understand your point. What nationality are you? (9:02 AM): am mixed.canadian,a merican.
Greg’s (9:03 AM): you are Canadian/American and you can't speak good English? (9:07 AM): how do u mean i cant speak english.. dont you know what hook is? be hold on some thing maybe hang around with friends or some thing.. (9:07 AM): check your dictionary..or you need a coffee
Greg’s (9:07 AM): Your English is horrible - it is very hard to understand (did she just slam me???) (9:08 AM): are u sure?
Greg’s (9:08 AM): Are you an idiot? Of course I am sure... (9:09 AM): but you do respond to every letters i type huh?
Greg’s (9:09 AM): For your information, I know what a hook is - I just didn't understand what you meant by that phrase – it did not make sense in plain English
Greg’s (9:09 AM): What does that mean? (9:10 AM): umm u just have to ask what did i hooked with. ..
Greg’s (9:11 AM): "umm u just have to ask what did i hooked with. .. " - I can't understand what this means
Greg’s (9:12 AM): did you go to school? (9:12 AM): well can we change topic? (9:13 AM): i was hanging with some business and that made me not to get online often..
Greg’s (9:14 AM): okay, but you are still very hard to understand (9:15 AM): just take your time okay Greg am easy to get along with. (9:15 AM): if you dont understand very well on every words i said just let me know and i will explain better..
Greg’s (9:15 AM): Easy to get along with if I can understand what you are (9:16 AM): lol (9:16 AM): what ever. how was your night?
Greg’s (9:17 AM): good (9:17 AM): thats better.. (9:17 AM): so whats your plan for the day?
Greg’s (9:18 AM): I'm at work - I get off at 5:00PM (9:18 AM): alright..
Greg’s (9:18 AM): are you in Miami right now (9:19 AM): i wish . but not yet .. Got delaying.
Greg’s (9:20 AM): Last time I spoke with you you were in Miami - where are you now? (9:21 AM): i am in west africa.
Greg’s (9:21 AM): Why would you go to that disgusting place?
Greg’s (9:22 AM): When did you go there? (9:22 AM): came to but some african Arts and dressee. (9:22 AM): Dresses (9:23 AM): i have been here close to 2 weeks. (9:23 AM): i was suppose to have been moved 6 days ago but i have a problem with the papers
Greg’s (9:24 AM): I thought you sold Designer Dresses? Not clothes that those savages wear. Who would buy that crap? (9:25 AM): oh no i dont do them i buy and resell...
Greg’s (9:25 AM): I asked who would buy those silly clothes in Miami? (9:26 AM): lol.. black African are living in miami and i supply when the come to my store..
Greg’s (9:27 AM): Black people in the United States don't dress like that. (9:28 AM): lol u getting it wrong..
Greg’s (9:28 AM): I thought you sold Versace and Prada and Gucci (9:29 AM): they do some like their culture stuff so they use. (9:30 AM): yeah i do thats for the english. and when every i need to get those i go out to dubai
Greg’s (9:31 AM): So if you sell Designer clothes in your store why would you sell clothes for black people as well? You had better lock up all of the expensive clothes or the black people will steal them... (9:32 AM): no (9:32 AM): they are very important and respectfull..
Greg’s (9:33 AM): who is? Black people in Miami? (9:33 AM): yeah.. (9:33 AM): do u hate the blacks?
Greg’s (9:34 AM): lol - Miami is one of the worst cities in the US for crime and it’s because of all of the black and Mexicans (9:35 AM): well i dont have the experience of thief maybe you should come and steal from m store and let me
Greg’s (9:35 AM): what is that supposed to mean? I'm white – I don’t steal.
Greg’s (9:35 AM): Do you read the newspaper?
Greg’s (9:36 AM): Do you know anything? (9:36 AM): not always. (9:36 AM): even i dont have a tv.
Greg’s (9:36 AM): Well, let me fill you in - black people commit 80% of the crime in the US - that is a fact. (9:37 AM): i see..
Greg’s (9:37 AM): yes, they are 11% of the population but commit 80% of the crime
Greg’s (9:37 AM): how sad is that - they are all thieves and beggars (9:38 AM): thats suck
Greg’s (9:38 AM): I don’t know why you would want them in your store
Greg’s (9:38 AM): they have no money and all they do is steal and kill people (9:40 AM): have been selling for few black that lives around and they are responsible scared now.
Greg’s (9:40 AM): You said your store wasn’t open yet and you don’t even have a name – remember? (9:40 AM): no. (9:41 AM): its close and its has security alart
Greg’s (9:41 AM): Yeah, you should move your store if it’s around a black neighborhood - you'll get robbed
Greg’s (9:42 AM): and if you want my advice, don’t buy African clothes to sell - you don’t want those people in your store – they will just steal and smell up the place. (9:42 AM): i will see what i can do about that.. (9:43 AM): i wish i can just go home now.. am missing the beach..
