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Alotta Fosters And The Koala Ranch

This is a scambait sent to me from a new friend who may like teasing the scammers even more than I do. His emails are in blue, the scammer's are in black, his comments in red. Happy reading!

This starts as email and I switch it to chat--and lasts about 4hrs 40min..As I say, an hour of chat is worth about 20 emails..And better because the lads have no time to plan things out.

ALOTTA FOSTERS--age 47, owns a koala ranch in Australia which looks like the desert ghost town of Shakespeare New Mexico USA ( just saying). And she also owns a big python and looks sorta like Terri Irwin..and knows almost nothing of Nigeria. And has NEVER been on a dating site/sit!

JAME RICHARD---age 43..Nigerian. Certainly not starving, from the pics he sent he looks like a chubby oga or retired oga.

Let the fun begin! Note--when I get impatient with him, it's from waiting 3 minutes or so..See how I threaten him..

hello dear
Am Richard Jame ,i saw your profile on dating sit so i decided to contact you . i need a woman who can be my love have be searching for love since but i couldn't get my hearth .but today i went through your profile and i saw that you are a serious woman who have sense of humour...I do believe in honesty and trust because is the foundation of any relationship to work out and last longer,moreover i like to be with a woman that really knows what she wants for herself and how she wants to achieve it in life. I like to meet different kind of people from any part of life and culture

HMM..The headers were vague but it sounds like basic 'lad-speak'. So I send the standard 'age & location please' hours later

am 43 years old and i living in Dubai

Let me show him I am a feisty woman.. and 43..that is about 15 years younger than my real age--but I'll be 47 or so, if he bites

am not an Arab man i'm from Africa

as I suspected..hmm--there might be promise here..but I can not be eager.

well I am in Australia and have no desire to go to either place

but can we be intimate friend because am looking my soul mate,the woman who can be my wife .so if you are interested pleases let me know .and for correction dear,am not an Arab man

Intimate? Soul mate? Wife? This is every girls' dream! Fish on! Now to get him to chat.. a fast email reply does it--so here we go!

