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Beaker In Love

This poem is wriiten by "Beaker" - the lab assistant of Gilbert Murray, the Inventor. This is dedicated to the artistry of Gilbert and his Scambaiting Website -

From: Beaker
To: Vincent Adekunle
Sent: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 12:28:24

Hi Vincent,
I am sad to have not had a reply from your lovely daughter. I cannot get her out of my mind she is so beautiful. Please tell her that I would like to communicate with her so she can get to know me better. I am an honorable man and would make a good husband and son-in-law. Mr Murray tells me you are a good man and I would like to be able to call you Dad. I have written a poem for your daughter. It would make me very happy if you would show it to her as a token of my affection.

O, wonderful daughter of Vincent Adekunle
How I long to hold your young body against me
Your lips are like rubies, your hair like fine wire
The swell of your bosom sets my loins on fire
The strength of my feelings makes my trousers tight
How Id like to caress you all through the long night
Id like to take you on holiday to a caravan in Dorset
Where I could discover whats under your corset
Id show you sweet loving like youve never had before
So good that you will beg me Dont stop darling! More!
Id love you, my darling, with all of my heart
Go on, send me an email that would be a good start.

Thanking you,
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