Greg’s (9:44 AM): yeah, that was a stupid decision to go to Africa to buy clothes to sell - who gave you that idea? (9:45 AM): have been coming ..this would be the 4th time
Greg’s (9:45 AM): You have been there four times to buy African clothes and you store isn’t even open yet? (9:46 AM): well i decide to do the business when i first open my store and some black ladies came in my store and ask for some african materials,they ask i could be geting them and sell for them..and i tried it and found it cool..u know. (9:47 AM): no i have been selling but when ever i want to travel for the shoping i close it..
Greg’s (9:48 AM): You told me 3 weeks ago that you weren’t open yet – and because a few big black mamas came into your closed store without a name and requested monkey dresses, you jumped on a plane to go get some? Ever hear of the internet and getting stuff shipped to you, brainiac? (9:50 AM): did i lol.. have been making few i have been working with the store .but its not completly open because i am doing some renovation on it and every few money i made is going for it.. sorry if i told you i havet open yet..
Greg’s (9:50 AM): umm, okay whatever
Greg’s (9:50 AM): what country in West Africa are you in? (9:51 AM): am in nigeria. the Giant of the (9:52 AM): its sunny here..
Greg’s (9:52 AM): oh my God - did you travel with bodyguards? (9:53 AM): naa why?
Greg’s (9:54 AM): I heard that place was horrible and disgusting and smells like poop.
Greg’s (9:54 AM): they will rob and kill anyone
Greg’s (9:54 AM): are you insane?
Greg’s (9:55 AM): You travelled there alone? (9:55 AM): oh no am scared now.. but (9:55 AM): i dont think things bad happen maybe am nut..
Greg’s (9:56 AM): are you kidding me? It is one of the poorest countries in the world and is infested with war, crime, and disease, bad smells, and stupid people.
Greg’s (9:57 AM): You didn’t research this before you left? (9:57 AM): do i have to wear an Oxigen Mask (9:57 AM): ?
Greg’s (9:57 AM): I heard that like 75% of the people have AIDS - don’t touch anyone
Greg’s (9:58 AM): seriously, I would (I guess she caught my “bad smells” comment)
Greg’s (9:58 AM): Did you travel alone? (9:58 AM): oh dear (9:58 AM): yeah i...
Greg’s (10:01 AM): that’s crazy... (10:01 AM): well i know am going to get home safe..
Greg’s (10:03 AM): How do you know that? (10:03 AM): i believe nothing bad will happen.
Greg’s (10:04 AM): You don’t know that for sure - don’t go out at night – you can’t see them at night unless they smile. (10:05 AM): i dont go out..
Greg’s (10:07 AM): Yeah, I wouldn't either with all of those criminals around. (10:08 AM): i will be fine ..
Greg’s (10:08 AM): gee, I hope so (10:10 AM): yeah dont worry ok..only that i cant get my Money Order Cashed here,, and i need help to renew my shipment reciept..
Greg’s (10:12 AM): Okay, well good luck on that. I really do hope that nothing bad happens to you, but now you have me freaked out. (10:13 AM): sure.. (10:16 AM): well i will be fine..
Greg’s (10:18 AM): I hope so...But you are in a very dangerous situation (10:19 AM): if u say . i just need a tip or help and am off this place.
Greg’s (10:20 AM): okay - like I said I hope everything works out for you. (10:21 AM): Am hoping too... have been seeking for help for the past 6 days.
Greg’s (10:22 AM): Okay - so tell me what you like to do when you aren’t working and travelling (nice change of subject here – she was getting ready to ask for money) (10:23 AM): some time i like to be on the beach to relax reading novels and i use to club when i was with my x bf. (10:25 AM): n u?
Greg’s (10:25 AM): I am more of a homebody - I don’t like clubs or bars (10:26 AM): oh i see..
Greg’s (10:27 AM): I like going to dinner and shows
Greg’s (10:27 AM): I like reading and watching old movies (10:27 AM): thats cool .. alone? (10:28 AM): i dont watch movie but if i would its going to be horror films and adventure
Greg’s (10:28 AM): what is your favorite novel - you said you like reading (10:30 AM): i dont really like much writes .. only James Hardly Chase.
Greg’s (10:30 AM): never heard of him... (10:31 AM): oh okay.. its a best selling in the US. (10:32 AM): anyway do you like to party.. i like to have a lil party at the back of the house..
