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Models Incorporated

I could have done more with this one, but I was talking to about 10 idiots all at once from They were all IMing at the same time, so if was tough to keep up with all of them. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

----- Our chat on Thu, 9/23/10 5:00 PM -----

Greg’s (4:14 PM): Hi
lollysmith4fun (4:14 PM): how are u doing today?
Greg’s (4:15 PM): Good you? Did you get my message?
lollysmith4fun (4:16 PM): i will check it now
lollysmith4fun (4:16 PM): I am also fine and did u care for chat?
Greg’s (4:16 PM): at
lollysmith4fun (4:17 PM): Ok that is good well can u tell me ur full name and age and location?
Greg’s (4:17 PM): Greg Wilson, 41 years old, Ohio USA
Greg’s (4:17 PM): how about you?
lollysmith4fun (4:19 PM): I am Lolly mellisa smith by the name and i am 28 ys old from los angeles
Greg’s (4:19 PM): cool
lollysmith4fun (4:19 PM): Nice to meet u Greg can u tell me what are u doing for a living and tell me if u have married and have a kids?
Greg’s (4:20 PM): why would I be on a dating site if I was married? no kids
Greg’s (4:20 PM): I'm an Accountant
lollysmith4fun (4:21 PM): lol sound great with me well i am an internationa modelling fashion and i am also single and i have no kids with me
Greg’s (4:21 PM): neato
lollysmith4fun (4:21 PM): so can u please tell me how long have u been in that site and have u get any woman from there ?
Greg’s (4:22 PM): I've been on for one week
Greg’s (4:22 PM): talked to a couple, nothing special
lollysmith4fun (4:23 PM): Ok well can u tell me those one u talked with are u still talking to them and where are they from and why dont u wanna date them?
Greg’s (4:24 PM): just trying to get to know them _ I haven’t dated anyone from the site yet, still talking
lollysmith4fun (4:26 PM): Ok well let me tell u what i am here for....I am here really looking for the right man who is going to love me and care for me and also who is going to be the man who i will be with fro the rest of my life and a man who have god fearing in mind that we love me and settle down with me for the rest of my life
lollysmith4fun (4:26 PM): and u too?
Greg’s (4:27 PM): yes, me too. Is it fun being an international model? You probably make a lot more money than I do...
lollysmith4fun (4:28 PM): well yeap and i am still in school right before i will be taking money i think i will done with school first
Greg’s (4:28 PM): that’s nice...
lollysmith4fun (4:28 PM): well can u please tell me more about ur self and also tell me about ur family....i mean about ur mother and father and if u have any sister or brother there?
Greg’s (4:29 PM): no family members - parents died in a car crash
Greg’s (4:30 PM): it was ghastly
Greg’s (4:30 PM): no brothers or sisters either
lollysmith4fun (4:30 PM): Ohhh sorry about ur parent dont u have any sister or brother?
Greg’s (4:31 PM): nope - no brother or sisters
lollysmith4fun (4:31 PM): ok that mean u are the only one from ur parent right
Greg’s (4:32 PM): yes that’s what it means, math whiz
Greg’s (4:32 PM): how about you?
lollysmith4fun (4:32 PM): well i think i have to tell u about my family also..........i lose my mother and father in a plane cashed with the little brother i have on there way going to Germany for an occasion some ys back now
Greg’s (4:33 PM): a plane crash? wow, that sucks...
lollysmith4fun (4:33 PM): ever since then i have been single and really looking for the right man and by then i am staying with my friend here and now she has geting married now
lollysmith4fun (4:33 PM): Thank you
lollysmith4fun (4:34 PM): But right now i am here in west africa Nigeria and i am here for my last course in a modelling and also i am here to get my International modelling Certificate and i will be done soon and come back to the state