Alotta Fosters: here i am
Alotta Fosters: go ahead- - i added you
Alotta Fosters: it is almost 9pm here- - do not keep me waiting too long
Jame Richard: okay dear
Jame Richard: how are you doing overythere
Alotta Fosters: ok- - and are you in dubai or africa?
Jame Richard: i work in Dubai
Alotta Fosters: ok- - where in africa are you from?
Alotta Fosters: i'm not going to keep waiting much longer
Jame Richard: as contranctor engineer in dubai from Nigeria west Africa
Alotta Fosters: ok, nigeria
Jame Richard: yes dear
Alotta Fosters: i know where it is
Jame Richard: what?
Alotta Fosters: i know where nigeria is- - aren't you paying attention?
Jame Richard: okay and my i know more about you dear?
Alotta Fosters: i am 47 and single here in australia
Jame Richard: okay good
Alotta Fosters: well i like to think so
Jame Richard: am also Richard i'm single 43 years old man
Alotta Fosters: yes you said that in an email
Jame Richard: yes dear. baby pleased i need someone who can make me happy
Alotta Fosters: you sound desperate. women like a confident man
Jame Richard: i need my soulmate
Alotta Fosters: send me your picture please
Jame Richard: moreover may i know your Name?
Alotta Fosters: what? ? you are chatting with me and i added you to my list and you do not know my name?
Alotta Fosters: i even emailed you more than once too.
Jame Richard: okay Alotta
Alotta Fosters: well good for you- - now let me see your picture please
Jame Richard: okay
Alotta Fosters: good, and then you get one of me
Alotta Fosters: i am waiting
Jame Richard: see me on my yahoo
Alotta Fosters: i only know about regular yahoo email, so send it to me on that
Jame Richard: okay
Jame Richard: Check it now ,have send it to your box
Alotta Fosters: i am scanning it
Jame Richard: okay dear....
Jame Richard: and pls send yours
Alotta Fosters: i can barely see your face..hold on i will send mine
Jame Richard: okay dear
Alotta Fosters: ok sent
Jame Richard: okay dear
Jame Richard: wowwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwww
Jame Richard: nooooooooooooooo
Alotta Fosters: it's just me with my python
Jame Richard: with you?
Alotta Fosters: yes she is a favourite of mine
Jame Richard: how?
Alotta Fosters: what do you mean HOW? ? cuddles is my pet python.
Jame Richard: you said is your favourite so i say how
Alotta Fosters: i love my snake
Alotta Fosters: plain and simple
Jame Richard: okay
Jame Richard: i need another pix
Alotta Fosters: i want a clearer one of your face first
Alotta Fosters: those 2 you sent did not show your face very well
Jame Richard: okay but i want to see another pix of yours
Alotta Fosters: after yours
Jame Richard: okay
Alotta Fosters: yes
Alotta Fosters: i can wait- - and i have to go pee
Jame Richard: check your mail
Alotta Fosters: hold on
Alotta Fosters: i am downloading it
Alotta Fosters: my pc is running slow, it might take a while- - meanwile i shall try and send you mine
Jame Richard: okay dear but why not online
Alotta Fosters: i am online, but just so only you and i can chat
Jame Richard: okay.......
Alotta Fosters: i am uploading my photo to send you
Alotta Fosters: it is me in a dress- - i seldom wear them
Jame Richard: okay here is my number +971551978594 call me
Alotta Fosters: i did not ask you for it
Jame Richard: okay
Jame Richard: am waitting dear
Alotta Fosters: still uploading- - i told you, it is running a tad slow
Alotta Fosters: i did see your new pictre- - it is a better one thank you
Jame Richard: okay dear
Alotta Fosters: it is going ever so slow..
Alotta Fosters: let me send that one tomorrow- - and allow me to see if i can find another one for right now
Jame Richard: but i can see you on webcam
Alotta Fosters: i do not have one
Jame Richard: wwwwwwwwwooooooo wwwwwwwwwww
Alotta Fosters: what?
Jame Richard: i will love to see you?
Alotta Fosters: i just told you i do not have one
Jame Richard: okay
Alotta Fosters: and i just sent you another picture of me
Alotta Fosters: so check your inbox
Alotta Fosters: are you there?
Alotta Fosters: answer me or else i have other things to do
Jame Richard: yes i got it
Alotta Fosters: i hate wearing dresses
Jame Richard: why dear?
Alotta Fosters: just not my style- - and it gets quite warm here too
Jame Richard: okay
Jame Richard: so how is going to been now dear
Jame Richard: could you be my wife