Greg’s (10:33 AM): no, not at all (10:34 AM): oh okay,
Greg’s (10:34 AM): I like things simple and quiet (10:35 AM): i dont like much noise Either,,\
Greg’s (10:36 AM): but you have parties? (10:36 AM): some times ago..
Greg’s (10:37 AM): I guess we don’t have a lot in common, do we? (10:38 AM): maybe but things can still be done in the right ways..
Greg’s (10:39 AM): I guess we will see - do you like living in Miami? (10:40 AM): have been the almost all my life.. but i would love relocating some day if i have the chance too..
Greg’s (10:45 AM): warm climate or cold? (10:45 AM): ? ? (10:46 AM): what’s the weather about?
Greg’s (10:46 AM): I asked if you prefer warm climate or cold? Is this hard to understand? (10:47 AM): oh i love the warm. (10:48 AM): that will not make me to have heavy cloths on.. just a shirt and a pants on..thats (10:48 AM): it (10:48 AM): what about you?
Greg’s (10:49 AM): I love the cold - Fall is my favorite season - I will not go to the beach as I cannot stand the heat (10:50 AM): ummm i see..
Greg’s (10:52 AM): I love winter and Christmas and sitting in front of a roaring fire... (10:52 AM): thats cool.. (10:52 AM): i love such but its not my favourite..
Greg’s (10:55 AM): do you watch or like sports (10:55 AM): no.
Greg’s (10:56 AM): I am a huge football fan
Greg’s (10:56 AM): and tennis (10:56 AM): thats cool.
Greg’s (10:58 AM): anything else you like to do? We must have one thing in common, lol. (10:59 AM): do u like sex?
Greg’s (10:59 AM): lol - that’s funny (11:00 AM): yeah its but am asking? (11:01 AM): well i need to know and i have to Go for now..
Greg’s (11:02 AM): Okay, I will talk to you later - it's getting close to lunch time anyways
Greg’s (11:02 AM): bye (11:02 AM): bye (11:02 AM): just tell me if you like sex

She knows we have nothing in common and is trying to hook me with sex…lol.

----- Our chat on Thu, 11/18/10 3:37 PM -----

Greg’s (2:35 PM): Are you there? (2:35 PM): hello Greg..
Greg’s (2:41 PM): hi
Greg’s (2:42 PM): how are you (2:42 PM): am fine and you.
Greg’s (2:43 PM): good (2:43 PM): thats nice so where are you now?
Greg’s (2:44 PM): still at work
Greg’s (2:44 PM): 2 more hours (2:44 PM): oh okay..
Greg’s (2:45 PM): I work 8:00 to 5:00 (2:46 PM): oh okay.. Greg Can i ask yousome thing?
Greg’s (2:46 PM): sure - of course you can (2:48 PM): i need you to assist me with some lil amount..
Greg’s (2:49 PM): what are you talking about? (2:50 PM): i need some money to renew my shipment reciept..
Greg’s (2:51 PM): so why are you telling me this - I don’t understand (2:52 PM): am broke and i need to pay before living here and i see that you can come up with help .. to assist me..\
Greg’s (2:52 PM): how much? (2:52 PM): 480.
Greg’s (2:53 PM): Do you remember our conversation the other day? (2:53 PM): on what?
Greg’s (2:54 PM): on black people and how they are all beggars and thieves (2:54 PM): yeah . so what does that got to do with this..
Greg’s (2:55 PM): I guess you just proved my point... (2:55 PM): well .. greg am seeking for your assistance and would you ..
Greg’s (2:56 PM): say it for me... (2:56 PM): say what?
Greg’s (2:56 PM): that all black people are beggars and thieves...
Greg’s (2:58 PM): hello? (2:58 PM): yeah they are all thieves....
Greg’s (2:59 PM): and beggars...say it (3:00 PM): and beggars .. but why all this Greg,,
Greg’s (3:00 PM): what do you mean? I said you proved my point... (3:00 PM): ok so what the deal now..
Greg’s (3:01 PM): you are a black beggar and thief and you are trying to steal from me (3:01 PM): you must be mistaken Greg.. (3:01 PM): well there is nothing i could say to make you believe me.. (3:01 PM): am not what you think..
Greg’s (3:02 PM): lol - I knew the whole time - you are obviously not American or Canadian, you fool
Greg’s (3:03 PM): and no store on Earth has Versace, Gucci, Prada and African Monkey dresses in the same store - lol
Greg’s (3:03 PM): that was hilarious (3:04 PM): its okay now..i know you cant help me so please just go away,,i know one day i will prove who i amto you..its your lost..
