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Keeping Up With Jones

You can tell that this idiot was just a beginner in the loan scam business. This was a pretty boring bait – the one highlight is the silly looking ID at the end. My emails are in blue, his/hers are in black, my comments in red. Happy reading!

JONES BEN LOAN HOME offer loan at 3% interest. Contact

I am in need of a short-term loan on behalf of my company. The duration and amount of the loan will vary depending on terms, conditions, and the rate of various maturities. Please send me an interest rate schedule of maturities from 3 to 7 years - the amount would be approximately $350,000.00. Could you please also send me a brochure or prospectus from your firm as well as your web site details. Thank you.

Thomas Payne

Head office,
We Are Fidelity, We Keep Our Word..........
Inscape development funds services Controller/UEA Operations Manager

Kind Attn,Thomas Payne

I got your e-mail and i understand it content, and was well noted, I am glad to inform you that we can give you the loan in even less than 72working hours depending on your co-operation, well we already have your fund terms of $350,000.00 USD calculated for you in ten years see and get back so that we can know if you like the terms below, and your bank personal information's will be needed by us so that we can get your fund deposited with your full information's as well this can serve as a trust that you are a serious client and moreover that you can be trusted too as a God fearing person that you are not going to involve in any kind of fraudulent act as soon as you are given this loan. So I will like to bring to your notice that we shall start with the processing of your loan immediately we receive your wire transfer information, but before we do this we will like to state the repayment schedule and the terms and condition for the amount needed as loan, please see below.


Loan Amount Needed: $350,000.00

Loan Interest Rate: 3%

Loan Term: 7years

Monthly Loan Payment:$4,624.66
Number of Payments: 84
Cumulative Payments: $388,470.98
Total Interest Paid: $38,470.98

Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 83 payments of $4,624.66 plus a final payment of $4,624.20

I have forwarded your information to the Money Laundering monitoring Council for the approval of the loan,and also send the loan to our accountant for process immediately.

The agreement is governed by the laws of the company and which will also govern the relationship between me and you before the conclusion of this agreement.

As soon as you are in agreement with the terms and conditions that you will find in the LOAN TERMS AND REPAYMENT SCHEDULE to this mail,kindly get back to us immediately for proceedings so that your loan can be transferred to you within stipulate time via your wire transfer.

Transfer mode: which is by bank to bank transfer, loan funds are transferred directly into your account with the aid of my bank, in this option, applicant must have to send down his or her full bank information to enable us make the transfer the loan and it takes maximum 72working hours for the funds to be transferred into your account.

You may have extended cancellation rights in certain circumstances. If you do, and you exercise those rights, you will still have to pay everything you own me for the period up to cancellation,including interest.

COMPLAINTS. If you think I have made an error or that I have not delivered the standard of service that you expect, please let me know promptly so that I may investigate the circumstances as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Can you please send me a brochure or prospectus about your company, as well as your web site information. I would like to see who I am doing business with.

Thank you very much.


Hello Thomas Payne,

I that you for your humble interest in our loan program and i promise you, you will have the best from us and i hope we will have you as a dependable, humble, truthful, honest and God feaing person in this organisation okay.So like you said in your mail, i have sent you two different terms of the loan okay, which is the 3years and the 7years.
So is now depends on you the one to use and which one you will go for okay.

Fouthermore, like you stated our web site has encountant virous distruction right now okay and our engineers are working on it so as soon as they are through, i will let you know and then so that you can view it, but right now we have to go on with the transaction before viewing the website okay. So hope you understand all i have stated both in the terms of the loan, i will like you to get back so that we can proceed further for the processes okay.


Mr Jones Ben.

What nationality are you? Your emails are riddled with spelling errors and you do not speak English well. Are you uneducated? Could I speak with someone smarter who works there?


What is the delay for? The management of this organization wants to know if you are still interested in the loan or not okay so get back to us now............


Mr Jones Ben.

(This was 9 days later – I guess he didn’t like my comments…)

I was waiting to hear back from you moron. I asked you to send me a company brochure and/or prospectus so I can see who I am dealing with.


Hello Thomas Payne,

I want you to know that here are our located profiles and our registration information and other information are included okay so view and do get back on time so that we can proceed further for the loan process okay.
Plot 125, FCT, Abuja , Nigeria
Ref: EA-ASL/941OYI/02/LN-NGR
SSL: 12/25/0034
Registration (Z720633X)
Efcc Registration number:(Ef274622x)
TELL:+234-80 532-391-82 AND you just need to see that you get back if you are ok with this and let start the transfer proceedure.

I want you to get back to us now so that we can proceed further in the transfer processes okay
Mr Jones.

All that nonsense means nothing to me, moron. I would like to see some documentation that your company actually exists. Send me a prospectus or brochure because I can’t find out a thing about your supposed company on the web.


I thank you for the mail okay and i want you to know that this firm is the most reputable and respectable firm in my country and many usa citizens have benefited from us so i want you to know that we give out the best maximum satisfaction to all our customers so in this firm, what we do is to make sure u get this loan and do good trade or invest with it so that you can give good account of it okay. So i do hope you get back on time so that we can proceed to transfer. okay.


Mr Jones.

Am I talking to a wall? I asked you numerous times to send me your company prospectus. Don’t make me repeat myself again, boy.



1:Applican't must obey the company instructions.
2:Applican't must be 18 years and above.
3:The loan must take insurance protection for security reasons.
4:Applican't must provide his/her National Identity Card or Internation Passport,Driver License and a copy of his/her photo(pictures).
5:All information sent by the applican't must be valid.
6:Applican't must respond to the company mails regularly.
7:The loan repayment is consist in Monthly payment with the total ineterest rate.
8:The maximum amount we lend is 100,000,000.00 in the following currency:United State Dollars,Europe and Great British Pounds(GBP).

So if you wish to obtain a loan from our company the above list stated are the company procedure.And the below information is the loan terms and as soon as you are in agreement with it you are to get back with a scan copy of your id card for verification

Mr Jones Ben.

Jones Loan ID

You have no idea what a company prospectus is, do you? And that has to be the silliest looking ID that I have ever seen. Do the world a favor and cut your own throat because you are too stupid to live.


I was sick of him – he had to go…

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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