Alotta Fosters: after just 1 night of chatting and emails? ?
Jame Richard: yea dear
Alotta Fosters: were you born in a cave? we women like to get to know a man better
Alotta Fosters: maybe things are different in nigeria and dubai, but this here is australia
Jame Richard: okay
Alotta Fosters: first comes friendship, then maybe love, then maybe marriage
Jame Richard: okay dear thanks
Alotta Fosters: these things take time
Alotta Fosters: rome was not built in a day and neither was hoboken
Jame Richard: laugh babyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy
Alotta Fosters: all i am saying is that these things take time if indeed they do work out
Alotta Fosters: are you there?
Jame Richard: dear are you christan or
Alotta Fosters: christian i suppose but i do not go to church
Jame Richard: laugh baby why?
Alotta Fosters: because I don't- - that is why
Alotta Fosters: there does not have to be a reason for everything
Jame Richard: but they must be a reason for everythere dear
Alotta Fosters: i do not go to church- - no reason- - i just do not do it- - understand?
Jame Richard: you are very funny dear
Alotta Fosters: nothing funny about what i said- - i merely told you that i do not go
Jame Richard: okay
Jame Richard: do you have kids dear
Alotta Fosters: none- - and you?
Jame Richard: no dear
Alotta Fosters: ok
Jame Richard: but will like to have one day
Alotta Fosters: ok
Jame Richard: yea
Jame Richard: If ever you think of me out of the blue, just remember it's all the kisses I've blown in the air finally catching up with you
Alotta Fosters: you sound like a valentine card
Jame Richard: laugh baby
Alotta Fosters: you certainly like to laugh a lot
Jame Richard: yes dear
Jame Richard: When I look into his eyes, it seems all the problems in the world go away and I'm floating in mid- air
Alotta Fosters: you look into HIS eyes? ? what, are you a gay man?
Jame Richard: sorry her eyes
Jame Richard: When I look into her eyes, it seems all the problems in the world go away and I'm floating in mid- air
Alotta Fosters: you are obviously copying that from something
Jame Richard: noooooooooooooo
Alotta Fosters: it explains your mistake- - you said HIS eyes..
Jame Richard: baby is a mistake now you know
Alotta Fosters: well you said it..
Jame Richard: yes dear trust me
Alotta Fosters: ok i will trust you- - on that
Jame Richard: yea
Jame Richard: dear what did you like best
Alotta Fosters: like best about WHAT?
Jame Richard: yes
Alotta Fosters: what are you talking about?
Jame Richard: you know in a relastionship
Jame Richard: we must be honest with ourself
Alotta Fosters: easy- - - love and trust
Alotta Fosters: and trust includes honesty
Jame Richard: okay dear
Alotta Fosters: why? - - what are your prerequisites about it?
Jame Richard: who is with you there?
Alotta Fosters: just cuddles and me and my dog cujo
Jame Richard: how can you put dog and snake together
Alotta Fosters: i always keep an eye on things and fence them off
Alotta Fosters: besides, cuddles eats 2 rabbits a week- - well fed
Jame Richard: okay
Alotta Fosters: rabbits are vermin here
Jame Richard: okay dear
Alotta Fosters: so as i previously asked- - what are YOUR prerequisites in a relationship?
Alotta Fosters: are you there?
Alotta Fosters: ok, well i have a nice wallaby stew to cook anyway. bye for now
Alotta Fosters: wherefore art thou romeo
Jame Richard: cos i need someone
Alotta Fosters: tell me why you need someone and what you want out of it
Alotta Fosters: that is what 'prerequisites' means, in case you lost your dictionary
Alotta Fosters: going once...
Alotta Fosters: 3 goings and i am gone..
Jame Richard: baby why all this
Alotta Fosters: why WHAT? ? I am sitting here and waiting for you to explain what you want and need in a relationship
Alotta Fosters: and all you can say is ""cos i need someone'..You sound as happy about it as a funeral director...Now start telling me your feelings...
Alotta Fosters: This is your BIG MOMENT! If we are to succeed together, then you had better start telling me what you want and need in a relationship..I told you what I want.
Jame Richard: okay
Alotta Fosters: so let's hear it.
Alotta Fosters: going once...
Alotta Fosters: going once and a half..
Jame Richard: i need trust ,honsety moreovery moreover i like to be with a woman that really knows what she wants for herself and how she wants to achieve it in life