Greg’s (3:05 PM): lol - I'm glad I have it in writing that you admit all blacks are beggars and thieves...that was great! I love when I get you idiot to admit that all black people are beggars and thieves!
Greg’s (3:07 PM): I traced your first email when you said you were Miami, fool - I knew you were in Nigeria the whole time
Greg’s (3:08 PM): I was just waiting for you to beg me for money, like all Africans do
Greg’s (3:08 PM): I glad that you know this to, mumu
Greg’s (3:08 PM): lol (3:08 PM): ? ?
Greg’s (3:09 PM): what dont you understand? (3:09 PM): what is the full meaning?
Greg’s (3:09 PM): I know that English is hard for you to understand... (3:10 PM): thats not english Greg.. (3:10 PM): well lets stop all this bullshit..
Greg’s (3:10 PM): I said I was just waiting for you to beg me for money - I knew you would because you are poor and black and stupid (3:11 PM): you not going to help so forget it!!! (3:11 PM): do u read bible?
Greg’s (3:11 PM): no
Greg’s (3:12 PM): help what? Your fake shipment of African Monkey Dresses? (3:12 PM): thats it ,,. you sdont even have the fear of God in you..
Greg’s (3:12 PM): GHEY SMALL BOI LIKE U, I DEY CHOP UR DOLLA ALWAYS, OK? BASTARD, IDOIT, HOMO, GEE MAN STYLE YAHOO BOI, U NEVR GO SEE 1 KOBO FROM MAGA. CHURCH RAT MUMU, MAY THUNDER SODER YOUR NASH. GOD WILL PUNISH U NAU! (3:13 PM): remember you going to die one day and God gonna ask you why you called his creations
Greg’s (3:13 PM): if you read the bible, try the 10 commandments where it says "Thou Shall Not Steal"
Greg’s (3:14 PM): Can you understand your savage monkey- talk better?
Greg’s (3:16 PM):
Greg’s (3:36 PM): run away little beggar boy - thanks, that was hilarious
Greg’s (3:37 PM): I loved how you agreed that all blacks were beggars and thieves...
Greg’s (3:37 PM): that was great!!!
Greg’s (3:37 PM): I cant wait to publish that on my website

“She” logs out. Immediately report her email to yahoo abuse to have it shut down, but 4 days later she is still online. Usually Yahoo is pretty quick about it…

----- Our chat on Mon, 11/22/10 3:11 PM -----

Greg’s (1:55 PM): stupid black monkey
Greg’s (1:58 PM): Do you like begging, fool?
Greg’s (2:01 PM): Why do all black people steal? Is it in your blood?
Greg’s (2:02 PM): God hates you - that's why he cursed your filthy continent with AIDS
Greg’s (2:02 PM): are your mother and father filthy 419 Scammers as well? (2:02 PM): well i will be in miami soon how can i get you are you coming to miami to know who i am?
Greg’s (2:03 PM): is that where you learned to beg from?
Greg’s (2:03 PM): From your stupid parents...
Greg’s (2:03 PM): You are an idiot
Greg’s (2:04 PM): I told you fool - I traced your first email when you said you were in Miami - I knew you were Nigeria the whole time, liar
Greg’s (2:05 PM): You are too poor and stupid to come to America - we already have enough black criminals here (2:05 PM): dont worry .. maybe i lie or i did not .. just wait till you see who wendy is..
Greg’s (2:05 PM): I know you lied fool...
Greg’s (2:05 PM): I knew you were a scammer the whole time fool (2:06 PM): ok u just wait.. because you taking me for wrong person..
Greg’s (2:06 PM): I loved how you said that all black people were beggars and thieves
Greg’s (2:06 PM): that was great
Greg’s (2:07 PM): I loved how you begged like a dog
Greg’s (2:07 PM): 419 scammers are so stupid (2:08 PM): lol (2:08 PM):
Greg’s (2:08 PM): Do you wonder why Africa is infested with disease, crime, and poverty? (2:08 PM):
Greg’s (2:08 PM): Because all black people are evil
Greg’s (2:09 PM): I love making fun of you fools - it's so easy because you are so stupid
Greg’s (2:09 PM): A dress shop that sells Versace and African monkey dresses? Truly stupid... (2:11 PM): (2:11 PM): (2:11 PM):
Greg’s (2:11 PM): How could you choose to do this for a living? You are so stupid and not very good at it...
Greg’s (2:12 PM): have you ever made money at this, mumu? (2:12 PM): (2:13 PM):
Greg’s (2:14 PM): Are you afraid to talk, mugu, because you know everything I say is right? (2:15 PM): what language do know how to speak?
Greg’s (2:15 PM): IGBO (2:15 PM): and where u really from?