lollysmith4fun (4:34 PM): u there
lollysmith4fun (4:34 PM):
Greg’s (4:34 PM): yes, I'm here
Greg’s (4:35 PM): A course in modeling in Nigeria? All of those people look like baboons - how can they teach modeling?
lollysmith4fun (4:37 PM): well they are trying and also i have been in to so many countrys for this modelling stuff but i am just here for the last course and to get the Certificate
lollysmith4fun (4:37 PM): i hope u dont mind about the long distance?
Greg’s (4:38 PM): oh okay - I understand. I don't mind about the long distance. It's nice that you have plenty of money to travel so much
lollysmith4fun (4:40 PM): Nope the modelling organisation is the one that is taking us travlling and its just that they want us to go and look at the other country style of modelling and i think nigeria is the last country we are going to visit and i will be back soon
lollysmith4fun (4:40 PM): bco we are many
Greg’s (4:42 PM): Yeah, I would be glad that is the last place to visit. I read that Nigeria was full of thieves and 75% of the people have AIDS, so you be careful okay?
lollysmith4fun (4:43 PM): yeap i know Thank u and i hope u can corp with me here and i think u can be patient with me to finished with my school if u will love to meet me and married me
Greg’s (4:44 PM): Yes, I'll wait until you finish - after all, we need time to get to know each other, right?
lollysmith4fun (4:45 PM): yeap well greg i will want us to know each other better and see where all this conversation is going too bco i last man i date he cheated on me and break my heart and ever since then i have been thinking if i am going to meet the right man who is going to love me as i do
lollysmith4fun (4:46 PM): greg i will want u to tell me more about ur self and also u tell me about ur work when and when did u normally go to work and where did u work?
Greg’s (4:49 PM): I know what you mean about relationships. I had to put my last girlfriend in the ground. She just wouldn't listen at all. Easy come, easy go. I work a computer services company in Ohio - I have been here fourscore and seven years, And I love my work.
lollysmith4fun (4:50 PM): woww that is great i hope they pays u well from the work right? and tell me did u leave alone or u leave with some one?
Greg’s (4:52 PM): I live alone - I'm sure the money I make is nothing compared to you...
lollysmith4fun (4:52 PM): lol well that is good so are u in ur house right now and did u have a cam?
Greg’s (4:53 PM): I'm at work, getting ready to go home - almost 5:00PM
lollysmith4fun (4:54 PM): Ok what time did u normally close and how long will it take u to get home?
Greg’s (4:55 PM): I leave at 5:00PM - i won’t be on until later tonight though - have some errands to run and have to make dinner
Greg’s (4:55 PM): I'll talk to you tomorrow okay?
Greg’s (4:55 PM): what time is it there?
lollysmith4fun (4:55 PM): OK that is good well like what time did u think u will be online wghen u get home
lollysmith4fun (4:56 PM): Its 9.55pm in the night here
Greg’s (4:56 PM): probably 8:00PM EST or a little after
Greg’s (4:56 PM): we are 5 hours apart
Greg’s (4:57 PM): will you be on tomorrow?
lollysmith4fun (4:58 PM): 8,00pm ur time that we be almost in the mornning here right?
lollysmith4fun (4:58 PM): i may come back with u online so that we can talk better bco i will love to talked with u more and know u better
Greg’s (4:59 PM): yeah, but it may be later than that tonight - I can’t promise I'll be on at 8:00PM - if not will you be on tomorrow?
Greg’s (5:00 PM): maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow - gotta go - bye!!!