Alotta Fosters: like pulling teeth to get an answer..but thank you for telling me..
Jame Richard: that's what i need
Alotta Fosters: well i am a woman who really knows what i want for myself and i have already achieved much. i own a successful koala ranch here.
Jame Richard: okay dear
Jame Richard: so what are we waitting for?
Alotta Fosters: uh- - the chattanooga choo- choo? You are the man, you have told me what you like but not what you ARE like..
Jame Richard: how baby?
Alotta Fosters: simple question- - what kind of man are you? hard working? ambitious? like tv a whole lot? things like that...
Alotta Fosters: can you cook? drive a car? run a tractor? swim a full pool length?
Alotta Fosters: it is THESE sort of things that I would like to know..But I should not be asking, you should be telling..The loudest and best rooster gets the hen, remember.
Jame Richard: I am a very caring man who has a positive attitude, enjoy being with my wife, I make the most of everything, cherish my family, no games, no drama, honesty and trust are the true makings of a positive relationship. Very confident in who I am and what I can do
Alotta Fosters: You say that you enjoy being with your wife- - so do you mean that you are married now, or have been married?
Jame Richard: said love be with my wife ? mean when i get married
Alotta Fosters: i see..well marriage is a lot like a pair of new can talk about the shoes- - and marriage - - but until it is tried out then you really haver no idea.
Alotta Fosters: have no idea
Alotta Fosters: I was married many years ago.
Jame Richard: i love cooking and driving also
Alotta Fosters: cooking is always nice and of course driving is a necessity
Jame Richard: you said you have married years ago
Alotta Fosters: yes i was
Alotta Fosters: but he is dead
Jame Richard: ohhh sorry
Alotta Fosters: crashed his hog at itchybum corners..
Alotta Fosters: hog- - harley- davidson motorbyke
Jame Richard: ok
Alotta Fosters: after his death i made up my mind not to have children without being married
Jame Richard: okay before his death you dont have any child ?
Alotta Fosters: we were only married 6 months...But the Amaromacs Insurance paid me $20millAU. sure would have been nice to have a child and husband to spend it on..
Jame Richard: okay
Alotta Fosters: the money was nice, but i didn't really want to obtain it that way.
Jame Richard: okay good
Alotta Fosters: yes, at least Tessio went out as he would have wanted- - a little splattered on the pavement, but on his hog to the end..
Alotta Fosters: we buried what was left of him with his hog.
Jame Richard: ohhh my God
Alotta Fosters: i told him that smoking would kill him- - and he got hit by amarlboro cigarette lorry, i was unfortunately correct.
Jame Richard: baby let talk about other things pleased
Alotta Fosters: crikey, i'm bonzer good on ya for that one, solid as a goanna in a hot billabong
Jame Richard: okay dear
Alotta Fosters: ok, so talk about other things
Jame Richard: yea dear
Alotta Fosters: you sure must wow the women with such witty conversation..
Alotta Fosters: your enthusiasm lever runs the entire gamut from A to B.
Alotta Fosters: enthusiasm level, that is..A lever might pry more talk from a stone..
Alotta Fosters: is THIS what married life with you would be like? you with a can of beer watching the telly and saying 'yes dear' and 'okay'...well?
Alotta Fosters: once i'm gone i'm gone forever- -
Jame Richard: no dear
Alotta Fosters: will you start saying more than that ? ? i might as well watch paint dry
Alotta Fosters: going once- - you get to 3
Alotta Fosters: still waiting
Jame Richard: i just want you to belive me
Alotta Fosters: i did not say that i did not believe you..
Alotta Fosters: mainly because you really haven't told me much about you at all..just that you like to said nothing else about that..Any other man might try and say WHAT he likes to cook and such....You are not doing a very good job of impressing me.
Alotta Fosters: shape up or ship ,out, as they say
Alotta Fosters: going once and three quarters..
Alotta Fosters: going twice
Alotta Fosters: third time and i will be gone forever..
Jame Richard: babyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Alotta Fosters: you were trying to type- - go ahead
Jame Richard: baby have told you