Greg’s (2:16 PM): Delta State, Nigeria
Greg’s (2:17 PM): OGUN GO KILL U SOON! NO CROSS ROAD!! I GO TELL U SAID I BE IJEBU MAN,UR OWN DNT FINISH!!! (2:18 PM): lol... (2:19 PM): so where are u now?
Greg’s (2:19 PM): US (2:19 PM): cool. (2:20 PM): so u sound so Good to me...but i guess u made mistake of the person you have been thing i am..
Greg’s (2:20 PM): YOU WORKING JOB JUST LIKE ME MUMU (2:21 PM): what you in too?
Greg’s (2:22 PM): what do u mean
Greg’s (2:23 PM): I WORK LOAN JOBS (2:24 PM): i mean what the nature of your job? (2:24 PM): cool.. (2:24 PM): so how is it going?
Greg’s (2:25 PM): GOOD GOING
Greg’s (2:25 PM): u will no chop mi dollah (2:25 PM): thats great... (2:26 PM): put me through..
Greg’s (2:27 PM): what u mean? who is your boss? (2:28 PM): u want to be boss?
Greg’s (2:29 PM): I WORK IN US (2:30 PM): its dope. (2:32 PM): so why u talking shit all this while..
Greg’s (2:34 PM): IF U NO WORK FOR US U WORK AGINST US (2:34 PM): and am Gonna be Boss kid.
Greg’s (2:34 PM): BE MY BOSS? ? ? (2:34 PM): u scam ..i knew it
Greg’s (2:35 PM): U NO MY BOSS (2:35 PM): am not scam ..
Greg’s (2:36 PM): CANT FOOL ME I KNOW YOU WORKING JOBS (2:36 PM): lol...
Greg’s (2:36 PM): BOSSMAN OSEGHALE GIVE ME U NAME (2:37 PM): name?
Greg’s (2:37 PM): EMAIL (2:37 PM): u have it..
Greg’s (2:39 PM): EACH OF MY TIME NA WORK WORK WORK, OKEY, YOU WEN SABI GUD ENGHLISH, READ WATIN U SEND 4 ME AGAIN AND SEE. (2:40 PM): okay its will that do u have fb?
Greg’s (2:40 PM): FOR FAKE PROFILE GREG (2:41 PM): lol..for real pf
Greg’s (2:41 PM): NO I USE GREG PROFILE (2:42 PM): ok.. (2:42 PM): but what site did i gat u from..?
Greg’s (2:43 PM): Dating72 (2:43 PM): fuck.. i dont even know maybe that site still
Greg’s (2:44 PM): NO GOOD FOR JOBS MAKE YOU PAY TO USE (2:45 PM): umm..
Greg’s (2:45 PM): WHO U WORK 4? ? ? U WORL ALONE (2:45 PM): okay so what good.. any deal.. (2:46 PM): yes alone ..
Greg’s (2:46 PM): U WORK 4 BOSSMAN OSEGHALE YOU GET CUT OF JOBS (2:47 PM): really?
Greg’s (2:48 PM): YES I GET ONE GOOD MAGA NA DON MAKE BIG CHOP. CAN U ASSIST ME? (2:49 PM): what do u want me to do?
Greg’s (2:50 PM): WHERE U FROMM (2:50 PM): who is the boss?
Greg’s (2:50 PM): OSEGHALE
Greg’s (2:51 PM): WHERE U LIVE (2:51 PM): where is he..
Greg’s (2:51 PM): U SEE HIM IN LAGOS (2:51 PM): umm ok here in nigeria..
Greg’s (2:51 PM): WHERE U LIVE
Greg’s (2:52 PM): WHAT STATE (2:58 PM): am here in lagos.
Greg’s (2:59 PM): U WORL LOAN JOBS B4? (3:00 PM): naa..
Greg’s (3:01 PM): U JUST WORK ROMANCE DATING? (3:01 PM): sure
Greg’s (3:02 PM): BOSSMAN NEDD EMAIL ADRESSES FOR LOAN JOB (3:03 PM): so i will be suppling ?
Greg’s (3:05 PM): YEA U CANT WORL LOAN JOB NO? (3:06 PM): ok..
Greg’s (3:07 PM): U MAKE MONEY FROM UR JOBS? (3:08 PM): okay can we talk on this tomorrow?
Greg’s (3:09 PM): yea (3:11 PM): okay take care..
Greg’s (3:11 PM): BYE

I toy with the idea of becoming this fool’s partner in scamming just to keep them busy as well, but I forgot that I reported them to yahoo and the next time I tried to contact him, it came back undeliverable. Still was a fun bait…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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