I love saying off the wall crap to these idiots. Notice “she” didn’t even blink when I said I put my last girlfriend in the ground…

----- Our chat on Fri, 9/24/10 4:44 PM -----

lollysmith4fun (3:50 PM): Hello u there
lollysmith4fun (3:50 PM):
Greg’s (3:51 PM): I’m here
lollysmith4fun (3:52 PM): how are u doing there today
lollysmith4fun (3:52 PM): i was here waiting for u last nite and i cant see u why?
lollysmith4fun (3:53 PM):
Greg’s (3:54 PM): I got busy, didnt get home until late, sorry
lollysmith4fun (3:56 PM): ok that is Ok well tell me how are u doing there today and how was ur work there today?
Greg’s (3:58 PM): good - almost done
lollysmith4fun (3:58 PM): Ok that is good well i am just here be thinking about u through out of today and i really missed talking to u
lollysmith4fun (3:58 PM): what about u
Greg’s (3:59 PM): just staying busy at work trying to make the day go faster
lollysmith4fun (4:01 PM): Ok that is good and i hope u missed me and tghink about me today?
Greg’s (4:02 PM): I’ve been pretty busy, so about you?
Greg’s (4:02 PM): how’s the modeling?
lollysmith4fun (4:04 PM): i do think about u and the modelling is fine even when i get to class today i told some of my friend that i meet a man on the internet today and she say that was fine
lollysmith4fun (4:04 PM): how was ur workers there today?
Greg’s (4:04 PM): that’s just wonderful...
Greg’s (4:05 PM): they are fine...
lollysmith4fun (4:05 PM): Ok that is great baby what time did u get home last nite and what time did u go work today?
Greg’s (4:06 PM): i go to work at 8:00AM
Greg’s (4:07 PM): I had to pick up some things last night and run some errands - I got home around 8:30PM then had to make dinner
Greg’s (4:07 PM): that’s why i wasn’t online last night
lollysmith4fun (4:09 PM): ok that is fine
lollysmith4fun (4:09 PM): well can we talk better now and get to know about each other?
Greg’s (4:10 PM): I thought we were doing
lollysmith4fun (4:12 PM): yeap
lollysmith4fun (4:12 PM): well can u teell me what u like doing in ur free time and what did u like to do for Fun?
Greg’s (4:13 PM): play tennis, golf, read, go to movies, dinner, etc...
lollysmith4fun (4:15 PM): Ok that is great and me also i like playing tennis and also i love going to beatch and i love go to film house and watch film
lollysmith4fun (4:15 PM): what are u doing right now and can u please tell me what did u think about me and tell me if u have a woman like me as ur lover how will u fill?
Greg’s (4:16 PM): What nationality are you?
lollysmith4fun (4:17 PM): Native America and u too?
Greg’s (4:19 PM): You are American? Do you have foreign parents?
lollysmith4fun (4:20 PM): yeap my mother is from america and my father is from west africa bco they meet there self when my father travlling to america and work there
lollysmith4fun (4:20 PM): u too where is ur mother and father from?
Greg’s (4:21 PM): okay - because your English is not good - sometimes it’s hard to understand you
lollysmith4fun (4:21 PM): ohh sorry baby
lollysmith4fun (4:21 PM): Am a young lady that will like to get married to someone that i will love and that will love me as well.I'm a quiet, kind, loyal. A great meaning for me is a human's soul. Circle of my interests is various.
lollysmith4fun (4:21 PM): and u too
Greg’s (4:24 PM): is your dad black?
lollysmith4fun (4:26 PM): yeap i do my last boy friend is black
Greg’s (4:27 PM): ewwww, that is gross
lollysmith4fun (4:27 PM): I like the literature, music, and cinema. personality traits are calm, honest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, romantic.
lollysmith4fun (4:27 PM): and u too?
Greg’s (4:28 PM): we shouldn’t talk anymore...
lollysmith4fun (4:29 PM): why baby
lollysmith4fun (4:29 PM): is it bco i date black?
Greg’s (4:31 PM): yes, that is disgusting
lollysmith4fun (4:31 PM): Ohhh baby but u know i am no more dating him and i belive that this one did not have any thing doing with this matter
lollysmith4fun (4:32 PM): relationship
Greg’s (4:32 PM): but your dad is black too, right?
lollysmith4fun (4:36 PM): he is from africa but he did not grow up there
Greg’s (4:37 PM): is he black?
lollysmith4fun (4:37 PM): nope
lollysmith4fun (4:37 PM): why did u ask baby?
Greg’s (4:38 PM): so your dad is from West Africa and isn’t black?
lollysmith4fun (4:40 PM): yeap he is not much black
Greg’s (4:40 PM): what country?
lollysmith4fun (4:40 PM): south africa
Greg’s (4:41 PM): you said west africa
lollysmith4fun (4:41 PM): yeap south west africa
Greg’s (4:41 PM): go away
Greg’s (4:44 PM): don’t contact me anymore, fool

She logs out. She probably would have come back begging, but I just have her email shut down instead.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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