Alotta Fosters: you haven't told me much of anything..Even NOW you have not told me what you like to cook.
Jame Richard: am contrator here in Dubai
Alotta Fosters: My specialty is roast emu drumsticks (real big ones) and echidna with stuffing.
Alotta Fosters: a contrator in dubai- - you said that- - and here is more startling amazing news- - water is wet!
Jame Richard: working with constrution company here in Dubai
Alotta Fosters: i have construed that you work in constrution.
Alotta Fosters: You are no longer signed into Chat
Alotta Fosters: I am back
Alotta Fosters: cujo jumped up and accidentally disconnected me there- - dogs will be dogs
Jame Richard: ohhhhhh dear
Alotta Fosters: what?
Jame Richard: you said your dog jumped up
Alotta Fosters: yes, just a very playful doggie
Jame Richard: okay dear
Alotta Fosters: Si senor
Jame Richard: dear pleased could you tell what you exepect from me ,cos am from Africa, and we have different culture
Alotta Fosters: well if you wee here i would expect you to pay half the monthly bills- - about $3000AU a month
Alotta Fosters: that would be the first thing
Jame Richard: baby for what, accomodation
Alotta Fosters: utility bills, car insurance, satellite tv, food, petrol (very steep in price here) and other michegas.
Jame Richard: okay that's right ........
Alotta Fosters: but there are no construction jobs around here where I am
Alotta Fosters: last thing that was constructed around these parts was the dingo fence
Jame Richard: you re in which state dear
Alotta Fosters: Australia
Alotta Fosters: The southern Northern Terr,
Alotta Fosters: just east of WEST Australia
Alotta Fosters: Dingo Flats be the name here
Alotta Fosters: just a walkabout from scratchybum junction
Jame Richard: dear re you in sydney
Alotta Fosters: crikey no!! that's big city- - I am way way out back of beyond- - the bush country.
Jame Richard: okay dear that's lovely
Alotta Fosters: hold on- - i will send you a picture of my koala ranch
Jame Richard: okay dear
Alotta Fosters: ok sent- - as you can plainly see it is quite sparse of populace here.
Alotta Fosters: are you there?
Jame Richard: yes baby
Alotta Fosters: do you see those nearby hills ?
Alotta Fosters: are you there?
Jame Richard: brb
Alotta Fosters: time is 6 after here
Jame Richard: okay dear very lovely
Alotta Fosters: those hills- - - I was told by Ralph Kramden of the Sydney Harbour Institute of Technology that those hills contain millions of dollars of uranium.
Alotta Fosters: i was quoted a price to me of $100million AU
Jame Richard: dear is any proof to it
Alotta Fosters: well they THINK it is there..they want to dig it up but i really do not want to have them change the beautiful desert landscape
Jame Richard: dear are the owner of all the land?
Alotta Fosters: yes most of what you see is mine- - the rest belongs to the local aboriginal tribe- - or should i say they belong to it
Jame Richard: okay dear so you are not ready to move to sydney
Alotta Fosters: what is your bloody facsniation with Sydtown?
Alotta Fosters: fascination, that is- - keep feeling fascination
Jame Richard: cos is your capital
Alotta Fosters: must have happened while we have been typing, because the last I recall- - as in ALL my life- - the cap has always been Canberra
Jame Richard: dear who are the aboringin in your country ?
Alotta Fosters: the native peoples who have been here at least 50,000 years or more- - nobody knows
Alotta Fosters: and i guess you have Sydville on you mind from that Mardi Gras there, yes?
Jame Richard: dear you belong to which part in that country
Alotta Fosters: what do you mean?
Jame Richard: i mean from which state which part in that country?
Alotta Fosters: I TOLD YOU- - crikey- - I am in the southern Northern territory (it is a terr., not a state) and just east of Western Australia, which IS a state here
Jame Richard: okay dear
Alotta Fosters: picture a cross- - i am in lower part of the upper rh part
Jame Richard: baby are you living alone?
Alotta Fosters: echo- echo- - yes i told you this hours ago
Jame Richard: i wish in some month to come maybe i join you for vacation
Alotta Fosters: we call it holiday here, not vacation
Alotta Fosters: Americans say vacation- - do you know any Americans?
Jame Richard: dear you know am orginal Africa man
Alotta Fosters: yes i know you are original.
Jame Richard: thanks baby
Alotta Fosters: i could even see the Nigerian flag in one of your photos
Alotta Fosters: green- white- green
Jame Richard: laugh
Alotta Fosters: you think your flag is funny?
Jame Richard: dear is for peace
Alotta Fosters: well i hope so, with all the dictators and crooks that have led your country over the years..
Jame Richard: baby that's the problem we have in Africa
Alotta Fosters: oh i know about a lot of it- - i like to keep up on world events
Jame Richard: that's means you know much about my country
Alotta Fosters: me know about Nigeria? not a whole lot- - it's in OPEC, has pirates off the coast, Sade is a great singer, the capital is Abuja..
Alotta Fosters: that's about all I know of Nigeria.
Jame Richard: baby you tried alot, cos i dont know anythings about your country
Alotta Fosters: well the Olympics were here in 1956 and 2000..
Alotta Fosters: we have no volcanoes
Alotta Fosters: most sheep in the world
Alotta Fosters: deadliest poisonous snakes in the world
Jame Richard: yes dear, my country is there in sydney to participate in sydeny olympic
Alotta Fosters: i'm sure they were- - but what about the winter olympics?
Jame Richard: no dear
Alotta Fosters: is there a nigerian bobsled team? ice skating team?
Jame Richard: nooooooooooooooo
Alotta Fosters: pity- - that's less medals
Jame Richard: yes of course
Alotta Fosters: have you ever even been in snow?
Alotta Fosters: waiting..
Alotta Fosters: going twice and a quarter..
Jame Richard: what can we do together in ur country
Alotta Fosters: lot of fun stuff
Alotta Fosters: do you swim?
Jame Richard: i luv to cash some fun over there
Jame Richard: no baby
Alotta Fosters: you do not swim- - - it is just as well, from your corpulence you would have made quite a tasty croc snack
Alotta Fosters: anyway..
Jame Richard: we have less water
Alotta Fosters: well you have the ocean
Alotta Fosters: we are a continent but really the largest island in the world
Jame Richard: not in every state
Alotta Fosters: every state in australia borders the ocean!
Jame Richard: yes baby i know that
Alotta Fosters: hmmm..well we can fly kites, go fishing, look for gold,
Alotta Fosters: or just stay indoors and make love like tasmanian devils
Jame Richard: dear may be you will train me later
Alotta Fosters: train you indeed but in what specifically?
Jame Richard: just swim and fishing
Alotta Fosters: you could get a career in sheep- shearing
Jame Richard: you mean i can invest in such area
Alotta Fosters: oh yes- - there are many men around here who can't wait to get into sheep
Jame Richard: baby you will lead me to them when i get over there
Alotta Fosters: I would be delighted to do that..
Jame Richard: thanks baby
Alotta Fosters: no problemo!
Jame Richard: but dear i would like to see you here
Alotta Fosters: oh I do not even have a passport any more..And I have a lot of things to take care of here- - the koalas need me.
Jame Richard: okay dear
Jame Richard: dear are you the one taking care of them?
Alotta Fosters: just keep me close in your heart over there
Jame Richard: i will do that baby
Alotta Fosters: yes I am the main koala caretaker- - but there are a few people who work for me too- - i have Murry the echidna man, Raoul the pool boy, and others
Alotta Fosters: but they leave here after 4pm
Jame Richard: so baby how are we going to see each other?
Alotta Fosters: and work primarily on weekends..They are not here now today because it is a minor holiday here, Saint Abernathy's Day
Alotta Fosters: how? well you are the world traveler.
Jame Richard: dear you mean you haven't trave out of your country before
Alotta Fosters: years ago- - to the USA, mexico, new zealand, and canada.
Jame Richard: yes baby that's means we can see each other
Alotta Fosters: only if you come here
Jame Richard: let you know later
Alotta Fosters: ok- - are you going now? i should go, I have things to do- - like drive to the Try'n'Save to pick up some things ..
Alotta Fosters: so perhaps we shall chat again, you have my email address. i really must go now
Alotta Fosters: ok bye dear
Jame Richard:
Jame Richard: okay baby
Jame Richard: chat you tomorrow
Jame Richard: yea love

This was the end of the chat submitted to me. I don't think it is over yet. This fool is on the hook, he won't let it end like this.

If you want a pdf version of this scambait, Click Here

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